ST Form II Application for Sales Tax Exemption on by by654321


									                                                                                                ST Form - II
                   Application for Sales Tax Exemption on Goods & Commodities

Ref. No.:                                                      Date:

1.  Applicant Details:                                  2.    Exempt Organisation/Project Details:
Name        :                                           Name        :
TPN/CID/PP No. :                                        Entity Code :
Designation :                                           Type        :
Organisation :                                          Address     :
Address      :
                                                        Source of Funding  :
Phone/Fax No.:                                          Date of Commencement:
3. Type of Import/Purchases:                            4.     Purpose of Import/Purchases:
   (Please Tick )                                              Bhutanese Organisation/Agency
   Equipment                                                   Foreign Diplomatic Mission
   Motor Vehicle                                               International Organisation
   Raw-Material                                                Privileged Personal/individual
   Plant & Machinery                                           Manufacturing Unit
   Personal Effects                                            Public Interest
   General Goods/Commodities                                   Project
   Others:                                                     Service Unit
   Remarks:                                                    Others:
5. Country of Origin of Goods:                         6.    Supplier Details
   Bhutan                                               Name           :                                    .
   India                                                Address        :                                    .
   Third Country      :                          .      Invoice No.    :                                    .
*Entry Point to Bhutan:                          .      Invoice Date :                                      .

7. Import/Purchase Details
Sl. No. BTC Code Commodity Description                   Unit      Quantity   Currency    Value/Amount

  i. Details of imports/purchases must be entered as per Performa invoice/bills.
 ii. Following documents must be enclosed and should bear ref. no./dt. of application and name/signature
     of the applicant. (Please Tick relevant )
      a.     Three copies of original bill(s)/ invoice(s) attested by the name & signature of the Project
          Coordinator or competent authority as entered above.
      b.     Bill of Quantity (BOQ) in case of project related imports/ purchases.
      c.     Undertaking Note (GP Form II) affix with legal stamp must be enclosed.
      d.     Utilization Statement (ST Form V) for P&M/RM.

                                                             (Signature, Name & Designation of Applicant)

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