Award Of Outstanding Achievement

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					           Award Of Outstanding Achievement

Award Criteria

  Demonstrate a variety of innovative and successful inclusive marketing
  Demonstrate effective sustainable partnership work with consideration to
  an inclusive environment
  Create inclusive environments improving year on year
  Adopt a proactive approach to developing inclusive sports opportunities,
  meeting the needs of the community
  Achieve above and beyond the IFI’s requirements, adopting policies and
  procedures throughout the entire facility ensuring these are adhered to
  A forefront leader and example of good practice for the Health and Fitness
  Industry to aspire to

Please detail in the space provided (1000 words maximum), the reasons for
nomination, include as much information as you feel relevant to the awards
panel when addressing the above criteria. If you have any supporting evidence
please provide this with your completed application.

Why the facility should receive this award?
Award Of Outstanding Achievement
              Award Of Outstanding Achievement

Thank you, for completing the IFI Award Facility Nomination Form.
Please return all completed forms to the IFI Head Office:
For The Attention of Gemma Vessey
IFI c/o MLS Ltd
04 Park Square
Newton Chambers Road
S35 2PH

Fax: 0114 2570664

Deadline for nominations is 12noon on Friday 24th October 2008