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btt vol2 no2FH9


btt vol2 no2FH9

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									your national heritage vol2 no2

8 Birth to Twenty would like to wish all families a wonderful,
healthy, 2003! A BIG "Thank You" to all our families for their enthusiastic support during the past year, and ensuring that valuable research we are doing continues.

Margaret Thatcher was the first woman President Most schools: The greatest documented number of schools attended by a pupil is 265, by Wilma Williams, now Mrs. RJ Horton from 1933-43, when her parents were in show business in the USA.

Hi there Birth to

Twenty Heroes

In 1969 Apollo 11 went to the moon The first radio broadcast was in 1906 The first ATMs were used in 1970 Nelson Mandela was born in 1918, was sent to prison in 1963 and released in 1990. In 1982 the first E.T. film was made. The first escalator was used in 1911

Bye for now, Yvonne & Birth to

I am excited to pr esent to you the second edition of Hey, let me have your favourite ne good manners an wsletter. d introduce mysel since June 2003 f. A new kid on th , my name is Yv e block onne, I used to Health in Pretoria work for the Depa , and I live there. rtment of I have a thirteen have told him a year old son (Les lot about you "H edi) and eroes". I do craz running, yes, like y things like long the Comrades m distance arathon. Do you kilometers. I also know how far th love to read and at is? 89 outdoor life. Eish all her secrets. ! Sorry! A girl ca nnot tell Together with the Birth to Twenty te am, I shall be puttin every quarter. I ha g this newsletter ve read and seen together all the beautiful pi you send, and I ctures, drawings think they are re , poems ally cool. Please never have enou , keep them com gh. I am looking fo ing, we can rward to meeting Mama Hunadi ha all of you soon, an s planned an outin d luckily, g for some of you and nothing in th to go to the Adler e world will stop Museum, me from going th th is , I sh al l ha ere. So by the tim ve m et a fe w e you read "H er oe s" , an d I ca n ha rd ly w ai t.. ... . This edition inclu des a brief report about all the trips the past quarter , activities and ou is also included, tings for and more. We promise to co ntinue thinking up great fun activitie you, and you shal s, events and pr l never know unle izes for ss you read your writing this, I know copy of Heroes. it is almost school As I am out time, and I wi Be nice to your pa sh you happy ho rents, brothers an lidays. d sisters, and rem line 0800 131818 ember, use our to , if you need som ll free e assistance only. provide HELP, an Remember it is th d not for prank ca ere to lls. Some Heroes Tell your friends have been really not to make pran naughty. k calls, that is du can get hurt. mb, and besides , people Twenty Team

8 Write to us
Come on, put those fingers to pen and paper, and tell it all. Like what you would like to see in your newsletter. Tell us about exciting things in your life. Were you chosen for your school's first hockey, soccer or netball team? Achieved academic excellence? Then why are you so quiet about it, brag to the other "Heroes". And you don't even have to pay for postage!

Birth to Twenty University of the Witwatersrand Freepost JHZ1320 WITS 2050



taxi to help assist you guys who have difficulty getting transport to Bt20. Your personal chauffer that could pick you up from home and safely drop you off again. So if you have transport problems and would like to come for your visit to Bt20 let us know, and we will pick you up!

BTT Video Day… With great power, there must also come great responsibility
On Friday the 23 May 2003, 16 Birth to Twenty children came through to the Baragwanath offices for a fun filled afternoon of popcorn, sweets, chips, cool drink and one of our all time favorite superheroes…Spiderman! All in all a great time was had as we lay about on the bean bags, ate until out tummies were about to explode and watched Spiderman action! Jo Mc Veigh

1. Birth to twenty has its own 16- seater

Africa Museum visit
On the 16th of May some of the Birth to Twenty Heroes went to Museum Africa. There were lots to see and do. We started off our visit at the Photographic section where we learned about old cameras and animation techniques. We took the long walk to freedom through South African history. We also went back into the history of South African music. After this we were exhausted and had to stop for some chips, sweets and cold drinks. Then we started our second leg of the tour. We went "down" a mine shaft were we got to experience the sights and smells of a real mine. Just before we went home we familiarized ourselves a bit with South African archeology. Carolina from the museum told me that she would like us to visit her again. Hope to see you there! Stella Fleetwood

2. Each Bt20 Hero that comes in for their

annual visit will be getting their own Super Birth to Twenty Membership ID card which will give access to special Birth to Twenty events and facilities. Remember to say "cheese" when you take your photograph. Watch this space in the forthcoming newsletters for special benefits for Birth to Twenty Hero card holders.


3. Bt20 Medical School

To continue our 5 star service and attention to you guys, a video system has been installed. So while you wait Harry Porter, James Bond, The Mummy and many other characters will keep you entertained.

Money, money, money, what is money? Money is something that not everyone has, but whatever we do in life has something to do with money. If we put rich and poor people together, their lives would be totally different. Rich people would not be satisfied with what they have and probably want even more. Poor people would probably be starving or freezing to death in the winter and would with nothing to eat, while other people are just wasting. Both rich and poor have needs and wants. To get needs and wants in life, one must find a job and find legal and clean means of making money- but remember, needs first, then wants later. So remember people, don't spend your money wildly, because money does not grow on trees. Maybe one day you'll need it and you'll have to stay without it, so be careful, and watch what you are doing with your money. Well, it sounds like Sameera will make a good financial advisor



Congratulations to one of our Heroes, Ntokozo Lephoto, who has just been awarded a bursary, by a friend of his family. This means that he will be going to Potchefstroom Boy's high school, a highly reputable school. His sportsmanship in soccer, athletics and cross-country, as well as his academic excellence enabled him to get the bursary. When I spoke to him he said his favourite subject is Mathematics, and wants to be a heart surgeon when he grows up. Like all boys, he likes going out to the movies with his best friend, KK, but he stays home most of the time. Ntokozo, Birth to Twenty wish you tons of success, and remember; only hard work will make you a good heart surgeon

Hi, all my funky BTT friends, how are you, doing ? I can tell you how I am doing. My name is Sameera and I attend the Alpha Primary school. I am in grade 7 and can't wait to see how I am going to experience high school. I enjoy drawing and wish to be an artist one day, and also think that BTT should also have an art competition.
"Thank you Sameera, for your suggestion to host a drawing competition, and as you know, BTT is full of surprises, and anything can happen". (Editor)


Paleontology and Geology museum: 19 April
We all had lots of fun and learned so much about creatures that walked this earth millions of years ago. Being a fossil hunter created lots of excitement and competition between Moms and kids and we all just loved "George" the mammal like reptile eating "lunch"! Can you imagine if spiders, the size of big dog, and flies, the size of cats were still around-so enormous, I think we would all run away! The robotic dinosaur's head, feet and eyelids moved- it made him look so real. Didn't he have an enormous tail and such big teeth- it is funny to think he is the predecessor of our birds today. Have you ever thought of finding fossils in the rock and how they came to be there? In the fossil room we saw the rock skeleton that the paleontologists have been carefully carving out of the rock for the past twenty years. It was awesome I just wonder how many prospective scientists we have in Birth to Twenty. Did you know that the Geology Department at the University first started as Mining College for the Mining Industry in Johannesburg? Geologists have many opportunities in South Africa and the visit to the Geology Museum gave just a tiny eye opener to what goes on inside the earth and what the earth is made of. Can you remember the names of the different types of volcanoes? What did Raffini use to make molten lava that poured out of the first volcano on the floor? Yes, bicarbonate of soda and vinegar- you could try that in your own kitchen! Remember the next time you have a photo taken, know that the film is made of silver! Geology is not just about mining gold, diamonds or coal- there is so much more. I really hope you were able to get a small picture of what opportunities and choices are open to young people today. You know you can do anything - if you really want to, and it interests you. Jill Hunadi, Barbra and Mlungisi

Write to us. Postage to Bt20 is free. Call us if there is a problem - the toll free number is 0800 131818 Mama Thabi Mama Thabi sends her love, she says she received a lot of letters recently, and has answered all of them. If you have not heard from her, then yours is definitely in the post. Remember, if you would like any advise about any problems at home, school or anything personal, you can send a letter to Mama Thabi at: Mama's Advice: Birth to Twenty, University of Witwatersrand, Freepost JHZ1320,Wits 2050. Postage is free, "mahala", and she will write back. WINNER OF THE NATIONAL HERITAGE COMPETITION In our previous newsletter we hosted a competition to see who could tell us who the Birth to Twenty kids is named after. The answer was Nelson Mandela!! The winner of our competition is Gift Halale Congratulations Gift!!

We are still waiting for your “All bout me Questionnaire”, remember you stand a chance to win some super prizes. There also were three more visits:
One was to the Transport museum on the 24th June 2003.The Heroes went along with Rhulani, Aileen, Andries and Lorraine in a bus. Our timing was perfect, because Ford was celebrating 100years of its existence, and we were all given pens. The Heroes also participated in a drawing competition, where they had to draw the Ford motor car. The last visit, which was short, but also effective was to the Adler Medical Museum at the Wits Medical school. I am sure future heart surgeons like Ntokozo learned a lot there. A big thank you goes out to Hunadi and for organizing this visit, and other members of the team: Barbara, Rhulani, Aileen, Andries and Mlungisi for helping out. We also visited the Planetarium. A BIG "Thank You" to our funders and sponsors Funders
Medical Research Council of South Africa Human Sciences Research Council University of the Witwatersrand Anglo American Chairman's Fund Welcome Trust (UK) Nestle


Kellogs Love Life Exclusive Books Kentucky fried chicken Johannesburg zoo African Museum Adler Museum Transport Museum

Have you changed your address?
8 Please help us keep contact
with the BTT children. If you have changed your address please complete this slip and return to:
Birth to Twenty University of the Witwatersrand Freepost JHZ1320 WITS 2050
Remember postage is FREE - no stamp needed!




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8 Does anyone know where the “Heroes” have been hanging out?

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Visit to Johannesburg zoo: 29 march 2003

One sunny day, 8 families from Birth to Twenty went on an expedition. Our safari started at the watering hole, where we quenched our thirst with some fruit juice. Once we were satisfied, we took seal-street, where we saw some seals bathing in the sun. Did you know that seals are mammals? Our expedition led us down many animal filled roads, from Noah's walk to Carnivore curve.

New address:

The lions were lazily lying in long grass, while the buffalo was busy basking his boss in the sun. Who knows what a boss is? It is the base of the buffalo's horns The rhino was really ready for a rough ride, while the cheetah was chatting and changing his spots. You might wonder what we had for lunch. Was it a very big collection of fruit? NO! We're not herbivores like elephants! Was it a big chunk of meat? NO! We're not carnivores like leopards and tigers! We had cheese, polony and jam sandwiches because we are omnivores. Remember - In spring most of the animals will have new babies! You can go and see them there.

New telephone number

Write your story about the visit and send it to us!!
Lorraine, Aileen, Neo, Hunadi, Joyce & Grace

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