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					CITY OF STEWARTVILLE CITY COUNCIL REGULAR MEETING MINUTES STEWARTVILLE CITY HALL April 8, 2008 7:00 p.m. I. Recognition of Guest(s)/Open Mic A. Julie Hayes – Ms. Hayes questioned the status of the diving board and also asked when season tickets would be available for sale. Staff was instructed to meet with Ms. Hayes regarding her questions. B. Hank Horstman – Mr. Horstman asked for clarification regarding the proposed landlord crime free ordinance. Staff was instructed to send a copy of the ordinance to Mr. Horstman. II. Call to Order – Roll Call – Mayor Murphy called the meeting to order on April 8, 2008. Members present: Chuck Murphy, Dick Uptagrafft, Greg House, Roger Hanson and Joel Packer Also present: Administrator Schimmel, Finance Director Neubauer and Public Works Director Stevens. III. Approval of Agenda – Motion by Packer, second by Hanson to approve the amended agenda. Unanimously approved. Approval of Minutes – Motion by House, second by Uptagrafft to approve the March 25th regular Council Meeting minutes. Unanimously approved. Finance and Budget A. Accounts Payable - Motion by Hanson, second by Packer to approve the accounts payable as submitted. Unanimously approved. VI. VII. Public Hearing - No public hearing Motions and General Business A. Water/Sewer Bill Adjustment – D. Halbakken - Due to a work conflict, Mr. Halbakken requested that his concern be placed on the April 22nd agenda. B. 2007 Audit Presentation – Smith Schafer & Associates - Tom Wendt and Darcy Abbott, of Smith Schafer Associates, presented the audit findings and financial statements of the fiscal year ending December 31, 2007. Wendt noted that the 2007 Year-end Financial Statements were in compliance and an unqualified opinion was issued. Information on revenues, expenditures and reserve balances were presented for all funds. Wendt stated that the financial





statements had been prepared in the format required for the GFOA Certificate of Financial Excellency that the City is applying for. Mayor Murphy thanked staff and Finance Director Neubauer for a job well done. C. Rental Housing Board – Mayor Murphy noted that as part of the Crime Free Housing Ordinance the City Council needs to approve a Rental Housing Board. It was proposed that the Board consist of the Mayor, one Councilmember, one member of the Sheriff’s Department and two members who are rental property owners. Staff requested that the following individuals be appointed to the Board: Mayor Murphy, Councilmember Hanson, Deputy Long, Bob Carr and Brenda Bell. Motion by Packer, second by House to approve the formation of the Rental Housing Board and to appoint the individuals that were recommended. Unanimously approved. D. Costello’s Liquor License Transfer – Mayor Murphy noted that a request was received from Costello’s Pub to transfer their liquor license to the Civic Center on April 26th and May 24th. Motion by Hanson, second by Packer to authorize Costello’s Pub to utilize MN Statute 340A.404 Sub.4 to sell intoxicating liquor at the Civic Center on April 26th and May 24th, subject to the receipt of an insurance certificate. Unanimously approved. E. Swimming Pool Facility Fees – The Finance Committee had reviewed the fee schedule for the 2008 swimming season and recommended: Season pass – Single: $50 resident; $75 non-resident Season pass – Family: $100 resident; $150 non-resident General Admission: $4.00 Punch Card: $30 for 10 punches Swim Team: $40-1st child; $30-2nd child Swim Lessons: $30 resident; $40 non-resident Motion by Uptagrafft, second by Packer to adopt the Swimming Pool Facility Fee Schedule for 2008. Unanimously approved. F. Purchase of Mini-Skidsteer – The Finance Committee reviewed the request from staff to purchase the mini-skidsteer, which the City has been leasing for the 2007/2008 winter season. Public Works Director Stevens noted that the mini-skidsteer is used for sidewalk snow removal and will be used for pond and park maintenance. After applying 80% of our rental payments, the purchase amount would be approximately $26,500, which is the state bid amount. The Council had revised the Capital Equipment Plan in March to include this item. Motion by House, second by Packer to exercise the purchase option for the Bobcat ASV-PT 30 as presented. Unanimously approved. G. Purchase of 2006 Chevy Pickup – The 1996 Chevy pickup was included in the 2008 Capital Equipment Plan to be replaced in 2008. The budget amount for the replacement is $15,000.



Public Works Director Stevens had obtained quotes from ten dealers for a used, regular cab, automatic pickup. The 1996 Chevy will be sold through a sealed bid process and funds received will be applied to the replacement cost of the proposed vehicle. Councilmember Hanson of the Finance Committee reviewed the proposals and recommended to Council that the 2006 Chevy pickup from House Chevrolet for $15,000 plus sales tax and fess be purchased. Motion by Packer, second by Hanson to purchase the 2006 Chevrolet pickup from House Chevrolet for $15,000 as presented. For: Murphy, Uptagrafft, Hanson, Packer Abstain: House Motion passed. H. Street Light Replacement Project & Fee – Finance Director Neubauer reported that with the assistance of Alliant Energy a project to replace the Main Street poles and lights with new efficient, cost savings fixtures was developed. The proposed project will eliminate approximately half of the present poles. The present street poles were installed in 1993 and had a projected fifteen year life. A feasibility study has noted that many of the poles are in a deteriorating state. Alliant Energy has calculated a $10,000 to $12,000 annual cost savings, if new efficient fixtures are used. The Finance Committee reviewed the $464,400 replacement project and the cost analysis and is recommending that the City implement a 10-year street light fee of $2.00 per month per utility statement. From the cost savings and street light fees, a revenue stream to pay back a bond and an Alliant low-interest loan would be utilized. If Council should agree to go ahead with a Main Street Lighting project, staff requested permission to negotiate a contract with Engineer Don Borcherding to prepare a bid package for the project. Motion by House, second by Packer to approve a Main Street Lighting Project and grant staff permission to negotiate a contract with Engineer Don Borcherding for professional services. Unanimously approved. Motion by Packer, second by Hanson to approve the implementation of a $2.00 per month per utility statement street lighting fee, effective with the May 2008 billing. Unanimously approved. I. Signage – 3rd Street SW – Administrator Schimmel stated that due to citizen input from the 2nd and 3rd Street SW neighborhoods, staff and engineers have reviewed additional traffic control options for these areas. The staff and engineers are jointly recommending installation of a three-way stop at the intersection 2nd Street SW and 3rd Avenue SW and four-way stops at the intersections of 3rd Street SW and 3rd Avenue SW, as well as 3rd Street SW and 6th Avenue SW. “No Truck Traffic/Route” signage was also recommended as appropriate for 3rd Street S.W.



It was noted that bump-outs were also looked at and discussed but all felt that stop signs would have the same affect for “traffic calming” in these areas. Motion by Hanson, second by Packer to currently install the stop signs as presented on 2nd Street SW, but wait and install the signage on 3rd Street SW after summer construction. Unanimously approved. VIII. Ordinances and Resolutions A. Crime Free Housing Ordinance (2nd Reading) – Mayor Murphy completed the 2nd reading of the proposed ordinance. No further comments had been received from the Stewartville landlords and other citizens. Councilmember Uptagrafft stated that the whole intent of the ordinance was to make landlords aware of crime free housing prevention. Councilmember Hanson stated that the ordinance is to be used as a tool, not as a punishment to landlords. Motion by Hanson, second by Uptagrafft to adopt Resolution 2008-2, A CRIME FREE HOUSING ORDINANCE. Unanimously approved. B. Resolution Approving 2008 CIP Project Bid – City Engineer Don Borcherding and David Strauss presented the bid tabulations for the 2008 Capital Improvement Project. Strauss noted that 10 bids had been received and that Elcor Construction was low bidder at $1,001,176.22. Strauss stated that the bids ranged from $1,001,176 to $1,394,260 and that the engineer’s estimate was $1,397,104. Staff was directed to schedule a neighborhood meeting with the affected property owners, the engineers and the contractors to discuss the project and the timeline. Motion by House, second by Packer to approve Resolution 2008-6, A RESOLUTION RECEIVING BIDS AND AWARDING CONTRACT ON 2008 STREET AND UTILITIES IMPROVEMENT (CIP) FOR 3RD STREET SW, 2ND, 3RD, 4TH, 5TH, 6TH, 7TH AVENUES SW TO ELCOR CONSTRUCTION. Unanimously approved. C. Resolution – General Fund Balance Reserve – Finance Director Neubauer requested that Council consider adopting a policy that would establish a designated amount to carry as a balance in the General Fund. Neubauer noted that the City Auditor, as well as the State Auditor, is recommending that cities adopt a resolution designation between 35% and 50% of the next year’s general fund budget as a reserve balance in the General Fund. The Finance Committee reviewed this information and is recommending a minimum designated General Fund balance of 40% to 50% of the next year’s general fund. Motion by Hanson, second by Uptagrafft to approve Resolution 2008-7, A RESOLUTION ESTABLISHING A POLICY FOR DESIGNATING THE GENERAL FUND BALANCE AT A MINIMUM OF 40% to 50%. Unanimously approved.




Mayor, Staff and Consultant Reports A. Mayor’s Report - Mayor Murphy made comments on: a. Brush & Leaf Compost Site will be open daily beginning April 15th, unless it is misused. b. The City Wide Cleanup for city residents only is scheduled for May 17th at the Public Works garage. c. The State Sesquicentennial banner will be arriving at City Hall on April 14th at 10 a.m. and will be displayed at the Library.

B. Administrator Report – Administrator Schimmel reported: a. State Soil and Water Conservation personnel will be collecting river samples the next three years between April and October. b. An article regarding Fareway Foods commitment to building in Stewartville was included in the DesMoines Register newspaper. c. Three meeting are scheduled and Council was asked to let staff know if they would be attending: Joint School Board meeting April 14th, SE League of Municipalities in Red Wing April 30th, League of Minnesota Cities Conference in Rochester in June. C. Finance Report – No report D. Public Works Director – Public Works Director Stevens reported: a. Kiker Brothers of Austin is preparing a proposal to repair/renovate the Library roof and also seal the Civic Center roof. b. Removing and replacing landscaping on City properties will be a priority item this spring. c. Preparation of bid information for chip sealing and crack filling is being completed. E. Library Director – No report F. Fire Chief – No report X. Committee, Commission and Board Reports A. Care Center – Minutes of January 31st and February 28th included in packet. Councilmember Packer reporter that Pastor Olson has resigned and a board position is available. B. SCCC – Councilmember Packer reported that the multizone is up and running. The recent Art Show at First Farmers and Merchants Bank was filmed and is being aired. C. EDA – No report D. Finance – Minutes of April 2nd included in packet E. Heartland Express – March ridership report F. Library –No report G. Park Board – No report H. Personnel – No report



I. Public Safety – Deputy Kirby Long reported a total of 263 service calls in March, which include 82 traffic stops, 14 medical assists, 29 assists to persons and 3 traffic accidents. Long noted that due to Sheriff Borchardt’s retirement and the appointment of Sheriff VonWald, a number of job changes within the department has occurred. J. RAEDI – No report K. ROCOG – No report L. Planning & Zoning – No report M. Public Works – No report N. Swimming Pool – No report XI. Communications A. B. C. D. E. XII. Staff Calendar Planning Coordinator Report Yaggy Colby Status Report Friday Fax – March 28th and April 4th LMC Bulletin – April 2nd

Adjourn – Motion by Packer, second by Hanson to adjourn at 8:30 p.m. Unanimously approved.

Respectfully submitted, Barbara K. Neubauer Finance Director



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