PIM SCHOOL INFORMATION SHEET 2008 RSM Erasmus University MBA by by654321


									                           PIM SCHOOL INFORMATION SHEET 2008

                         RSM Erasmus University MBA Programme

Contact people:                Eva Lejeune –Programme Manager MBA Programme
Telephone/Fax:                 Tel: +31 10 408 9624/+31 10 408 2222
                               Fax: +31 10 452 8919
Emails                         elejeune@rsm.nl
School address:                International Exchange Program
                               J2-38 MBA Office
                               RSM Erasmus University
                               Burg. Oudlaan 50
                               3062 PA Rotterdam
                               The Netherlands
WWW-address:                   www.rsm.nl

Deadlines:                     No nomination deadlines but schools need to keep visa and housing issues
                               in mind

Required Documents:            What documents are required of incoming exchange student (i.e., Personal
                               information form, passport copy, 4 passport photos, CV, if MVV visa required
                               then: English copy of birth certificate, letter of financial guarantee/copy of
                               bank statements, copy of health insurance

Study program:                 Students will take electives with the Full-time MBA students, during the fall
                               term, many different disciplines, and approximately 30 courses to choose
                               from. It is also possible for students to take electives with the part-time
                               EMBA students.

Courses:                       Course listings are published on an internal site. As soon as nominations are
                               received students are given access.

Faculties/Colleges:            n.a.
Language of Instruction:       All courses are taught in English. Lectures, class discussions and
                               examinations are conducted entirely in English.

Language requirement:          Students must be proficient in English
Language courses:              Exchange students are able to take part in language courses run through the
                               ICIR in the Erasmus University http://www.eur.nl/icir/index.html

Academic/Experience            Students are required to have a minimum of 2 years work experience
Full-time Workload:            A full (Fall) semester is 6 electives split over 2 course periods. This gives a
                               total of 3 credits. Each course has 24 contact hours. Courses can either run
                               once a day for 2 weeks; twice a week for one week and once a week for 7
                               weeks. There is usually an exam at the end of the course. The EMBA
                               format is every other weekend.
Learning Expectations:         Classes include formal lectures, class discussion, group-based work, and
                               presentations. Attendance is mandatory and is recorded; attendance and
                               class participation is also an integral part of the final grade. Class sizes can
                               be up to 40 students but usual size is 30.
Grading:                       Individual courses will be assigned a final grade using the ECTS grading
                               A – exceptional to excellent(high pass)
                               B- Outstanding to very good
                               C – good
                               D – acceptable
                               E – low pass (credit)
                               <F – fail
                             Transcripts are compiled by the Registrar’s Office and sent via fax and
                             express mail to the school once all outstanding debts have been cleared.
Exams:                       Exams are either held at the end of the 1 or 2-week course block or at the
                             end of the 7-week course period (end October and end December).

Term dates for the academic year 2008/2009:

Fall 2008:
                             Expected arrival date: 1 September 2008 is Orientation Day

                             The fourth term commences on 1 September and finishes on 19

                             Orientation day: 1 September
                             Christmas holidays start Saturday 20 December

Spring 2009:                 No Spring elective semester.

Summer programs or short-    n.a.
term programs
Living Expenses:             Housing approximately 500 Euros per month

Academic Expenses:           There are no charges for registration or course reading material
                             (cases/articles etc) although students must pay for course textbooks.

Other Expenses:              Food:            € 200,00 Per Month
                             Subsistence:     € 200,00 Per Month
                             Transport:       € 50,00 Per Month

Health insurance:            All exchange students are required to have health insurance whilst in The
                             Netherlands however there is no ‘school’ insurance

Visa:                        Students need to check the following website to find out if they required a
                             visa: www.minbuza.nl

Facilities:                  Central library, campus sports building, on-campus bank, and several
                             restaurants. Within the RSM building is a café, desktop and laptop
                             computer labs, small group breakout rooms.

Student Services:            Buddy system initiated by Student Association/administration. Many
                             student clubs. Career Management Centre (CMC) where exchange
                             students have full access. Advice always available for academic /personal

Orientation                  Orientation for exchange students will be first day of classes. Although not
                             mandatory it is strongly recommended and a lot of fun!

Internships:                 n/a during exchange period

Career services              Exchange students have full access to the Career Management Centre,
                             on-campus recruitment, career library and resources.

Exchange Coordinator         Exchange program is run from the Full-Time MBA Office including initial
Services:                    contact, information provision for arrival etc. and also information on
                             courses and material etc.
                             Career Management Centre is a different office.

Info Dissemination:          How is exchange info from your school disseminated?
                             Web ¨                   Email ¨                  Mail ¨

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