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Air is blown into the BIODIGESTER by an electrically powered compressor mounted normally within 10 metres of the sewage treatment plant. The air is diffused from the bottom of the central chamber. This increased oxygen supply accelerates the activity of the naturally occurring micro-organisms which degrade the solids to a clear effluent and a non toxic sludge. The plastic media is used to provide a high surface area for the micro-organisms to adhere to and also, as it is mobile, to facilitate rapid degradation of solid matter. The diffused air also operates as an ‘Air Lift’ which recirculates solids from the outer ‘Settlement Chamber’ to the inner ‘Treatment Chamber’. This recirculation also ensures that both chambers remain aerobic. The process runs continuously 24 hours a day. The plant is designed to conform to the requirements of BS6297.1983
air diffuser outer settlement area inner treatment area inlet air blower



wet ground anchors

The plant is designed to produce an effluent quality of:• BOD 5 20mg/l By comparison a septic tank produces • Suspended Solids 30mg/l a BOD of 400mg/l. • Ammoniacal Nitrogen (as N) 20mg/l More stringent effluent qualities may also be catered for. The effluent can be discharged to a watercourse or via a soakaway, subject to approval. BOD = Biochemical Oxygen Demand measured over 5 days

BIODIGESTER effluent quality is similar to that required from a major sewage treatment works.

Our product will conform to all the normal ‘Consent to Discharge’ requirements of the relevant authorities in the United Kingdom.

Building Regulations Part H April 2002. Visit our website for more details.


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T6 BIODIGESTER - 6 persons
Suitable for a small-medium house up to 6 persons. Size 1860mm wide, 2370mm deep standard inlet drain depth 600mm also available: 900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm

Why use a
q Simple process
x Odour free operation x Industry proven air blower:

T12 BIODIGESTER - 12 persons
Suitable for a large house or two houses Size 1860mm wide, 2370mm deep, 2610mm long standard inlet drain depth 600mm also available: 900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm

- Low power consumption - Long life - Quiet operation

T18 BIODIGESTER - 18 persons
Suitable for two to four houses Small hotel /pub Size 1860mm wide, 2370mm deep, 3360mm long standard inlet drain depth 600mm also available: 900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm

q Simple
x Robust construction - No concrete back fill required - Substantial cost savings on installation - Can be installed by the Self Builder x Simple Wet Ground* installation

T24 BIODIGESTER - 24 persons
Suitable for three to six houses Small campsite, small to medium hotel/pub Size 2700mm wide, 2370mm deep, 3360mm long standard inlet drain depth 600mm also available: 900mm, 1200mm

T30 BIODIGESTER - 30 persons
Suitable for four to seven houses Campsite, hotel/pub/restauant Size 2700mm wide, 2370mm deep, 4110mm long standard inlet drain depth 600mm also available: 900mm, 1200mm

x Solid stable base allowing easy alignment

q Simple
x Extended emptying interval - 2-5 years x No moving parts underground. x Simple inexpensive annual maintenance.

T36 BIODIGESTER - 36 persons
Suitable for six to nine houses Campsite, hotel/pub/restaurant Size 2700mm wide, 2370mm deep, 4860mm long standard inlet drain depth 600mm also available: 900mm, 1200mm

What size do I need?
sizing formula (normal residential use): England and Wales 1 person per bedroom + 1/2 person per house
(so a 4-bedroomed house would be considered as 4.5 people)

*high water table


1 person per bedspace

For larger rural sewage treatment, please contact us.

Other points to consider
• Do you require Planning Permission? • Do you require a ‘Consent to Discharge’? • If the system is to be shared by several houses, you will have to create a management company for the ownership and operation of the plant • The building regulations state that the discharge from the plant must be in excess of 10m from any house. They also state that a septic tank must be sited more than 7m from a dwelling. The siting of a sewage treatment plant is open to some interpretation – consult with your local Building Control Officer • What will be the depth of the drain to the BIODIGESTER at its proposed site? The fall required is 1m in 60m. • You will need to decide where the treated effluent will go. Will it go a watercourse or stream (easiest option) or a soakaway? (Soakaway design, percolation tests and other details are available on our website, or contact us.) • You will have to carry out a percolation test if you are using a soakaway. • Do you have enough space for a soakaway? • Will the treated effluent flow away by gravity or will it have to be pumped away? On our smaller units integral pumps can be fitted. On our larger units external pumping stations can be fitted. Contact us for details of the range of solutions that we manufacture. • Can you provide electricity within 10 m of the site?

In most cases the relevant authority will decide.
Note: an application can take up to 4 months.

Visit www.biodigester.com or contact us direct.

Summary method: 1. Excavate a hole 300mm wider and 200mm deeper than the relevant unit. 2. Check the water table. If there is any chance of the water rising above the base of the unit then the Wet Ground method must be used. 3. Install 200mm base of sand, gravel, scalpings or concrete. 4. Place BIODIGESTER onto base, work ribs into base and check levels carefully. 5. Fill the BIODIGESTER with water. 6. If you have a high water table the Wet Ground anchors must be covered with at least 250mm of concrete to the minimum quantity specified by the data sheet. 7. Backfill with gravel or concrete as preferred. For more detailed installation information and specifications, and other information, visit www.biodigester.com or contact us direct.

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