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					                                            Curriculum Vitae
                                            Silvan Pillay, MBA
                          PO Box 25772, Monument Park, 0105, Pretoria, South Africa
                           Tel: 012 347 5670, Cell: 082 459 1396, Fax: 086 674 3116,


A dynamic, results and systems driven business management professional with an
outstanding track record of success in delivering critical leadership, strategic plans, and
sustainable results in operating efficiency and productivity improvement, technology
advancement, cost reduction, sales and revenue performance. Distinguished career focused
on innovating new strategic directions, creating revenue opportunities, spearheading policy
development, and driving organisational growth and success across broad disciplines. He
studied and built his career is countries such as South Africa, USA, UK, Netherlands,
Luxemburg, Belgium, and Hong Kong.

1.    International Trade Management;
2.    Business Planning and Capital Raising;
3.    Financial Management;
4.    Leadership and People Management;
5.    Logistics, Transport and Supply Chain Management;
6.    Business Process Re-engineering;
7.    Marketing and Sales Management;
8.    Company Structuring/Restructuring,
9.    Business Turnarounds and Rescues;
10.   Transformation Management;
11.   Strategic Planning and Development;
12.   Statistical and Market Research Analysis;
13.   Strategic Operations Management.

1. The ability to quickly determine key issues through operational and statistical analysis
   and planning, develop timely strategic options, and design detailed action and tactic plans
   to achieve chosen objectives and operational efficiencies and effectiveness.
2. Effective communicator, developing both written and verbal presentations that relay
   complex information in a clear and conclusive manner.
3. Reputation for routinely delivering high-energy problem-solving and demonstrating an
   exceptional level of creative and innovative thinking.
4. Team spirited business leader bringing out the best in people for consistent delivery of
   service and projects on time and within budget.
5. Strategic Planning facilitation.
6. Repositioning business units and organisations through strategic and operational
   planning with the objective of securing sustainable competitive advantages.

1. MBA Master of Business Administration Degree. Buckinghamshire University, UK. 1999
2. PGDMS Postgraduate Diploma in Management Studies. Buckinghamshire University,
   UK. 1998
3. DME Developing Managerial Excellence. University of Virginia, USA. 1998
4. PGCM Postgraduate Certificate in Management. Buckinghamshire University, UK. 1997
5. DPMM Management Development Programme. University of the Witwatersrand, RSA.
6. Dip Int. Fin. M Diploma in International Financial Management. Damelin Management
   School. 1990
7. BSc Wits University. 1986

1.    Customs Affairs South African Association of Freight Forwarders, 1990
2.    Industrial Management Effective Executives, 1993
3.    Interaction Management DHL Training Centre, 1992
4.    Industrial Relations DHL Training Centre, 1992
5.    Harmonised Commodity Coding System South African Foreign Trade Organisation,
      1991 & 1993
6.    Foreign Exchange Management South African Foreign Trade Organisation, 1993
7.    ISO 9000 Quality Management System Quality College of Scotland, 1996
8.    Business Process Analysis Logical Conclusions, 1998
9.    Managing Process Re-engineering Logical Conclusions, 1998
10.   Developing Procedures, Policies and Documentation Information Mapping, 1998
11.   Revised ISO 9000 Quality Management System: SABS, 2001.
12.   Strategic Management Programme: Deloitte & Touche, 2002


Chairman (Ex-CEO)

Founder and Chairman of Africa Business Brokers Pty Ltd (Africabrokers.Com) and The
Business School of South Africa Pty Ltd (BSSA) and founder and CEO of Africatransport.

                               Chairman: Africabrokers ( is the largest
                               firm of business brokers with over 40 offices in Africa. We are a
                               network of business professionals with extensive experience in
                               business performance improvement and acquisitions that serve
the gap in the business sales market between the Merchant Banks and the Estate Agent type
business brokers. We bring the professional service levels that you would expect from a
merchant bank at an affordable price to the business sale market ensuring a maximum price
the market will deliver in the shortest time for sellers - and sustainable successful transactions
for buyers and entrepreneurs. Our professionals are all University graduates (BCom, BSc,
BProc, BBA, etc) and in most cases post graduates (CAs, MBAs, MScs and LLBs), many of
whom have worked in corporate world and also managed their own businesses. Together we
have over 700 years of learning and business experience.

                    Ex-CEO: The Business School of South Africa is a training and
                    educational institution providing accelerated business, management and
                    entrepreneurial training and education. Our focus is placed on specialized,
                    customized and accredited training workshops, and mentorship
                    programmes aimed at Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Potential
                    Management Individuals, Graduates, Supervisors, Managers and

                            CEO (Current) Africatransport: A mission to unite SMME
                            Transporters and individual truck owners to operate as an
                            organisation under Africatransport - securing long term transport
                            contracts and providing an uninterrupted transport service to
                            Contracting Clients together with securing huge cost saving
                            benefits for all itsmembers through its "Buyer Power Strategy".

Deloitte (August 2001 to January 2003)
National Trade Solutions Director

                        (Providing professional management and consulting services to
                       importers, exporters, local manufacturers, clearing and forwarding
agents, and in general, international traders; Assisting companies to set up presence in South
Africa; Securing business incentives for high growth companies, projects and other relevant

    1. Overall management of national trade solutions business unit
    2. Led and directed a group of professionals (Tax lawyers, Chartered Accountants,
       Business Managers and other Professionals) to meet service deliveries
    3. Manage and lead sales and business development process
    4. Management of key strategic accounts
    5. Lobbying with Government
    6. Development of policies and procedures based on ISO 9000 principles

National Head of Customs Policy SARS (May 1999 – August 2001)

                              1. Led and directed a team of policy specialists
                              2. Reformed and modernised customs policy in line with
                                 international standards
                              3. Formulated policies to achieve trade facilitation
                              4. Appointed head of Customs Quality Assurance to
                                 implement ISO 9000
                              5. Streamlined policies and operational procedures in line with
       ISO 9000 standards
    6. Implemented and enhanced negotiations with external stakeholders, in particular
       freight forwarders;
    7. Streamlined and formalised the customs appeals process
    8. Key role player in the SARS transformation Program: Head of the key Customs
       Modernisation Program: The Cargo Management Systems

Customs Director - SARS Johannesburg International Airport (JIA/ORT)

                              1. Responsible for a revenue budget of R 8.0 billion,
                                    expenditure budget of R 36 million, and 280 staff; Overall
                                    management of the largest Customs office in SARS;
                                2. Transformed the Customs office from a bureaucracy to a
                                    business-run office;
                                3. Improved import clearance times from 12 - 16 hours to 4 - 5
         hours (200% improvement) through Business Process Re-engineering and the
         automation of manual processes;
    4.   Initiated and implemented the "JIA Compliance Project" which yielded a revenue gain
         of R 12 million within the last 5 months of the financial year 1999/2000;
    5.   Implemented a strategy of voluntary compliance, based on marketing principles;
    6.   Implemented a Total Quality Management system based on ISO 9000 principles;
    7.   Built strong relationships with all stakeholders, including Unions;
    8.   Promoted transparency in terms of Customs rules and regulations;
    9.   Changed JIA to a results-driven office by setting, monitoring and achieving the
         operational and financial targets for the office

Country Customs Affairs Manager
DHL International (Pty) Ltd (1989 – 1999)

                                  1. Strategic planning and development. Feasibility studies -
         set up and establish strategically located airfreight gateways in Southern Africa;
         Implementation of Best Developed Practices;
   2.    Negotiated and achieved government recognition for Air Express Service Providers;
   3.    Influenced, and contributed to, change in legislation (The Customs & Excise Act);
   4.    Business Process Analysis and Re-engineering - Imports and Exports; Line-haul and
         delivery performance
   5.    Member of Quality Assurance team – Direct involvement with the implementation of
         ISO 9000.
   6.    Served as departmental manager within Imports, Exports, Credit Control, with a key
         focus on people management and the achievement of departmental objectives;
   7.    Served as Chairperson on the International Courier Association - Customs

   1.    High level problem-solving and decision making ability;
   2.    Strong leadership and people motivational skills;
   3.    Excellent analytical, organisational and strategic planning skills;
   4.    Ability to manage transformation, and resistance to change;
   5.    Ability to negotiate and communicate at all levels;
   6.    Self motivated with an ability to work independently;
   7.    Ability to create self directed work teams;
   8.    Ability to maintain sound interpersonal skills;
   9.    High level of ambition and enthusiasm;
   10.   Results and systems oriented;


1997: DHL Bill Walden International Educational Award

For demonstrating excellent management practices and for progressing rapidly within the
organisation, which resulted in a promotion as well as the opportunity to study abroad
(University of Virginia: Darden Business School, USA).

2000: SARS Customs Transformation Programme

Hand picked by Commissioner to lead the key Customs Transformation Initiative: The Cargo
Management System, which encompasses the implementation of Electronic Data

2000: SARS Individual Award

SARS Individual Performance Award. The reward recognises high potential managers and
staff that made a major contribution to the achievement of SARS 1999/2000 strategic goals.

2003: Coega IDZ

Awarded the tender to lead and design the customs and systems management strategy for
the Coega IDZ in Port Elizabeth.

Author of the following Publications/Books/Course Material

   1.    My Business Plan (2003)
   2.    My Financial Plan (2003)
   3.    How to Avoid Small Business Failure (2003)
   4.    MBA Power (2004)
   5.    Strategic Planning for Small and Medium Sized Businesses (2004)
   6.    The Roadmap to Successfully Starting Your Own Business (2005)
   7.    The 21 Factors for Corporate and Business Success (2005)
   8.    Franchising as a vehicle for economic empowerment (2007)
   9.    Financial Modelling & Business Profitability (2008)
   10.   The Ultimate Rescue Plan for your Business (2009)

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