ADDITIONAL INFORMATION & PRECAUSIONS Towels Not supplied If there by monkey6


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									ADDITIONAL INFORMATION & PRECAUSIONS Towels Not supplied. If there is a problem contact the manager below and we can issue you with towels for a small deposit. Cleaning Cleaning is not included. However the following persons do cleaning (rates vary quite drastically) 072 713 9730 (028) 254 9020 or Cell: 073 370 9804 (028) 254 9338 or Cell: 073 229 1237 082 654 3938

Cleaning Services 1. Bernice 2. Sarie’s Angels 3. Karen Devine Private Rachel

During the weekends you can also contact Annie on 076 886 6304. She is a private contact that we always use for ourselves. She is very trustworthy. Linen will be changed every 7 days. Fire Hazards The Eastern Cape may experience extreme wind speeds. Please be extremely careful with fires. Recently, 2 houses burnt down to the floor in a matter of minutes after sparks of a neighbour’s braai were swept across town in a gusting wind. Fynbos is extremely flammable! There is a fire-extinguisher in the scullery in case of such an event. Electricity In the event of no electricity (Eskom is not very dependable) please make use of lanterns and candles in the scullery but please be careful with the fire! Remember that the gas stove still works when the electricity is down so please make a cup of coffee and cook dinner in candle-light. Or have a braai with a glass of good whiskey! Recycling We are all trying to do our share in protecting our environment. Please help us by putting empty, rinsed glass containers in the glass bin provided. There is also a compost-heap in the corner behind the garage. You are welcome to add your kitchen waste! Safes There is a spare-key available in case you forgot your password! But please remember to remember! The instruction manuals should lie on top of the safe! The Stove/Oven This is a gas stove but an electrical oven. Just hold the knob in on the big flame and press the sparkbutton. You may now leave the button and turn it to the required level. Please check on a regular basis

that the flame does not die and the gas leaks out. This might happen if the window is open. So please do not leave the house while the stove is on. Please also do not put pots on the oven-door when it is open. I know it is tempting but we have discovered that it is very expensive to replace the hinges and it cannot easily be repaired!! Please beware of the gas bottles outside. Art Works All the paintings are done by a local artist, Rina Cilliers. They are for sale. Rina can be contacted 083 232 1621 or (028) 254 9827. No Smoking Please No Pets Please! Unless on prior arrangement.

Heaters & Fireplace During the winter months Greyton can be quite cold. We supply wood for the first night. Each room also has a wall-heater. Please remember to switch it off when you are not using it. Please bring your own firelighters. Attached, please find an inventory list. If anything is broken please replace it. will make the necessary arrangements. “Leiwater” The “leiwater” runs through the property about 3 days a week. the “leiwater” is a very important community issue! Please do not litter or waste water as Or inform us and we

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