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									                         Order Form / Tax Invoice
                          for Community Kitchens Resources

                                       ABN 26 4861 89336
         Resources available for order           Cost (inc. GST)       No. required        Subtotal
 The ‘How to’ Manual is a step-by-step guide
  to assist agencies and individuals to set up       $22.00
         and run Community Kitchens.
  The DVD is a promotional tool that explains
  the Community Kitchens concept and how
  Community Kitchens work. It also includes
    chapters covering the training modules;          $22.00
  Nutrition, Kitchen Safety, Budgeting, Food
  Safety and Group Facilitation. (Approx total
              running time 58 min)
                                                               Add postage (if required)    $6.55
                                                                         TOTAL COST
                                   Total GST. Please complete! (Total cost ÷ 11)
Method of Payment:
     Cheque             Credit                     Visa               Mastercard             Bankcard

                                   Credit card no.: _________________________ Expiry date: ______
Please address cheques to:
Peninsula Health Community         Signature: ______________________________________________
Health - Frankston
Please complete your details:
Name: _________________________________________________________________________
Position: _______________________________________________________________________
Organisation: ____________________________________________________________________
Mailing Address: _________________________________________________________________
Suburb: _______________________________________ State: _________ Postcode: ________
Phone: ___________________ Email: _______________________________________________

Which statement best describes your current interest in Community Kitchens?
     I intend to start one or more Community Kitchens in my local area
     I intend to provide resources and equip others to start Community Kitchens
     I am just interested in the Community Kitchens concept and want to find out more

      Please keep a copy of this order form as a tax invoice, and return a completed form to:
   Josh Pereira                                           Please direct enquiries about resources to Josh
   Community Kitchens Project Officer                     Pereira:
   Peninsula Health Community Health -                    Email: jpereira@phcn.vic.gov.au
   Frankston                                              Phone: (03) 9784 8582
   PO BOX 52                                              Fax: (03) 9784 8149
   Frankston, VIC 3199

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