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MultidisciPlinAry Action Projects
            the ross Global MBA
Real Solutions

                                                                March 5
examples of past projects                                       Project proposals due to

Brand image development       Marketing strategy                March 15–19
                                                                Proposals delivered to
cash Flow Modeling            Merger and Acquisition Process    students for selection

competitor Analysis           new Product development           March 29
                                                                MAP assignments announced
employee retention strategy   operational Analysis
                                                                May 10
expansion strategy            Pricing strategy
                                                                students start project
Feasibility study             Product launch and distribution   orientation at sponsor site

Financial Modeling            risk Analysis                     June 24
                                                                Final presentations to
Full Market Analysis          situational Analysis              faculty team

Market entry strategy         strategic Analysis                June 25–July 2
                                                                Final presentations at
                                                                sponsor site
Real Problems
     What is map?
     MAP is a critical component of the Ross MBA.
     the Multidisciplinary Action Project (MAP) course epitomizes the commitment to action-based
     learning that distinguishes the ross school of Business from other leading MBA programs. For seven
     weeks each summer, Global MBA students at the ross school of Business devote themselves exclusively
     to MAP as a requirement of the MBA core curriculum. When selecting MAP projects for our students,
     we look for outstanding corporate, entrepreneurial, and nonprofit projects in the u.s. and abroad that
     require thoughtful and actionable recommendations to address pressing organizational challenges.

     MAP delivers data-driven solutions to real business issues.
     each year, we accept MAP proposals from sponsors looking to solve problems, identify new processes,
     or target opportunities for growth. A MAP team consists of four to six ross MBA students who
     are guided by faculty advisers. each project requires analytical rigor, critical thinking, and genuine
     teamwork. At the end of the project, teams present their analyses and recommendations to their
     sponsors in a written report and final presentation.

     MAP is a collaborative process.
     MAP exemplifies the ross school’s commitment to building bridges between the academic
     environment and the world of business practice. this collaborative process benefits our students, our
     faculty, and the sponsoring organizations.

     •   sponsors receive top-notch findings and recommendations from MBA students who have
         diverse skills, leading-edge knowledge, broad backgrounds, and business experience within
         leading Asian companies.

     •   MAP teams incorporate analytical tools and methods used at the ross school of Business
         that are not often available within sponsoring organizations.

     •   MAP sponsors have an opportunity to further their relationship with the ross school through
         additional partnering programs.

     •   MAP involves minimal cost for the sponsoring organization.

 Since 1992, Ross MAP teams
        have completed nearly
  1,340 projects for more than
                             675 organizations.
Real Solutions                                                                                      Other Recent
                                                                                                    Project Sponsors
                                                                                                    3A sA (switzerland)
                                                                                                    3M co.
map success                                                                                         A & d technology inc.
                                                                                                    American restaurants (ukraine)
3A SA – Geneva                                                                                      Avon Gear co.
The MAP team was asked to develop an entry strategy into Asia, specifically Japan and Korea.        conergy
3A recently acquired a related company in Hong Kong and looked to the team’s knowledge and
                                                                                                    delphi china
experience in the financial industry to better understand the markets. For two weeks the team
                                                                                                    denso international
conducted research in Japan and Korea and then traveled to Geneva to complete their research.
The team delivered their final recommendations to senior management in Geneva.                      diamond lease (china)
                                                                                                    eastman Kodak co.
A & D Technology Inc. – Ann Arbor, Mich.                                                            Faurecia
A & D Technology asked its MAP team to analyze the challenges and opportunities associated          Ford Motor co.
with expanding four business segments to emerging markets. The team separated into two units        Fulton innovation
for maximum coverage of current and potential clients in both India and China. The students
                                                                                                    Global technology Ventures inc.
gathered data, conducted interviews, and researched strategic options to make recommendations
                                                                                                    Hyundai-Kia America
for enhancing the four segments.
                                                                                                     technical center
                                                                                                    Hyundai de Mexico
Ford Motor Co. – Dearborn, Mich.
In today’s flexible computing environment, Ford charged its MAP team with identifying strategies    Hyundai oilbank co. ltd.
and techniques to improve business effectiveness while meeting employee expectations in             Hyundai translead
terms of social networking. The team leveraged primary and secondary research to develop            iMrA America inc.
recommendations. Their findings may be incorporated into an internally focused business strategy.   Merrill lynch & co. inc.
                                                                                                    MPs Group inc.
Hyundai Translead – San Diego, Calif.                                                               northern corridor implementation
The Hyundai Translead team was challenged with creating a marketing and sales strategy for new       Authority (Malaysia)
products. After conducting interviews and collecting data, the students returned to Ann Arbor to
                                                                                                    northwest Airlines
finalize research and formulate recommendations. Hyundai’s management team traveled to Ross
                                                                                                    Panasonic corp. of north America
for the final presentation of the MAP team’s implementation-ready proposal.
                                                                                                    the PBsj corp.
Northern Corridor Implementation Authority – Malaysia                                               Posco (Korea)
The Northern Corridor Implementation Authority, responsible for generating economic growth          QAd inc.
in northern Malaysia, engaged its MAP team to conduct a feasibility study and prepare a             ross controls
comprehensive business plan for potential investors interested in establishing a presence in the    samsung electronics latin
region. The team spent two weeks in Malaysia conducting on-site interviews and research before        America (Brazil)
returning to Ann Arbor to complete their analysis.                                                  sumitomo life insurance (japan)
                                                                                                    trW Automotive Holdings corp.
Uniplen Industria de Polimeros Ltda. – Sao Paulo
                                                                                                    unicoba (Brazil)
Uniplen charged its MAP team with increasing efficiency in their plant and proposing a new cost
accounting method. Data and resources were collected and analyzed during the team’s four-week       uniplen industria de
                                                                                                     Polimeros ltda. (Brazil)
stay in Brazil. As recommendations for improvements in scheduling and inventory management
were finalized, the team developed a cost accounting model and implementation plans.                Valassis
                                                                                                    Valspar corp.
                                                                                                    Visteon corp.
the map process
We look for challenging projects with no simple solution. MAP projects are            What makes a good
multidisciplinary and may cover a range of business issues, from developing a         MAP proposal?
market entry strategy in India to prioritizing critical water issues and resources
in China. They may be domestic, international, corporate, entrepreneurial, or         •   it addresses a real challenge or
nonprofit. The most important features of a strong MAP proposal are, first, that it        opportunity that has no existing or
be important to the sponsoring organization and, second, that it require actionable        obvious solution.
recommendations.                                                                      •   it has strong support from senior-
                                                                                           level management.
We begin reviewing proposals in January and conclude our review in March.             •   it requires a multidisciplinary
While the deadline for submitting a MAP proposal is March 5, we strongly                   approach.
encourage prospective sponsors to submit proposals as early as possible. Early        •   it may be completed in seven weeks.
submission provides time for a collaborative review to ensure that the proposal       •   it demands a set of actionable
meets the objectives of the school and the sponsoring organization. We notify              recommendations.
sponsors of acceptance in mid-March, and we assign students to teams by the
end of March. Project execution begins May 10, 2010.

                                                                                      Sponsor responsibilities
hoW to apply                                                                          •   Provide two dedicated and engaged
1. Visit the MAP website at           project liaisons, and an executive
  to obtain information and the project proposal form.                                    sponsor.
2. Email the completed proposal to by March 5, 2010.                •   Provide relevant data, which may be
                                                                                          proprietary, to the MAP team.
                                                                                          Arrange for the MAP team to
                                                                                          interview key personnel.
Please direct your questions to                                                       •   Provide workspace and appropriate
linda lillemoen, Program Manager                                                          business and communications
email:                                                                  equipment.
                                                                                      •   reimburse project-related expenses,
Phone: 734-764-6411                                                                       including travel, for the MAP team.
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