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LPSP02 Household Code Household Members Household Information

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									Household Code


Household Information
Area Type Report Area Dwelling Type
Urban Langa House - Stand

First Interview Date Last Interview Date

22 January 2004 08 December 2004

Household Members
Resident Head Grandchild

Gender Age Employment
F M 73 21 Retired Seeking work

Grade 7 Grade 8

Date Joined Date Left
29/07/2003 29/07/2003 Has not left Has not left

School-Going Children
Grandchild Grandchild

Gender Age Attending school
F F 18 7 Yes Yes

Grade 11 Crechè

Date Joined Date Left
29/07/2003 29/07/2003 Has not left Has not left

Mapeyi* is a 73 woman living in a house in an established part of Langa. She came to Langa when she was a young woman with her parents and she inherited their house. Her three grandchildren live with her. All four members of this household are supported by Mapeyi’s old age grant. Every now and then she makes ginger beer to sell, but this is not a consistent business. Mapeyi needed to pay for her daughter-in-law’s funeral in June 2004. She took R250 from her grant, and received R1000 from her daughter, who borrowed at work. She also borrowed R1000 from the local spaza shop, from who she used to take groceries on credit every month. She took the loan in June and managed to pay back the loan from her grant by October. When we left Mapeyi at the end of the studying she was joining a burial society because she was concerned about what she had experienced with her daughter-in-law’s funeral.
*Names have been changed

Living Conditions
Adult Meals per day Child Meals per day Days per week going to bed hungry Source of water Source of outgoing phone 2 4 0 Piped water on site/yard Cell phone at container (Vodacom)

Residence and Tenure
Number of rooms Condition of rooms Type of toilet Year moved to dwelling Permanent home Another home 2 Reasonable Flush toilet 1963 Permanently No

Household Code Net Worth
ASSETS Financial Assets
One on One - Lending Savings-in-house Umgalelo - Saving Club Total Financial Assets Start of Survey R 0.00 R 0.00 R 0.00 R 0.00


End of Survey R 370.00 R 560.00 R-50.00 R 880.00

Physical Assets
Appliances And Electronics Furniture Housing Other Total Physical Assets R 2,200.00 R 650.00 R 25,000.00 R 20.00 R 27,870.0 R 2,200.00 R 650.00 R 25,000.00 R 20.00 R 27,870.00

Cash on Hand
Total Cash on Hand R 0.00 R 27,870.00 R 0.00 R 28,750.00

Total Assets LIABILITIES Financial Liabilities
Credit (Account) Credit at local Store One on One - Borrowing Total Financial Liabilities

R 0.00 R 112.77 R 0.00 R 112.77 R 112.77

R 140.00 R 0.00 R 30.00 R 170.00 R 170.00

Total Liabilities

Net Worth (Assets - Liabilities)

R 27,757.23

R 28,580.00

End of survey bank account balances include remittances and wages received shortly before the end of the study. Therefore the bank account balance does not necessarily reflect amounts accumulated by respondents. Pension balances at the beginning of the study was estimated based on date contributions started and the current contribution amount. No capital appreciation was assumed. A negative Umgalelo – Saving Club balance reflects a rotating arrangement where the respondent has received more cash than they paid in by the end of the study.

Household Code

Average per month
R 31.40 R 73.48 R 42.00

Typical Monthly Income and Expenditure
Business Profits
Business Inventory Business Revenues

% of Income
10 10 4.4%

Total Business Profit Income

Old Age Grant Remittances Received R 718.21 R 190.03 R 908.24 75.6% 20.0% 95.6%

Total Non-Business Income Total Income

R 950.24 Average per month
R 198.99 R 26.82 R 49.25 R 3.40 R 10.75 R 86.87 R 7.61 R 128.37 R 10.75 R 4.48 R 2.27 R 2.55 R 1.30 R 3.22 R 4.48 R 26.87 R 30.45 R 16.12 R 17.91 R 2.69 R 12.54

100% % of Expenditure
30.7% 4.1% 7.6% 0.5% 1.7% 13.4% 1.2% 19.8% 1.7% 0.7% 0.4% 0.4% 0.2% 0.5% 0.7% 4.1% 4.7% 2.5% 2.8% 0.4% 1.9%

Actual Funeral Church Fees/donations Clothing - Not for school Clothing - School Uniforms Doctor, dentist, nurses, clinic Electricity Extra mural fees/school outings Food Home Maintenance Hospital fees Household Products Medicines and supplies Other Energy Forms Remittances Given School fees - primary school School fees - senior/high school Shoes Traditional Feast / Initiation Traditional healer fees Transport to Shopping Water

Total Expenditure

R 647.67


The above tables are for a" typical" month which requires an abstraction from actual data.Average per month is equal to total for time interviewed divided by number of months interviewed. This calculation assumes that large expenditures (such as clothing or school fees) are distributed evenly throughout the year. Note that income may not equal expenditure as financial expenditures and incomes are considered separately.

Household Code Financial Instrument Usage
Transaction Accounts
Type of Financial Instrument Savings-in-house Savings-in-house Type of Cashflow Take Money Put Money In


No. of Instruments 1 1

Monthly Average R 53.73 R 103.88 R 157.61

% of Total Turnover 34% 66% 100%

Total Average Turnover
Type of Financial Instrument Burial Plan (Funeral Insurance)


No. of Instruments Monthly Average 1 R 28.66 R 28.66

% of Total premium 100% 100%

Total Average Premium

Informal Savings
Type of Financial Instrument Umgalelo - Saving Club No. of Instruments Monthly Average 1 R 40.30 R 40.30 % of Total Pay in 100% 100%

Total Average Pay in

Formal Savings

Type of Financial Instrument Credit (Account) Credit at local Store One on One - Borrowing No. of Instruments Monthly Average 2 2 11 R 39.40 R 59.65 R 150.45 R 249.50 % of Payment 16% 24% 60% 100%

Total Average Payment

Providing Financial Service
Type of Financial Instrument One on One - Lending No. of Instruments Monthly Average 2 R 37.61 R 37.61 % of Total Given 100% 100%

Total Average Given

Household Code
Major Events
Unveiling of tombstone Death of a relative


Event Date
20/12/2003 09/06/2004

R 4,950.00 R 2,222.00

Main Strategy
Use savings Borrow money

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