Dear friends, (All around the world)

Green greetings,

I am pleased to furnish a brief report of my participation in the activities at State and
National levels.   There were more unforeseen events that compelled changes in
schedule and delay in action. To mention a few events like GEAC approval for B.T
Brinjal, draft of Right to Food Act prepared by Government of India and 2009 –
Tamilnadu State Council Act of agricultural forum.            Bio - Technology draft
Introduced by Government of India, Farmer’s forum campaign for tapping of toddy
from Coconut and palm trees etc., took more number of work days suppressing our
regular activity of promotion of organic farming.

However we are able to achieve considerable progress in coordinating our activities
with NGO’s and farmers. In November 2009 friends who hold common interest for
the promotion of peoples welfare joint together to register a non religious, non
political, non profit seeking Trust by name “Nammalvar Ecological Foundation for
Farm Research and Global Food Security”. Even though, our activities are carried out
in different parts of state, our main activities are centered in the address mentioned

Kadavur (Post),
Karur District.
Pin: 621 311.

In the above address on Jan 14th we had our informal inauguration by celebrating
Pongal in the land we proposed to buy. On April 1st I myself entered into the land,
building a cottage as my residence. In a couple of months we were able to construct
one training centre, cattle shed, kitchen and store room with locally available
bamboo’s and coconut leaves. In June, we were able to buy two heifers (Indian
Breed) to bring drinking water from a distance of one km. In the summer months few
friends gave money to buy lands and use for our training purpose. In the summer we
experienced hot weather and high speed - dry winds. We made use this period to
prepare the land for future demonstrations. In September, we had one rain and second
fortnight of October we received rain for a number of days that was helpful for
sprouting of seeds. Now we are able to talk to the farmers with standing model due to
the cooperation from our friends. In 2nd June 2009 we had our formal inauguration
inviting hundreds of farmers and eminent persons from all over the state.

Even though the summer was a very harsh and there were no summer showers, we
could develop Permaculture design that attracts farmers of local area and who attend
our trainings.

We are able to relate with organizations working in the states of Andhra Pradesh,
Kerala, Pondicherry, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. There activities on Save
Rice Campaign, Anti - GMO Campaign, Save Water Source Campaign, Rain Water
Harvesting, Organic Farming Certification are really worth visiting and incorporating
into the activities of all grass root organizations and State and Central Government

I was able to take foreword the Ecological Farming Principles and Philosophy to
farmers of different states. Also I was invited by schools, colleges, environmental
councils, consumer’s movement and farmer’s forums to talk about impact of
industrial agriculture on environment and human health. Joining with Isha yoga
centre we are able to promote tree planting among farmers and NGO’s. On June 5th,
the international day of environment we planted 100 tree seedlings and protected
during the summer. We are able to coordinate state organic farmers for sharing of
their valid experiences.

I am able to wright about Issues and organic farming practices in Tamil Journals. All
India Radio and Visual Media provided space for my interviews. Tamilnadu organic
farmers were able to address other farmers through these channels. In collaboration
with Pasumai Vikatan we conducted 3 day training Programmes every month during
the last one year.
        I had been included as a Member of the Executive Committee of Millet
Network of India. Also I am nominated as an Executive Member of SWISSAID
India. These to involvements will help VANAGAM to take foreword ecological
farming activities to a wider spectrum of Indian communities. Now the churches of
South India is organizing two day workshop on natural resource management in
Kanyakumari. In the future these have proposal to continue the training programmes
throughout south India.      We conducted two five day training programmes at
VANAGAM for farmers of Tamilnadu. Simple food with millets and pulses was
served to participants whom the participant enjoyed. One hand book on organic
farming basics has been published. Other publications are in progress.

       As a recent development VANAGAM has been recognized as an organization
towards organizing farmers to get their farms certified in the PGS (Participatory
Guarantee System) which enable farmer to market his products through out India.

       For detailed understanding of our Programmes, I am enclosing herewith the
important Programme Schedule for the last six month. The contribution donated by
Asha Foundation has help very much in meeting my expenses on travel, food and
other needs. Also, the salary of the state coordinator Mr. Engals Raja is being met out
of the fund receives from Asha. Also it helped in purchasing instruments like one
Video Camera. Very soon we will be able to sent one Video documentation about our
farming activities and other linkages.

It will help us to establish a centre for learning that will promote our activities with
grass root communities.

For your information and consideration I furnish mini estimate as discussed in the

1      Salary of one coordinator   Rs.6000x12        Rs.72000
2.     Salary of one documentation
       In charge                   Rs.6000x12        Rs.72000

                                         Total     Rs.144000

Capital Expenses

One house for workers                                Rs.15000
One cattle shed                                      Rs.30000
Sprinkler for irrigation                             Rs.30000
Two cycles Rs.4000x2                                 Rs. 8000
                                     Total          Rs.83000


Hand books 5 No x Rs.10000                          Rs.50000

Video Production                                   Rs.20000
                                             Total Rs.70000

Staff salary            Rs.144000
Capital expences        Rs. 83000
Publications            Rs. 70000
        Grant Total     Rs.297000

If Asha can release the fund as one time grant it will enable us to invest on
infrastructure and livestocks. That is going to enhands our development activities
through empowerment of women.

Thanking you friends.

12TH Nov 2009.

Programme schedule of G.NAMMALVAR from June 2009 to 12th Nov 2009.   Date             Place               Activity

1        2nd June         Kadavur             Inauguration of
2         5th June       Vanagam              100 Seedling planting
1        1st July       Vanagam                  Model farm
                                                 Taken on lease
                                                 with fund from
2        3rd July       AI Radio Trichy          Environmental
3        4th July       Vanagam                  Organic farming
                                                 farmers training
4        8h July        Trichy                   Organic farming
5        9th July       Aruppukkottai St.        Organic farming
                        xavior college           seminar
6        10th July      Thenkasi                 Farm design
7        11th July      Vanagam                  Trainers Training
8        12th July      Vanagam                  s Trainers
9        13th July      Vanagam                  Trainers Training
10   14th July    Tanjavur, Tamil        Farming Verses
                  University             environment
11   15th July    Palayur, Nagai Dt.     Organic farming
                                         farmers Training
12   16th, 17th   Vanagam                Farm designing
13   18th July    Musiri, High school.   Seminar on
14   19th July    Salem                  Environmental
                                         issues for farmers
15   20th July    Chennai, T.Nagar       Green shop visit
16   21th July    Thirunintravur,        Training students
                  Thiruvallur Dt.        and farmers
17   22th July    Athimancherry,         Organic farming
                  Thiruvallur Dt.        seminar for
18   23th July    Chennai                Eco farming
19   25th July    Bhopal (M.P)           O.F.A.I National
                                         council meet
20   26TH July    Bhopal (M.P)           Visit to Water
                  Morning                shed Management

                                         Visiting Pesticide
                  After Noon             leak Victims
21   28th July    Oorapakkam, Chennai    Farm serve
22   30th July    Madurai, Women’s       Seminar on Food
                  forum                  and Yoga
23   31st July    Vanagam                Training for
1    2nd august   Sathiayamangalam       Selection of land
                                         to study mountain
                                         eco system

2    3rd august   Sathiyamangalam        Selection of land
                                         to study mountain
                                         eco system

3    4th august   Kodaikanal, Solai      Farmers Training
                  school                 - Organic
4    6th august   Womens collective,     Global Warming
                  Chennai                seminar for
                                         women teachers

                  Pothigai T.V           Interview
     After Noon
5    7th august   Chennai                South Against
6    8th august     Salem                   Brinjal Exhibition
                                            cum Panchayat
                                            leaders meet
7    9th august     Salem                   Brinjal Exhibition
                                            cum farmers meet
8    10th august    Trichy                  Planning meeting
                                            for campaign
                                            Tamilnadu act.
9    11th august    Vanagam                 Workers training
10   12th august    Vanagam                 Quarter Acre
11   13th august    Vanagam                 Discussion with
                                            farmers leader
12   14th august    Thiruppur               Visit to Green
                                            shop. Family
                                            discussion on
                                            food and health
13   15th august    Thiruppur High school   Tree planting and
     Prg.1                                  independent

     Prg.2          Punchai Uthukuli        Addressing
                                            school children –
                                            Greening India

                                            Farmers training -
     After noon
14   16th august    Dharmapuri, Bommidi     Brinjal exhibition
15   17th august    Palayur, Nagai Dt.      Training to 15
                                            women’s on
                                            Organic farming
16   19th to 25th   Bhopal                  Sri Batha
     august                                 Dhapolkar 85th
17   30TH august    Coimbatore              Brinjal exhibition
18   31st august    Pollachi                Seminar on green
                                            environment for
                                            students in
1    1st sep        Pollachi                Seminar on
                                            friendly farming
2    2nd sep        Kaveripattinam          Brinjal exhibition
3    3rd sep        Vanagam                 Discussion with
                                            social worker
                                            Mr.John Peter
4    5th sep        Rasi farm Muthupatty,   Organic farmers
                    Karaikudi               meeting
5    7th sep        Coimbatore              Brinjal exhibition
6    8th sep        Thirumangalam PARD      Local Radio
7    9th sep        ICSA Chennai            Campaign against
                                            Black act
8    10th sep       Bangalore               Organic farming
                                            conference (Asia
9    11th sep       Dharmapuri              NGO campaign
                                            for organic
10   12th , 13th    Arur                    Trainers training
     and 14th sep
11   15th sep       Pudukkottai             Exchange of
                                            Farmers seeds
12   16th sep       Chennai CSIM college    Seminar for
                                            consumers on
                                            food poisoning
13   17th, 18th,    Rishi vally, Andhra     Visit cum
     19th sep                               Farmers meet
14   20th sep       Chennai                 Nammalvar
                                            foundation trust
15   21st, 22nd     Tiruvananthapuram       Save rice
     sep                                    campaign
16   23rd sep       TMSSS Thuthukudi        Organic farming
17   24TH Sep       Chennai                 Mega T.V
18   25th, 26th     Ananthapur. Andhra      Discussion over
     Sep                                    Climate Change
                                            report by central
19   28th sep       Chennai                 Green shop
20   29th sep       Pune                    Swiss Aid – India
                                            executive meet
21   30th sep       Trichy                  Campaign against
                                            water lake
1    2nd, 3rd oct   Somanur, Kovai          Farmers training -
                                            in Organic
2    4th oct        Nerur, Karur Dt.        Vadalur
                                            Ramalinga adigal
                                            Birthday address
3       5th oct          Pudukkottai               NGO meet on
                                                   Water resources
4       6th to 10th      Vanagam                   Training – Eco
        oct                                        farming
5       11th oct         Sivarakkottai, Madurai    Study team
                                                   visiting land
                                                   occupied by
6       12th , 13th      Pollachi                  Farmers Training
        oct                                        organic. seminar
                                                   on environmental
                                                   impact in teachers
                                                   training college
7       14tt, 15th       Hyderabad                 SURP conference
        oct                                        on non chemical
                                                   plant protection
8       16th, 17th       Vanagam                   Workers Training
9       19th oct         Nagarkoil                 Inauguration of
                                                   cultural yatra for
                                                   water protection
10      21st oct         Coimbatore                Visiting Isha
                                                   Green garden by
                                                   Isha home school
11      22nd oct         Vella koil, Karur Dt.     Tree planting by
                                                   school children in
                                                   Two schools
12      23rd oct         Vanagam                   Workers Training
13      24th oct         Palayur, Nagai Dt         Training women
14      25th to 29th     Vanagam                   Training –
        oct                                        Ecological
15      30th oct         Trichy, St. Joseph high   Environmental
                         school                    awareness
16      31st oct         Vanagam                   Assisting the
Sl no   Date             Place                     Activity
1       1st Nov          Govindhapuri, Near        Visiting Kosala
                         Kumbakonam                Maintained by
2       2nd Nov          Palaiur, Nagai Dt.        Training of
                                                   Women farmers
3       3rd , 4th Nov    Goa                       Discussion with
                                                   O.F.A.I director
4       5th, 6th, 7th,   Vanagam                   Assisting Farm
        Nov                                        workers
5   8th             Thiruppur             Consultation on
    Morning         Ramachandra Mission   organic

    After Noon                            Seminar on Save
                                          cow yatra
6   9th 10th 11th   Vanagam               Rain water
    12th and                              harvesting
    13th Nov

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