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									                      How Do Kids Make Money?
 There are so many different ways to make money to start or help support an acting
career. Getting a regular job is fast becoming an old way of looking at how to make
money. Lots of people do it right from home in a lot of different ways, but many of those
ways include using the internet and making money using a computer.
<> There are people making a lot of
money. I mean a lot. And there are people making just a little
If you really want to know how kids make money and you want to do the same, I would
seriously think of the easiest way to make money on the internet, which is to build your
own website.

That might sound difficult, but even a teenager can do it. You need 3 things.
1. A true, deep, meaningful passion from some topic. The passion has to be so strong that
you think about it all the time, you think about things you want to know more about with
regard to that subject, things you know and would like to share, ideas you want to give to
                     others. Whatever the topic is, it has to drive you!

2. The ability to write and type on a computer keyboard reasonably well. You guessed it.
You need to write about your passion continuously. Hit it from all different angles, ways,
   shapes and forms. Upside down, backwards and forwards. You need to write short
                                 articles about your topic.

3. You need a good website or rather a good system that will help you to build a website
even if you don’t know anything about it. It’s a lot easier than you think. To have a good
website, it will need to have a series of characteristics that are very important if you really
                                      want this to work.

 Lots of kids make money all the time by using this system. So how do you make money
   by having a website and what’s so easy about it? To learn more about how kids make
  money, have a look at this page that tells you what the characteristics are that your site
 needs to have for you to get started. <
We started looking at how kids can make money relatively easily to fund their acting
career or for any other reason in Part I of this series of articles
<>. We talked about building
a website, which is a lot easier now more than ever, even for people or kids that have no
idea of where to start. It’s easy to learn and much of building a website today is
automated. If you can use a computer, use programs like Microsoft Word and can write
reasonably well, you can do it too!
Below, I will tell you the 11 things that your website and/or the system that you use to
build it should have. You can then take this information and use it if you want to tell
others how kids can make money.
1. You need a good system that allows you to build a good site in a step-by-step manner
in blocks. <> That means that you don't
need to know computer language like html or how to build web pages. All you need to do
is write, copy and paste. In some cases you might need to learn how to use an html editor,
but it is very similar to using microsoft word. Uploading the pages is then very, very,
very, very, very easy.

2. The system you use must also teach you how to effectively build web pages so that you
get traffic to your site and lots of it organically, which means without having to pay for it.

3. If the same system will host your website, that is great. There are systems out there that
do that.

4. The system you use must also automatically submit your site to the search engines.

How Kids Can Make Money (Part II)

5. You will also want a website building system that teaches you step by step how to
actually go about building the site and gives you, if possible, video classes with
documents to support you if you would rather read.

6. If the system you use also has a forum that is very active and that you can always go to
for advice from others who are at the same stages of building their sites or from people
who are further along and can help you because they have already solved the problem that
you are having. The forum should be a place that you can go to for help and advice, that
has a lot of people on it all the time and that has people on it that can really help you.

7. You want a system that will not cost you an arm and a leg. You shouldn't need to spend
any more than $25 per month for all the things I’m listing on this page.

8. You will also want that same system to teach you different ways how to monetize your
website that is getting a lot of traffic.

9. The system you use should also give you advice and access to other products that will
enhance your online business if you so desire. The great thing about this is that since the
rest of the system works so well, you know that anything else they recommend must also
work really well. That keeps you from having to look around the internet and figure out
whom you can trust and whom you can't.

10. You will also want the system to give you good, reliable, detailed statistics so that you
know how profitable each of the pages is that you build.

11. One of the most important things that your system should have is a top-level keyword
search tool. The system you use to build your site should give you a good idea before you
build a page about how much traffic you will receive for that particular page. This way
you don't waste time. You know that when you build a new page, it will definitely get
traffic! That’s cool. There are a lot of people out there who have websites and don’t know
how to do that.

You can become an expert at how kids can make money and it's really a lot easier than
you might think! A lot of adults don't even know this. If you are really interested in how
kids can make money, I would recommend that the system you use have all those
characteristics. <> If it does and you are
passionate and know how to write, then there is no doubt in my mind that you will
definitely make money...almost as much or as little as you want.
How can kids make money? (Part III)

How can kids make money so they can become more independent, don’t have to rely on
their parents so much, so they can have their own money to, in this case, start their acting
careers? Or what if you are a young adult and just want to have some extra money? It’s
simple. This is part III of the series on how kids and teens can make money using the
internet. Millions of people around the world are doing it and it really works, IF you have
what it takes. Have a look at the first two articles in this series. After you read them, this
page you are on currently will make more sense.

Here’s how you can get started, step-by-step.

First of all:

1. Identify the area that you are passionate about. As I said, it has to be something that
you always want to talk about for example, always want to learn about, that you would be
willing to share information about, that you always think about, that you can't wait to read
something about. It has to be really strong, otherwise you will never make it past this first

2. Sit down and make a list of at least 50 different how-to type topics around your area of
interest. For example if your area of interest is Solving Teen Problems, some of the
topics you might list could be how to:

- decide what you want to do when you graduate from high school
- balance studying for exams and having fun
- get around if you don't have a license
- get your driver's license in record time
- make money as a teenager
- know who is really your friend and who is not
- choose the right college for you
- decide if college is right for you
- to talk on the phone as much as you want without spending a fortune
- get your parents to support your decisions
- set up a myspace account
- use facebook to make friends
- become famous
- get discovered
- convince your parents to support you
- get your parents to like your boyfriend
- take a really cool vacation without spending a lot of money
- keep your parents off your back
- make sure you stay away from drugs
Or you could write other kinds of pages about:
- teen idols
- how to become a teen star
- teen forums on the internet
- typical boy problems and how to solve them
- teenage movie stars

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