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									                               Ted Whitmer, Attorney
                                    Contract For Legal Services
                                                                                     4030 Highway 6 South
Office: (979) 690-9465                                                                           Suite 325
Fax:     (979) 690-9485
                                                                                        College Station, TX
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This contract is between Ted Whitmer, Attorney and                                       , (“appraiser”).
                                                  [Fill in your name here, please print]

Complaint Number(s):

Date of Complaint:

Address of Property(s):

Type of Property(s):

All Signatures on Report:

The purpose of this contract is to define the services between Ted Whitmer, Attorney and appraiser. If
you have any questions, please feel free to call. You are encouraged to contact your personal or other
attorney concerning the terms of this agreement.

Representation: This contract is for representation by Ted Whitmer, Attorney with above appraiser to
cover from date of this contract through THE INFORMAL CONFERENCE with the Texas Appraiser
Licensing and Certification Board (TALCB). The representation through the informal conference is
likely to include the following steps.
     Contact by appraiser and discussions concerning complaint and answering complaint.
     Review of answer to complaint and file. Suggestions will be offered. Appraiser may come to
        College Station and meet with Ted Whitmer concerning the filing.
     Contact with the enforcement division of the TALCB and discussion of case and informal
        conference date and time.
     Possible offer of Agreed Order (AO) before an informal conference and discussions with
        appraiser concerning the Agreed Order.
     Contact with appraiser concerning time and date of informal conference.
     Possible discussion about witnesses to be at informal conference.
     Review of appraisal and complaint (as well as file).
     Meeting with appraiser the morning of the informal conference to prepare.
     Informal conference. The informal conference is held in Austin and usually takes 1 ½ - 2 hours.
     Dismissal or offer of Agreed Order. Discussions with appraiser concerning offer.
     Communication with TALCB about acceptance of Agreed Order or intent to go to SOAH

What is not covered: This contract in no way obligates Ted Whitmer to represent appraiser past the
informal conference. The representation to a State Office of Administrative Hearing (SOAH) is not
covered by this contract. The estimated fee to continue representation past the informal conference to a
formal SOAH hearing is an additional $3,000. This does not include any discovery or use of expert
witness nor any other expenses associated with this litigation. The cost of a SOAH hearing could exceed
$10,000 depending upon expert witnesses used and discovery. See also paragraph following concerning
civil or criminal cases concerning the appraiser or appraisal subject to the complaint.

Advisory Service for Criminal or Civil Case Related to Complaint: I will work with a civil or
criminal attorney related to the appraisal that is subject of a complaint for $225 per hour. I am not
obligated to contribute to a civil or criminal case in connection with appraiser or appraisal subject to a
complaint with the TALCB.

Fee: The fee for representation to and through the informal conference is $2,000 for residential reports
and $2,500 for non single-family residential appraisals and reports. This is for one appraisal and one
signature turned into the TALCB. The fee for additional signatures and reports is as follows. This
assumes the reports are all filed at the same time and the complaint is received at the same time.
Each additional report subject to complaint                             $250.00
Each additional signature subject to complaint                          $250.00

The agreed upon fee: $                                       [Insert Fee Here]

The fee will be paid before representation begins or as agreed upon in a separate agreement. The fee
may be paid on by Paypal.

Please note the above fee for an additional report does not include a separate filing of a complaint at
either a later date or from a different referral. If another complaint is filed later, the fee is the same as
above and the subsequent filing is not considered an additional report, but a new filing. The additional
report is when, for example, two reports are turned in at the same time by the same referring person,
agency or entity.

The above fee includes all normal expenses to Ted Whitmer, including travel, copies, food, etc.
Appraiser will not be billed for travel or other normal expenses.

Communication: I will communicate with appraiser any important information concerning meeting
times, offers from the TALCB or other important information within a reasonable time of receipt.
Furthermore, appraiser should feel free to call me about status of complaint whenever appraiser desires
at above phone number.

Communications between appraiser and Ted Whitmer are protected under the attorney/client privilege. I
will keep conversations confidential. However, appraiser should know that any Agreed Order is
published on the Appraisal Subcommittee (ASC) website and is public information.

Please list all contact info following:
City:                                   State:                       Zip:

Phone (Work):
Phone (Cell):
Phone (Home):

Results: Ted Whitmer will diligently represent appraiser in this matter. Appraiser understands there is
no guarantee of results because of this agreement or representation.


Appraiser                                             Ted Whitmer, Attorney

Date                                                  Date


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