Greenzyme® Oil Well Treatments in the State of Zulia,

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					Greenzyme® Oil Well Treatments in the State of Zulia, Venezuela

                                                         June 2001

                                          PDVSA (Petróleos de Venezuela)
                                             Global c.a., Venezuela

        DISCLAIMER: The content of this report was taken from a summary by Apollo Separation Technologies,
        Inc. It was updated through June 2001. Jumpstart Energy Services accepts no responsibility or liability for
        the accuracy of this information or data. The content of this report has been formatted for readability only.

Apollo Separation Technologies, Inc. is the manufacturer of a Greenzyme® 280, a proprietary enzyme
fluid that is effective at unclogging near wellbore blockage in oil wells. It is also effective at releasing
and mobilizing a wide range of different oils including more viscous crudes. Global c.a. is a general
contractor and authorized Apollo agent that did early work treating oil wells in Venezuela with enzyme

Global c.a. of Venezuela contracted with Petróleos de Venezuela, also known as PVDSA, to do a number
of well treatments in the state of Zulia. Zulia is a located in the Northwest corner of Venezuela and has
significant oil production. Job sites were located both off-shore and inland around Lake Maracaibo,
Venezuela. The earliest well was treated in November, 2000. A partial list of treated well numbers is as

       PB-0326       PB-0515          PB-0593             PB- 737              PB846               PB-842
       PB-736        LR-282           PB-476              PB-864-A             PB-138              PB-72

       Note: details about the API gravity of the oil and depth of the wells weren’t provided. Apollo
       indicated the API gravity could range from 13° API gravity up to 40° API gravity. Depth of wells
       ranged from 8,000 – 18,000 feet. PDVSA selected the wells to be treated, but didn’t provide further
       information about the wells and formations.

Global c.a. was the general contractor for the wells treated. They charged PVDSA by the job including
pumping services. Wells were selected which were partially or almost totally clogged with significant
reduction in barrels of oil produced per day. Wells treated were producing anywhere from 10 barrels of
oil per day (BOPD) to 50 BOPD. It’s important to note that each job used only four 55-gallon drums of
Greenzyme® enzyme concentrate which was then diluted.

Treatment was accomplished by pumping under pressure one full column unit or less of diesel (or
kerosene) through the tubing side of the oil well, then pumping the four drums of Greenzyme® 280
diluted to 10% solution strength. A full column unit crude oil was then pumped down the same tubing
side to fully displace the enzyme fluid into the formation. The pumping rate was about one drum per

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Total pumping took about two hours to complete followed by a scheduled capping time for the enzyme
fluid to soak in the formation. After capping time was completed (usually 3-5 days), the well was re-
opened to resume production. Initial fluid production normally increased several fold with produce water
come out first, followed by oil production which increased significantly sometimes after a couple days or
often after two weeks time. There was some reduction in water percentage with time as well.

PDVSA experienced a 90% success rate for wells treated. Minimum increases for oil produced were
often over 100 BOPD with some wells reaching close to 300 BOPD initial production rates. Early well
treatments in 2000 were still producing in June 2001 with little or no drop in rate. Normal production
from these wells will last approximately 12 months or more while maintaining elevated production levels
before seeing a gradual decline in the production rate.

Note: Apollo confirmed that many of these wells produced at increased rates well beyond 12 months. It
is worthy noting that while it has been difficult to confirm this data, other parts of the world including
China and Indonesia have also seen significant increases in oil production using Greenzyme®.

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