Medical Marijuana Collective Agreement - Download as DOC by by654321


           Medical Marijuana Collective Agreement

Pursuant to California Health and Safety Code § 11362.775

I, _______________________________, hereby certify that I am a qualified patient
suffering from serious medical condition(s) and have obtained a recommendation or
approval from a licensed physician in the State of California to use medical cannabis
(marijuana) for treatment of my medical condition(s). By signing below I agree;
(a) Not to distribute marijuana received from the collective to non-members.
(b) Not to use the marijuana received from the collective for other than medical purposes.
A copy of my recommendation may be attached hereto.

As a qualified medical marijuana patient under California law, I choose to associate
collectively with Creative Care Collective to cultivate marijuana for medical purposes.
All members of the medical marijuana collective will contribute labor, funds, or
materials, and all will receive medicine. This collective was formed in accordance with
California Health and Safety Code § 11362.775, which states:

       “Qualified patients, persons with valid identification cards, and the
       designated primary caregivers of qualified patients and persons with
       identification cards, who associate within the State of California in order
       collectively or cooperatively to cultivate marijuana for medical purposes,
       shall not solely on the basis of that fact be subject to state criminal sanctions
       under Section 11357, 11358, 11359, 11360, 11366, 11366.5, or 11570.”

According to San Diego County guidelines, one (1) patient may cultivate at least Six (6)
mature plants or twelve (12) immature plants and possess at least eight (8) oz. of
processed medicine.

This agreement shall be in effect as of (DATE)__________________.

Patient Name (print clearly)

Patient Signature


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