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The Official Newsletter of Africa’s Leading Art School. February 19, 2009 Issue 3

Out of all the schools in the district only four schools were chosen to participate in a pilot project run by the City of Johannesburg. NSA is one of them! We have decided to take up the challenge and show them what we are made of. The theme of the competition is “Reduce, Recycle, Reward”. So yes, you’ve guessed it, we will be doing exactly that. It is about time that we become aware of exactly how much waste we produce. And then we can come up with ways to make that waste work for us. We can start making our country a better place by starting at school. Don’t worry; it is not just hard work and no pay. There is something in it for you as well…

Music Department
MIAGI AUDITIONS These auditions will take place in Department on Sunday 21 February. the Music

CANDLELIGHT THEATRE The dates for Candlelight are 24, 25 and 26 March. Tickets are available from the Music Department. MUSIC PTLA Date for next PTLA 5 March at 18h00 in the Music Department. All music parents are invited to attend this meeting. We will finish the meeting at 19h00.

The launch of the Art Department's Parent Committee is about to become a reality. Staff and learners wish to thank all the parents who attended our Parents' Evening. Almost all who attended indicated their interest in participating in the various upcoming events that will make our 2009 programme a success. Notices convening the first meeting will reach you soon. To all the parents who could not attend the meeting and who still wish to join us - please send a note to Ms Sotiriades with your contact details. Hooray for the Art Department and it's Parents!

Dance Department
The Dance Department is going full steam ahead with rehearsals for Dance Spectrum. Auditions for male dancers to be part of the Ballet will take place next month. If you are interested please contact Mr. Norambuena (especially if you are not doing any thing for Festival of Fame). Rehearsals will take place on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s and probably for a few days at the beginning of the holidays. So come and be famous with the Dance Department and also have some fun. The Dance Department has registered for the Grahamstown Festival 2009 so learners need to think of innovative ways of raising money to be able to go to Grahamstown. The more funds that are raised the more learners we can take. So get on with raising funds.

Our braai was a wonderful success! Thank you to all the parents and friends who attended this function. Your support and enthusiasm made the entire day absolutely fabulous. Please remember to send back all the relevant forms that you were given at the braai to Mrs. Van Staden as soon as possible. Next up is our first full length show on the 17 th of March. Be sure not to miss this one as I know it is going to be amazing! More updates and information will be given closer to the time.

Our first Parent Committee meeting will be happening at the beginning of March. As soon as the date is finalized all the relevant information will be sent out to all the parents. So keep an eye on this space.

A big thank you to all those parents who have paid their school fee accounts. Parents / Guardians who have not yet paid their fees are urged to do so as soon as possible to avoid falling into arrears so early in the year. Parents who have not paid their fees and have NOT applied and been granted an exemption W ILL be handed over for collection by the school’s attorneys.

Function: Contemporary Music Show Date: 17 March 2009 Time: 6:30 for 7:00 Place: Contemporary Music Department

Stockists Constantia Outfitters: have a very lim ited stock of culottes and jerseys available


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Governing Body meeting Classical Music PTLA meeting Grade 8 HSS Excursion Finance Committee meeting Contemporary Music Show Governing Body meeting Miagi Auditions - Classical Music Dept Candlelight Theatre

Burger Brothers:

culottes, jerseys, and colour blazers are in stock

McCullagh & Bothwell:

golf shirts, track pants, NSA fleece tops and colour blazers

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In future McCullagh & Bothwell stock will only be sold from their shop in Hyde Park i.e. uniform can no longer be purchased directly from the NSA. However, they are currently waiting for stock which should arrive near the end of March. In the meantim e learners may wear grey flannel pants, white cotton school shirts and plain black or navy blue Dri-macs for added warm th

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Exemption Application deadline Reports issued

April All learners should have purchased their textbooks by now. Learners who do not have books in class will lose CASS marks. 15

Last day of Term Term 2 starts

Parents who have requested exemption from the payment of school fees are to collect exemption forms from the Finance office. The cut off date for the return of your application is 27 March 2009. Applications handed in after 27 March will not be processed or considered.

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