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Directions to Onverwacht Primary School by monkey6


Directions to Onverwacht Primary School

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									Directions to Onverwacht Primary School (From Pretoria)

Take the N4 to Witbank Pass several off-ramps leading to Pretoria suburbs Pass the Donkerhoek off-ramp Take the Cullinan/Rayton/Bapsfontein off-ramp – go through the tollgate Turn left at the T-junction (towards Cullinan) Pass fourway stop Pass a shopping centre on your right (Rayton) Pass the robot Cross railway line Pass Cullinan Care and Rehabilitation on your left and Correctional Services (prison) on right Pass the turnoff on the left towards Refilwe Pass the 2nd turnoff to your left Take the third turnoff, this time to the right (Brandbach) Drive straight - road becomes a dirt road Take the first turnoff to left (into Onverwacht Community) Road becomes tar road - drive past church and cemetery on left School is next to cemetery

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