English ENGLISH Non-fiction Writing letters non-chronological by onetwo3four5


Non-fiction Writing
· Identify genres of non-fiction writing                                                                                Maths
· Compose autobiographical account, Diary of Anne Frank                                    ·   2-D & 3-D shapes
· Examine journalistic style of writing                                                    ·   Angles
· Write newspaper report .                                                                 ·   Reflective/Rotational symmetry
· Compare differences between spoken and written language                                  ·   Reflection. Rotation. Translation
· Develop understanding of persuasive arguments in form of                                 ·   Co-ordinates in 4 quadrants
letters & non-chronological reports                                                        ·    Perimeter of compound shapes
Word/Sentence Level                                                                        ·   To write and extend number sequences
· Forming complex sentences / Connectives                                                  ·   Probability
· Advanced punctuation                                                                     ·   Measures including Imperial
· Passive & Active verbs
Reading Comprehension
Speaking & Listening                                                                       Teacher Mrs Mumby                   Year 6
          Group discussion on issues of racism in WW2                                          Autumn B


                                       Science                                             Use search engine to collect data
                                        Unit 6G: Changing circuits                         Rosetta Stone language program
Reversible & irreversible changes Objectives
                                  · Learn symbols for circuit diagrams
Changes when materials burn       Learn that brightness of bulbs can be
Identify risks and know how to    changed by changing wires
work safely                       Scientific Enquiry                                                            Enrichment Activities
                                        Investigate changes in shadows, find patterns in
                                        results & check by repeating measurements
Unit 6F How we see things
Light travels from a source
                                        (Ginn Star Task 8)                                                Visit to Stockport Air Raid Shelters
Shiny surfaces reflect light
                                        Draw circuit for traffic lights model
Identify factors which affect size &
position of shadows
         Geography               Environmental Education                     History                               Art

Weather extremes in North        To understand the impact of    WW2 (cont.)                           Dioramas (Macbeth)
American Continent                    global warming.           Diary of Anne
Longitude & latitude                                             Frank compared with fictional        Glass painting
(to link with co-ords in                                        story of Rose Blanche                 Scraper foil drawing

               Language                                                                               Food 4 Thought
                                               Teacher Mrs Mumby           Year 6
French: Numbers to 20                                                                             Northern American recipes
                                                   Autumn B
Days of the week . Weather                                                                           Canadian pancakes

   Physical Education         Religious Education              Music             Personal, Social and         Design Technology
                                                                                 Attitudinal Education
Games                        Christmas story           We ll meet again                                    Understanding of electri-
Rugby, Hockey and Basket                              Understand elements of     SEAL: Getting on and      cal components.
                                 Historical              structure & texture           Falling out.
receiving, sending            events leading up to    Singing and listening to   To understand and be        Design & make working
Defending and Attacking      birth of Christ.            music from WW2          able to recognise trig-   electronic Christmas card.
Small sided games                                                                     ger point for
Complex movements using
large apparatus

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