Basic Unit of Operating system by n73md89


									Basic Unit of Operating system:
File - a collection of info that logically belongs together. Ex. History term paper, math
spread sheet, or program

Program File - a set of instructions to carry out a particular application.

Data File - file generated by an application program.

Each file needs a name. ex. Hist100term1. doc
                           (filename)     (extension)
Doc = ms word (document)
Jpg – picture view
Avi = video
Pdf = adobe acrobat
Xls = excel (spread sheet)
Exe = programs

When the icon shows up, you don’t see the extension, you see the symbol. Ex. Symbol
for word is a page with a “W”

Must specify location: C: term1.doc
{server           }{pathway            }{ filename}

Protocol: rules for communication

Soft return - When you hit the margin and the words just have to start the next line
Hard return - when you hit enter to start the next line

If the first line of a paragraph is on the bottom of the page and the rest of the paragraph is
on the rest of the page it is call a widow
If the last line of a paragraph is the first line of the nest page it is call an orphan
(this can be controlled under the paragraph dialog box.)
Query terms
Jerek Anderson
Google looks for jerek ansderson next to each other
Then it looks for it in the same document, but not next to each other
Then one word or the other

When you put it in quotation marks it becomes a phrase (changes the query)
This cuts the number of hits down, making it more precise
All the hits have Jerek Anderson next to each other. This eliminates all the web pages
that came up with only one of the words or the words not next to each other.

Adding a + in front of a word means that word must be in the web page. So Jerek
+Anderson means the page must have Anderson in it.
Adding the – in front of a word means the web page cannot contain that word.

You can search for Mp3/Audio and video files, you can’t do this on google.


URL- Universal Resource Locator

Why is it a heritage site
Specific prices
Map (where in the world, slowly zoom in perhaps?)
Spread Sheet:
Automated self adjusting calculator

Name           Quantity               Price           Amount              Tax
Apples         2                      3.79            2x379               0
Bread          6                      1.19            6x119               0
Soap           2                      1.09            2x109               .144
Steaks         1                      8.93            893                 0
Beer           1                      14.65           1465                0

Entity: item being bought
Attribute: property of an entity

Cell: can contain text (ex apples), numbers (1, 2, etc.), or formulas

Identification of a cell:
Row has a number
Column has a letters
When identify a cell write the letter first ex. C4
You can put a formula in a cell ex. B4 x C4 can go in D4 and the value will be calculated
in this cell. If you change the info in either of these cells (B4 or C4), then D4 will
automatically change
Formulas always start with an =
To add up all the cells you could use the formula =SUM(F2:F6) This will add up all the
cells from F2 to F6.
Search engines – words, phrases, images, videos

Structure of file system, folders files extensions

Powerpoint – presentation package, custom animation

Excel - automatic calculator

server                 path

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