The Greens Report November 2009 by n1884


									The Greens Report November 2009

There have been quite a variety of happenings and events since the last
newsletter, what with storm and tempest, heavy rain and flooding, then
hot sunny days to push the growth along. We soon learn about the growth
when unfortunate enough to get into the rough, I mean, that is after finding the
ball. But all of that is now behind us, the fairways are firming up to
allow a little more run and the mowers are finally (almost) keeping up with
the growth. Conditions obviously haven't been all that bad when looking at
scores through the winter months. After those couple of extreme weeks the
course has handled the conditions very well indeed.

Greens renovation this year was in the form of scarifying and then
vertidraining. Vertidraining is a process whereby tynes about 8" long are
driven into the green through the level normally reached by coring. (Coring
only reached about 2") This aerates the green as well as helping the
surface of the green to drain. The benefit should be noticed through the
wetter months when the green will not become so sodden. The immediate
benefit was during the renovation and recovery time of the greens. They
were playable (??) immediately and had fully recovered in less than three

As if you need telling, but the rabbits are back. Tony (Elmer Fudd) Miller
has taken on the task of their eradication but this takes time for the
greedy little buggers to get into enough carrots be noticeable on the ground.
Keep up the good work Tony.

I was away for a couple of months and during that time Captain "Nuggett"
wore two hats and consequently spent most of life around the Club. Thanks

Some kind and helpful souls (and I believe them to be members) are
exhibiting their dislike of trees around the course by damaging and
destroying them. It is generally felt not only by the Committee but by all
members that should anyone be caught it will be recommended they be expelled
from the Club for evermore. Vandalism of any sort around the place will
not and cannot be tolerated. On the subject of damage --- stubby caps
around the course are another serious no no as the mowers really do not like
them. New rubbish bins are provided around the course so please use them.
We don't want to get to the situation where stubbies are banned from the
course so a little thought will go a long way to looking after our expensive

With the festive season just around the corner I would like to extend to
everyone a happy Christmas and a very bright and prosperous New Year. The
Club will be receiving an early present in the form of a new fairway mower
which is sorely needed to replace the faithful slow old green Ransom.
Michelle has enough to do without spending 4 - 5 hours mowing fairways when
a new machine will cut that time dramatically. Again another reason to give
some thought to the stubbie tops.
Tim Barnard

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