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									Project Acronym:

Project Title:             Mobile Adaptive Procedure

Contract Number:                       46257

Starting date: January 2nd 2008    Ending date: December 31st 2010

Deliverable Number:                         D.7.3.1

Title of the Deliverable:                   Project Milestone Review Report N1
Task/WP related to the Deliverable:         WP6

Type (Internal or Restricted or Public):    Public

Author(s):                                  Giovanni Caligo

Partner(s) Contributing:                    All

Contractual Date of Delivery to the CEC:    31/09/2008

Actual Date of Delivery to the CEC:         31/10/2008

                               Project Co-ordinator

       Company name:                  Siemens IT Solutions and Services
       Name of representative:        Roberto Donnini
       Address:                       Via Carlo Veneziani, 56 – 00148 Roma, Italy
       Phone number:                  +39 06 54578477
       Fax number:                    +39 06 54578692
       Project WEB site address:
eTEN Project 046257 – MAP ID

Revision Log

Version log         Description                       Date
1                   Final version                     31/10/2008

Distribution List

Partner             Name                    Copy
SIE                 Roberto Donnini         Master
MIN                 Maurizio Bruschi        Copy
LIV                 Rossella Del Forno      Copy
RL                  Fabrizio Rusca          Copy
SCMC                Pierre Duran            Copy
CG24                Jose Gavilan            Copy

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eTEN Project 046257 – MAP ID

Table of contents
  Revision Log                                                                 2 
  Distribution List                                                            2 
  Table of contents                                                            3 
Part A.  Project Self-assessment Summary                                       4 
  A1      Objectives                                                           4 
  A2      Validation Results                                                   4 
  A3      Partners’ Commitment to Deployment                                   4 
Part B.  Assessment of work done                                               5 
  B.1  Major Validation Achievements                                          5 
     Italian Ministry of Interior, Fire Departments                           5 
     Livorno Municipality                                                     6 
     CG24                                                                     7 
     Regione Lazio, ARES 118                                                  8 
  B.2  Major Shortcomings                                                    10 
  B.3  Changes to Original Plan                                              10 
Part C.  Remaining work to be done                                           11 
Part D.  Plans for implementation and deployment                             12 
  D.1  The Services                                                          12 
    D1.1  Services that will be provided including the information
             content                                                         12 
    Italian Ministry of Interior, Fire Departments                           12 
    Livorno Municipality                                                     13 
    CG24                                                                     14 
    Regione Lazio, ARES 118                                                  14 
  D.2  The Market                                                            15 
    D2.1  Business Model                                                     15 
    D2.2 Pricing                                                             16 
  D.3  Key Actors                                                            16 
    D3.1  Key actors (public and private) needed to deploy and
             operate the services                                            16 
    D3.2  Trans-European Dimension                                           16 
    D3.3  Planned initiatives to prepare deployment                          17 

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eTEN Project 046257 – MAP ID


A1      Objectives
Civil Security, Social Services and Citizen Relationship services are those perceived as
the most sensitive in terms of impact on citizen’s quality of life. This is a common fac-
tor among all countries involved in this project that, therefore, shares the common ob-
jective to increase quality and quantity of services delivered to citizens.
The advantages given by MAP services from a beneficiary point of view are:

a) From the civil servant/public employee one:
   1. To augment the access to knowledge, therefore improving the quality of work
      and efficiency accelerating the handling times of issues coming for the citizens.
   2. To accumulate, extend and save knowledge in order to help the other employees
      in the organization in servicing and seconding citizens needs.

b) From the citizen one:
   1. To benefit for the capitalisation of experiences and knowledge characterising
      MAP services that allow to obtain information concerning or related to his spe-
      cific situation.
   2. To have the perception of a managed but transparent professional service.

A2      Validation Results
The project is just started and therefore the validation process has to go on.
In the deliverable D3.1 "Evaluation methodology definition and criteria in each site" it
has been defined a model of assessment based on a card that appears as a fully struc-
tured grid, with evaluation where possible quantitative otherwise only qualitative, which
through a system of indicators aims to provide designers with the feedback necessary to
improve and/or correct the various parts of the project.
D3.1 has been released and will drive the validation.

A3      Partners’ Commitment to Deployment
Until now the number of roll-out sites that have been set-up and the feedback and ap-
preciation collected already in this first phase have strengthened most of partners' com-
mitment to proceed with the deployment of MAP services.
French partners have confirmed (SB02 in Livorno) that a previously not considered op-
portunity of deployment is, also in France, the Firemen Departments. They are now un-
der the direct responsibility of CGs and districts stand-alone initiatives are not possible.

The figures in the Consolidated Business Model deliverable (D1.1) – not considering
the data collected in the market analysis carried out during the previous eTen MAP
Market Validation project – demonstrate (confirm) that there is the real opportunity to
enter the market, of course tailoring the service according to each national market and
each specific market sector (analysed in D1.1) needs.

D7.3.1 Project Milestone Review Report N1                                        Page 4 of 17
eTEN Project 046257 – MAP ID


B.1     Major Validation Achievements
The MAP ID Technical Annex establishes the criteria that has to be met for go/no go

"Set-up of 4 rollout sites upon 5 foreseen full in place in sense of 50% of the services
ready to be provided. A delay of maximum six month in the set-up of one site for exter-
nal reason it is considered acceptable".

The MAP Consortium reaches Milestone 1 having out-performed with 14 sites in-
stalled and running. Therefore the go/no go flag turns decidedly to "go".

Deliverable D.3.2 "Report on the implemented protocols during the rollout" contains in-
formation about the sites roll/out and adaptation activities (protocols and services).

Italian Ministry of Interior, Fire Departments
The following table summarizes the start-up status of planned roll-out sites for the Fire

  START UP       Emergenza         TLC      N.B.C.R.    Prevenzione      Patrimonio
                 Emergency                               Prevention       artistico
                                                                      Cultural Heritage
  Roma               YES           YES        YES       Scheduled           -----

  Siena              YES          -----       -----     Scheduled           YES

  Firenze            YES           YES      Scheduled   Scheduled           -----

  Milano             YES           YES      Scheduled   Scheduled           -----

  Torino             YES           YES      Scheduled   Scheduled           -----

  L’Aquila           YES          -----       -----     Scheduled           -----

  Venezia            YES           YES        YES       Scheduled           -----

  Padova             YES          -----       -----     Scheduled           -----

  Napoli             YES           YES      Scheduled   Scheduled           -----

  Grosseto           YES          -----       -----     Scheduled           -----

  Catania         Scheduled        YES      Scheduled   Scheduled           -----

D7.3.1 Project Milestone Review Report N1                                     Page 5 of 17
eTEN Project 046257 – MAP ID

Completed tasks for the following Commands are:

    •     Firenze                           1. Start-up meeting on place.
    •     Grosseto                          2. Configuration, network checking
    •     L’Aquila                             and other technical issues.
                                            3. Users list definition and MAP
    •     Milano                               account creation.
    •     Napoli                            4. Service Managers and Experts
    •     Padova                               definition and MAP accounts
    •     Roma
                                            5. Training session of: users, SMs,
    •     Torino                               Exs.
    •     Siena                             6. New local service definition.
                                            7. Service’s content collection and
    •     Venezia

•       Infrastructure in place, services on-line except speech
•       1st round on pilot site almost completed
•       All devices available (mobile PCs, no PDAs) and personnel trained

Evidently Italian Fire Departments take full advantage of having been involved in all
the previous projects (IST and eTen Market Validation): they already have a very clear
view of MAP deployment in their national organisation, to exploit its full power.

Actions ongoing in started rollout sites are:

•       Survey and data collection of Local and General information.
•       Process definition to transform the information from Local into General relevance.
•       Adequacy of Local and Central information archives.
•       Definitions of procedures to transform big documents to be usable with PDA.
•       Distribution of PDA and activation of SIM.
•       Assignment of functions to all the Local and Central staff.

Livorno Municipality
Livorno local police has started the first experiences on the ground. Positive outcomes
already collected regard:

•       Communication service
•       Sending and receiving photos and general data
•       Services’ research facility

D7.3.1 Project Milestone Review Report N1                                        Page 6 of 17
eTEN Project 046257 – MAP ID

55 are the mobile users; 15 the users in the offices (desktops).

Also Livorno Municipality Local Police is proceeding with a very clear view of MAP
deployment in their national organisation having been involved in the previous eTen
Market Validation project (and also in the previous IST project by way of the Citizens
Relationship Office).

A problem has been evidenced, related to connection (lack of full signal coverage).

•   Infrastructure in place, basic services on-line except speech and specific applications
•   Services identified, personnel trained
•   Mobile devices available and installed

In Dordogne has been defined the plan for an early MAP deployment through two

•   A first phase where to roll out the deployment on all the social centres all over the
    Department. This will lead to the connection of 25 sites, such as Territorial Units
    and Medical-Centres, to MAP portal.
•   A second phase which rely on the MAP platform, based on the initial established
    model to roll out the MAP solution all over the geographical area of the Dordogne
    Department, including the extension to others services such as Transportation, Mu-
    nicipality, etc.

In term of economic assumptions for the Dordogne, MAP will offer to the public agents
(such as the employees of the Social sector), a perennial solution of the information sys-
tem at a lower cost comparing to what exists.

•   In local socio-medical centres and Territorial Units:
        E-procedures: MAP must allow a faster access to information (actual decision-
        making system is often too slow, with only few databases) and the matching of
        the needs with the covered subjects will be optimized.
        E-Learning: the knowledge transfer will be reinforced, with a good optimization.
        Third level of Support.

•   At Administrative level, in General council Directorate:
       A customized Workflow Management System, supporting dynamic changes of
       The managing of a strong content through adapted processes into a specific envi-
       ronment where flexibility is a must.
       MAP will also provide E-procedures: the feedback from public agents and citi-
       zens will be facilitated and the matching of the answers with the common sub-
       jects and requests will be optimized.
       Third level of Support

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eTEN Project 046257 – MAP ID

The General Council of Dordogne will consider the return of the investment by a simple
way: not to be calculated as a traditional ROI, but to provide an improvement in terms
of social workers efficiency, allowing them to gain about one week in the treatment of
citizens’ files.

CG24 has evidenced the need of some adaptations of the MAP platform to specific
needs of their organisation.

MAP will be operational in the mid of November, to begin also dissemination.
Studies on the Application of MAP in overall CG24 Services are began.
Presentation to the CG24 Managing Directors are planned in the mid-October and with
President of General Council of Dordogne in the beginning of 2009.

•    Infrastructure in place, platform installed
•    Adaptations requested, due to specific needs

Regione Lazio, ARES 118
Planned deployment will involve the following nine 118 Operation Centres:

1.   Regional
2.   Roma Capital
3.   Roma Provincial
4.   Frosinone
5.   Rieti

D7.3.1 Project Milestone Review Report N1                                   Page 8 of 17
eTEN Project 046257 – MAP ID

6.   Viterbo
7.   Latina
8.   Elisoccorso (Helicopter Rescue)
9.   Continuità Assistenziale (Rescue Community)

Started roll-out sites are:

•    Regional
•    Roma Capital
•    Roma Provincial

To the original planned list has been added another site:

•    Emergency Medical Service

Services are hosted on an infrastructure provided by an industrial partner.
Training is ongoing.

Tasks completed at Milestone 1 are:

•    Collection of Local and General information.
•    First upload of Local or General contents (data and information).
•    Analysis and definition of procedures to collect the contents.
•    Adaptation of contents to a MAP content model.
•    Training for the first three Operative Centres (1 DG - 2 CO).
•    Activation of MAP for 60 (sixty) desktop final users.
•    Role assignment to all the Local Community staff.
•    Collection of contents coming from specialized areas.

The ongoing actions are:

•    Data collection of Local and General information.
•    Process definition to transform the information from Local into General relevance.
•    Adaptation of Local and Central information archives.
•    Analysis and definition of procedures to transform big documents to be usable with
•    Distribution of PDAs and activation of SIMs.
•    Role assignment to all the Local Community staff.
•    Collection of contents coming from the specialized areas.

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eTEN Project 046257 – MAP ID

B.2     Major Shortcomings
The major shortcoming has been met by CG24: the installation of the MAP platform
has been postponed due to the unpredictable bankruptcy of their provider of the servers.
To manage a new bid has taken a lot of time.

B.3     Changes to Original Plan
At the moment, since the project is progressing according to schedule, no changes to
original plan are needed.

D7.3.1 Project Milestone Review Report N1                                   Page 10 of 17
eTEN Project 046257 – MAP ID


The MAP ID project has reached Milestone 1 and is proceeding according to schedule.
Now it enters the activities that according to TA will lead to Milestone 2.

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eTEN Project 046257 – MAP ID


D.1     The Services

D1.1    Services that will be provided including the information content
Deliverable D.2.1 "Service Level Agreement Report" defines the relationship between
two parties: the provider and the recipient of MAP services.

Deliverable D.2.3 "Harmonisation, Interoperability and Standard" prepares the deploy-
ment phase of the services. As a consequence it describes how the varying use scenarios
at the test sites (as described in D1.1 MAP Business Model) can be harmonized in order
to limit the number of MAP services variants that will be needed to cover the entire

Italian Ministry of Interior, Fire Departments
The application domains for Fire Brigades are the following:

1. Emergency procedures management.
   • Hazardous substances management.
   • Management of NBCR, Nuclear, Bacteriology, Chemical and Radiation, events.
   • Management of specific events involving cultural heritage.

2. Fire prevention domain and Fire Prevention Certificate “C.P.I.” release
3. Telecommunication Centre management and maintenance

The Fire Brigade organization has been distinguished into Communities operating on
different levels:

•   Each Provincial Command Control is defined as a Local Community.
•   Each Central Organization (NBCR, Emergency, Telecommunications, Fire Preven-
    tion and Cultural Heritage) is defined as a Central Community.

Information related each Community are distinguished as:

•   General information shared between all the Local Community.
•   Local information shared only between the members of each Local Community.
•   Information of each Central Community NBCR, Emergency, Telecommunications,
    Fire Prevention, Cultural Heritage shared only between the members of each Central

Users in Local Communities can cooperate with their own Service Managers.
Central Communities can cooperate with the Local Communities offering specialized
operational support.

D7.3.1 Project Milestone Review Report N1                                    Page 12 of 17
eTEN Project 046257 – MAP ID

If necessary, Service Managers of each Local Community can cooperate with the Ser-
vice Managers of the other Communities and represent the bridge-cooperation between
all the Communities.

Livorno Municipality
The Figure below depicts the services that are provided by the local policemen through
MAP mobile devices:

       CAR PARK                DRIVEWAY            PUBLIC GROUND

                                                             REGISTER CAR
    OFFICE SERVICE                   MAP

          MUNICIPAL                                        MUNICIPAL 
                                MUNICIPAL                                    CITIZEN
          TELEPHONE                                        NEWS

•    Livorno register of births
•    Register of Car Permissions for down town access
•    Municipality decrees and documents
•    Tourist information
•    Car park permissions
•    Municipality phonebook
•    Municipality news

According to Police operators, the new opportunity of keeping a constant contact be-
tween the operator working “on the field” and the operations centre allows:

•    To reduce the reaction time in emergency.
•    To refine the management of problems related to the urban road network.
•    To improve the quality and quantity of services provided to the resident and not
•    Generally, to increase the level of the service with a positive relapse on the image of
     the whole Municipality.

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eTEN Project 046257 – MAP ID

It is confirmed the plan to deploy MAP in every site as detailed in the TA, mainly for
the Social Workers (users are ready, with a good knowledge and skill on MAP use).

                               Les Unités Territoriales D'Action Sanitaire et Sociale          NONTRON

        Res ponsable :                                                                      Respons able :
        Mm e Christine                                                                     M. J F BAUDELIN
     COQ-M OUTAWAKKIL                                                                    Res ponsable Adjoint :
     Res ponsable Adjoint :                                                               M. Bernard Bazine t
       M. Yvon Caulie r
                                                                                        Place du cham ps de Foire
       12 cours Fènelon                                                                     24 300 NONTRON
       24 000 Périgueux                                                                    Tel :
      Tel :

                                                                                             Respons able :
        Respons able :
                                                                                        Mm e Anne Marie De Marco
      M. Hervé CHESNAIS
                                                                                         Res pons able Adjoint :
     Res ponsable Adjoint :
                                                                                        Mm e Karine SOBLAWOSKY
    Mm e Josiane Cordonnier
                                                                                             Place de L'Eglis e
      12, cours Fènelon
                                                                                             24 390 Hautefort
       24 000 Périgue ux
                                                                                            Tel :
      Tel :

        Respons able :
      Mm e Carline Capelle                                                                   Res ponsable :
     Res ponsable Adjoint :                                                               Mm e MichÞle Junqua
                                                                                          Res pons able Adjoint :
                                                                                           Mm e Nicole Bryard
      Place Woodbridge
       24 400 M ussidan                                                                    Le Colom bier-BP 91
      Tel :                                                                    24 203 Sarlat
                                                                                           Tel :

        Respons able :
       M. Patr ick Pe rrin                                                                     Res pons able :
     Respons able Adjoint :                                                                Mm e Pas cale Caquant
    Mm e Corinne AUBINEAU                                                                  Res ponsable Adjoint :
                                                                                         Mm e Anne Marie HOCHEDEZ
      7, rue de s Fontaine s
         24 100 Bergerac                                                                    27, Avenue de Verdun
      Tel :                                                                  24101 Berge rac Cedex
                                                                                             Tel :

Regione Lazio, ARES 118
The organizational model of ARES 118 has been structured into Communities operating
at provincial or regional level:

•    Each Emergency Operations Centre will be considered as a Local Community.
•    The Emergency Medical Service will be considered as Local community.
•    Other not-provincial departments (i.e. General Directorate) can be connected to the
     MAP community.

Each Local Community will have its local contents. A set of contents will be shared
among the Local Communities in a Common Area.
The Best Practices of each Community will be accessible to that Community only.

The cooperation rules will be the same provided by MAP:

1. At login time, users will be automatically addressed to their Local Community and
   they can operate inside the Local Community
2. Users of Local Communities can cooperate with their own Service Managers and
   Experts or among the Local Community users.

D7.3.1 Project Milestone Review Report N1                                                          Page 14 of 17
eTEN Project 046257 – MAP ID

Services provided by ARES 118 are:

•   Pharmaceutical Handbook
•   Evidence Based Handbook
•   Clinical Protocols
•   Rescue Protocols
•   Rescue Guidelines
•   Risk management Guidelines
•   Hazardous Substances - NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and
•   Equipment Tutorials

D.2     The Market

D2.1    Business Model
MAP Business Model is reported in the deliverable D1.1 "Consolidated Business

The approach refers to a Business Model template based on four domains outlined by

•   Civil Security
•   Regional Services
•   General Council
•   Municipalities

D7.3.1 Project Milestone Review Report N1                              Page 15 of 17
eTEN Project 046257 – MAP ID

D2.2 Pricing
The deliverable D.2.2 "Pricing schema in every deployment site v1" is devoted to this

Under examination:

•   Product strategy
        Bundling, Unbundling
•   Price strategy
        Cost plus
        Break even price

Pricing requirements are:

•   Detailed cost and investment structure (assets)
•   Profit Margin definition
•   Competitors price analysis

D.3     Key Actors

D3.1    Key actors (public and private) needed to deploy and operate the services
Main MAP stakeholders are:

Users and beneficiaries      Public Administrations; public and private bodies, citizens
Influences                   European Commission, international conference organizers.
Providers                    Project partners (actual and potential) and subcontractors.
Institutions                 Local, Regional and National Authorities; European Com-
                             mission (members and functionaries of the eTen programme).
Media                        Local, interested in facts having a direct relapse on local
                             communities and national, interested mainly to the aspects of
                             technological innovation.

D3.2    Trans-European Dimension
In the first months two different kinds of analysis have been carried out:

•   An on-going study of the most common administrative procedures and information
    that Local and Regional governments deal with in their front offices.
•   A consolidated set of services to be provided through the MAP system.
•   A trans-European strategy including replication from Italy of fire brigades sector
    MAP appliance to SDIS in France.

D7.3.1 Project Milestone Review Report N1                                     Page 16 of 17
eTEN Project 046257 – MAP ID

Deliverable D.1.2 "Trans-European dimension" discusses this argument.

D3.3    Planned initiatives to prepare deployment
Dissemination Strategy
Deliverable D.6.3 "Dissemination Strategy" discusses all this.

The target is to reach a wider MAP visibility at European level. Dissemination activities
will involve the partners together (common tools/initiatives) and individually (local ac-
tivities). Key values to communicate have been agreed between the partners:

•   Quality: MAP improves the quality of the services offered to citizens.
•   Innovation: MAP is really innovative and unique.
•   Simplicity: apart from its complex technical structure, MAP is easy to use.
•   Versatility: MAP is open sources based, adaptable to many different working areas.

MAP has a great number and a variety of stakeholders: it is important to target the dis-
semination activities on the basis of the their own features.

Dissemination tools

•   Web site (see Deliverable D.6.2 "Description of services for eTEN website")
•   Brochures
•   Powerpoint presentations
•   Technical charts
•   Audiovisuals
•   Three transnational meetings (Perigueux, Livorno and Rome)
•   Participation to exhibitions
•   Media

Each partner is in charge of monitoring its own local dissemination activity and of re-
porting the progress and possible difficulties to Livorno Municipality, in charge of the
overall Workpackage management.

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