Marietta L. Baba, Ph.D., MBA Organizational Anthropologist

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					                            Marietta L. Baba, Ph.D., MBA
                            Organizational Anthropologist

Selected Research and Consulting Engagements

      Norwegian Research Council/Norwegian University of Science and Technology (2009)
       — Member of a project team studying the subjective and personal experiences of global
       work migrants moving across geographical boundaries in different European countries;
       special emphasis on new institutional forces influencing individual and group
      University of California, Irvine/National Science Foundation (2008) — External
       Evaluator, UCI NSF ADVANCE Program: Conducted assessment and wrote report for
       seven-year ADVANCE program at UCI, integrating all qualitative and quantitative data
       prepared for this project, and including original on-campus interviews with faculty, staff,
       and administrators.
      DuPont/TNS (2007) — Member of a qualitative research team analyzing photographic
       and on-line chat board data from customers related to meal preparation, kitchens, and
       cookware for insights into consumers' points of view and new research methods.
      Herman Miller (2006) – Providing cultural insights and design recommendations for
       new seating artifacts intended for Asian markets.
      IBM Almaden Research Institute (2005 - present) – Studying the rise of services
       research within IBM’s Research Division, and the evolution of IBM’s Services Sciences
       Management and Engineering strategy.
      General Motors Lansing Grand River Assembly Plant (2002 – present) – Leading a
       team of anthropologists studying cultural dynamics of GM’s first globally standardized
       assembly plant.
      U. S. Army Materiel Command (2003-2005) -- Government advisor for Army Materiel
       Command’s Logistics Modernization Program, with focus on management of human,
       organizational and cultural factors in implementation of SAP R/3 Enterprise Resource
       Planning system.
      Pharmacia (2001) – Led team studying the diversity of women’s responses to
       menopause across four American cultural groups (African-American, Asian-American,
       Caucasian, and Hispanic-American). Represented Pharmacia in media relations.
      Motor Coach Industries International (2000) – Led team conducting postacquisition
       cultural assessment of five firms based in Canada, Mexico, and the United States.
       Developed strategies for cultural alignment and integration of legacy cultures around
       corporate business goals and initiatives.
      McKinsey & Company (1999-2000) – Anthropologist on War for Technical Talent
       Team. Responsible for ethnographic research in work groups at Texas Instruments and
       American Express to identify cultural factors that influence recruitment and retention of
       technical professionals, and to recommend approaches for their attraction and retention.
   Motorola (1998 - present) – Appointed to Motorola’s Global Advisory Board of
    Anthropologists. Conducted ethnographic study of meeting etiquette related to corporate
    culture change initiative.
   Procter & Gamble (1997-99) – Anthropologist on Global Organizational Excellence
    Team responsible for capture of tacit knowledge related to successful transformation and
    learning in business units worldwide. Investigation focused on mergers and acquisitions,
    virtual teaming, category management, and other major aspects of business operations in
    Argentina, Austria, Germany, Portugal, Switzerland, and the United States.
   American Axle & Manufacturing (1997) – Consultant to the Chief Information Officer
    and Operating Committee, responsible for identifying human and cultural factors
    impacting implementation of an ERPII system in five manufacturing plants, and for
    customizing the change management process.
   Porter/Novelli Public Relations (1996-97) – Led a five-person ethnographic research
    team studying the influence of local cultures on diet, nutrition, and weight control in five
    major American cities. Provided data to support a public education campaign conducted
    by the National Coalition on Weight Risk Education.
   US Army (1996-97) – Anthropologist on a consulting team charged with redesigning the
    U.S. Army’s strategic planning process. Responsible for direct observation of behavior at
    strategic planning meetings, coaching/feedback regarding the planning process, and
    development and implementation of a methodology to manage human and cultural
    factors involved in the change process.
   Detroit Police Department (1996-97) – Member of a Precinct-based reengineering team
    focused on reducing the response time of patrol units to Priority One calls. Uncovered
    work practices and beliefs that influence response time, and recommending strategies for
    organizational change.
   General Motors-United Automobile Workers Joint Center for Human Resources
    (1995-96) -- Conducted a cultural assessment of customer satisfaction with the GM-
    UAW Joint Center for Human Resources, and recommended improvements.
   Ford Motor Company (1995-96) -- Supervised research on cultural diversity among Ford
    automobile dealerships, and training implications.
   US Department of Energy (1994 - 1996) -- Consultant on a major Technology
    Reinvestment Project, with responsibility for cultural assessment of new information
    technologies being deployed in Michigan small businesses.
   Whirlpool Corporation (1994) – Studied the evolution of the American home with
    emphasis on the architecture of the kitchen. Developed recommendations for design of
    new kitchen appliances. Represented Whirlpool in marketing and public relations events.
   Ford Motor Company (1992-97) -- Member of multi-disciplinary team modeling the
    socio-technical system of new product development at Ford, toward the goal of
    simulating the timing and quality outcomes of cross-functional teams.
   United States Air Force (1992-94) -- Principal Investigator on Phase I and Senior
    Technical Advisor on Phase II SBIR Programs to identify human and cultural factors
    affecting implementation of CALS technology at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.
   Upjohn Corporation (1992-93) -- Led a five-person team that studied the crosscultural
    significance of hair and hair loss in diverse American subcultures. Represented Upjohn
    as media spokesperson in national media tour to publicize results of the research.
   McKinsey & Company (1991) -- Member of a team that derived a theory of globalization
    from the principles of cultural materialism, and projected the impact of globalization on
    multinational corporations and markets.
   General Motors Corporation/Electronic Data Systems (1990-1994) – Team leader for a
    multi-disciplinary group of researchers studying the cultural impact of new technology
    deployment at General Motors. The team observed new technology deployment in 11
    work groups, including design, engineering, and manufacturing groups. Based on this
    research, the team designed diagnostic tools and strategies to facilitate technology
   General Motors Overseas Operations/Motors Trading Corporation (1984-1986) Studied
    issues related to expatriate return to the US, and made recommendations to enhance
    retention of repatriating executives.