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									Gasoline/Electric Hybrid Vehicle Update ‘06

What is a hybrid vehicle?
A vehicle using both a gasoline engine and an electric motor for drive power

1st generation hybrids

2nd generation Prius

Newest Honda hybrids: Accord & Camry

Hybrid SUV

Ford Escape hybrid SUV

Future minivan hybrid

Subaru „concept‟ hybridS

Subaru R1e „concept‟ hybrid

Honda Insight Hybrid Audi Q7 SUV Hybrid Hyundai Accent Hybrid BMW X5 SAV Lexus RX400h Hybrid Chevy S3X Hybrid Lexus 450h GS Hybrid Chevy Equinox Hybrid Mazda Tribute SUV Hybrid Chevy Tahoe Hybrid Mazda Ibuki Hybrid Chevy Malibu Hybrid Dodge Durango SUV Hybrid Mazda RX-8 Hybrid Mazda Senku Concept Dodge ESX3 Hybrid Mercedes Smart ForTwo Ford Escape Hybrid Mercury Hybrid SUV Ford Explorer Hybrid Nissan Altima Hybrid Ford Fusion Hybrid Saturn VUE Hybrid GM Opel Astra Hybrid Subaru B9 SC Hybrid GMC Graphyte Concept Toyota Prius Hybrid GMC Yukon Hybrid Toyota Camry Hybrid Honda Civic Hybrid Toyota Highlander SUV Hybrid Honda Accord Hybrid Hybrids of today & tomorrow

         

HYBRID TRUCKS Dodge Ram Hybrid Chevy Silverado Hybrid GMC Sierra Hybrid
HYBRID MINIVANS Toyota Estima Minivan Hybrid Toyota Alphard Minivan Hybrid Toyota Sienna Minivan Hybrid HYBRID CROSSOVERS Hyundai Portico Hybrid Nissan Tino Hybrid

Similarities & Differences in Today’s Hybrids

Hybrids become „mainStream‟

the „heart‟ of a hybrid

A small gasoline engine & an electric motor

12-volt Electrical system
Every hybrid vehicle contains two electrical systems; a 12 volt system and a high voltage system Each vehicle has two separate batteries; a 12 volt battery and a high voltage battery

12-volt battery locations

Ford Escape Hybrid

300+ volts

High-voltage battery in trunk, under rear floor,

‘New’ Prius battery with metal cover removed
Liquid inside battery almost totally absorbed

Prius Ni-MH Battery

the „loaf of bread‟ high voltage battery

the „d‟ cell Style high voltage battery

Honda battery pack
consists of 120 cells that resemble D-cell flashlight batteries

All high voltage batteries contain potassium hydroxide(KOH) solution
The electrolyte gel has a pH of 13.5 Potassium hydroxide(KOH) is highly alkaline(base) Hazmat information on potassium hydroxide solution listed in Emergency Response Guidebook Guide #154

High voltage runs from the high-voltage battery to the electric motor

Through 2007 model year, all high voltage wiring & connectors are bright orange

Never handle any orange wiring or the orange components connected to it!

Opening the hood of a hybrid may reveal a hybrid engine label and large diameter orange wiring

Honda Accord Hybrid

The 1st step to dealing with a hybrid is knowing you are dealing with a hybrid!

interior appearS „mainStream‟

Safety Features
Dual frontal airbagsSeat airbags Roof airbags


Lexus RX 400h

only conSiStent „badging‟ will be at rear of vehicle

‟06 priuS haS additional Side badging

The ‘Silent’ Hybrid
Hybrid vehicle ‘SLEEP’ mode

vehicle “appearS” to be off except for one „ready‟ light which will be illuminated

Turn ignition OFF and remove ignition Key

The SMART key; a keyless ingition system

16 FEET

The SMART key may be inserted into slot in dash

1st push: accessory, 2nd: On, 3rd: Off

Emergency Response Guides also suggest pulling fuses for emergency shutdown

Hybrids with collision damage

Vehicle Fire-

Follow normal vehicle firefighting procedures for fire involving a hybrid vehicle

Fire crews will not be shocked or electrocuted

High-voltage battery fire testing

Burn test of 2001 Toyota Prius

the gm “hybrid” pickup

The 42v battery is under the rear seat

42v battery

110 volt electrical receptacle inside cab

High-voltage line runs under bed of pickup

Another 110v receptacle in bed of pickup

Hybrid vehicle ‘Lock Out-Tag Out’ protocols
 Identify vehicle as hybrid . . .
 Stabilize vehicle. . .  Access passenger compartment . . .  Shift gear selector/ parking brake lever . . .  Turn ignition OFF…  Check that dash indicator light goes out . .  Disconnect/shutdown 12v battery . . .

Our Hybrid Vehicle “Challenges”… Today and in the future

 hood will contact ground in a roof-resting incident

 engine compartment access will be difficult

’06 Toyota Highlander gasolineelectric hybrid vehicle
Power Cables Orange and yellow colored power cables carry high voltage Direct Current (DC) between the HV battery pack and inverter/converter. Also carries 3-phase Alternating Current (AC) between inverter/converter, motor, generator, and A/C compressor.

Future General Motors(GM) gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles
Power Cables will be…

Orange, Yellow, and/or Blue

Fire Department Field Research Work McKinney, Texas Two 2003 Honda Civic Hybrids August 2006

The “Crash Recovery System”

Please refer to Emergency Response Guides for specific details on handling each make and model hybrid vehicle

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