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									                             November 2009                  Edition 178                Catholic Safety Health & Welfare South Australia

A word from the RO                           1                                         Knowing is not enough; we must apply.
Are you about to purchase?                   2                                            Willing is not enough; we must do.
Recalls                                      2                                                            – Goethe
Chemwatch licences 2010                      2
Protecting frontline health workers          2
                                                 A WORD FROM THE RO
Prevention & review media updates            2
                                                 Here it is!! The final Safety Bulletin for
Training program 2010                        2
                                                 2009. I trust that your worksite has had
Social Services Sector (SSS)                 3   an excellent year and been productive
                                                 and safe in the exploits of its activities.
Parish Sector                                3
 – POP licence reports                           The Licence has been very active and
 – Procedure development                         the staff have continued to work with
 – Parish workshops                              sites throughout the year to assist in the
                                                 management of safety.
Education Sector                             4
                                                 Some key areas of work for 2009 have
 – Technical Colleges                            been:
 – Technical Studies Forum
                                                   •   The Parish Occupational Health &
 – Training
                                                       Safety Program (POP) launch
 – New First Aid Code of Practice
                                                   •   The relocation of all OHS
Health Sector                                4         Consultants to Wakefield Street in
                                                       August                                  AUGUSTA ZADOW SCHOLARSHIP:
Contacts                                           •   An inaugural Briefing Session for       Kathy Grieve's success ...
                                                       Separately Incorporated entities
                                                                                               Two Augusta Zadow Scholarships are
OHS&W enquiries             8210 9342              •   Programs related to Slips, trips &      awarded by SafeWork SA each year; the
OHS&W fax:                  8210 9340                  falls and Electrical Management         scholarships are to assist with OHS
                                                   •   Development of an Executive level       improvements undertaken by, or for the
w w w
                                                       engagement program that has             benefit of, women in South Australia.
/CatholicHealthSafetyandWelfareSA/                     seen the members of the ELGC            With well over 6,000 women, many aged 47
Workers Compensation enquiries                         participate in OHS&W training and       years and above, working for Catholic
                      8236 5455                        activities at worksites (audits,        organisations in South Australia, Kathy
                                                       workplace inspections)                  Grieve applied for this scholarship to
Circulation                                        •   The successful performance by the       explore the topic of Menopause and Work.
                                                       CSHW team in a Mock Situation           Kathy Grieve has been successful in being
Please ensure that this bulletin is                    training session.                       awarded this scholarship and will undertake
circulated to your OHS coordinator,              I have personally had the opportunity to      a Study Tour of key organisations in the UK
OHS committee and at consultative                visit some of our worksites and I thank       who have conducted research into
meetings for action.                             th os e sites for the ir w elc om e an d      Menopause and Work and some who have
     Priest, Principal, Manager                 hospitality. As always I welcome an           commenced implementing strategies
                                                 invitatio n to your place and can be          related to this topic. (The University of
     OHSW Coordinator                           c on tacte d        by           em a il:     Nottingham, the British Association for
     OHSW Committee members            .                     Women in Policing and the Trades Union
                                                 In c losin g, than k you a ll for yo ur       Congress).
     OHS representatives
                                                 contribution to safety at your worksites.     Following the Study Tour Kathy has a 2-
     Senior staff                               This level of commitment is essential in      year plan to develop strategies to increase
                                                 keeping our workplaces safe for all who       the awareness of the needs of menopausal
     Staff room noticeboard                     work, visit and volunteer at them.            women in the workplace.
     Other _________________                    O n be ha lf of the                           The award was announced at the SafeWork
                                                 C ath olic     Sa fety                        Awards dinner on Friday, October 30 and
    Responsible entity: Catholic Church          H ea lth & We lfare                           there was much gasping and cheering from
                                                 team and the Injury                           our table as we basked in the glory of the
        Endowment Society Inc.
                                                 Management team in                            spotlight.
   C CI I wish you and                           Congratulations Kathy!!!
            sites/CatholicHealthSafetyand        your family a safe and                                                        Dale P West
                      WelfareSA/                 blessed Christmas.                                                       Responsible Officer
                 ARE YOU ABOUT TO                                                       CHEMWATCH LICENCES 2010
                                                                      A letter and questionnaire will be forwarded to the worksites who
Stop and Think First!
                                                                      currently hold a Chemwatch licence.
When we first think of purchasing ANY item for our
worksites/teams, we have an opportunity of making sure that what      The letter will provide an outline of the upgrade to Chemgold 3 in
we want to buy is well designed, good for the task and MOST           2010.
IMPORTANTLY it won’t be a hazard and likely to contribute or          The letter will also attach a questionnaire for completion and
cause an injury/incident.                                             return to our office.
HOW do we do this?                                                    If you are responsible for the management of Chemgold II at your
Ask yourself a simple question!                                       worksite and have not received the above information please
                                                                      contact our office: 8210 9342.
Does this have the POTENTIAL to cause harm or injury if
someone is using it?
•    A pre-purchase checklist can help you!                                              PROTECTING FRONTLINE
•    Check the Procedure No. 20 for more information                                     HEALTH WORKERS FROM
•    Remember – just because something meets an Australian                               HIGH RISK RESPIRATORY
     Standards – does not automatically mean that it is ‘SAFE
•    Ask the staff who have to use the product – they will be able
     to help                                                          Evidence supporting the use of N95 respirators offering superior
•    Seek advice from your OHS Consultant or OHS Coordinator          protection against respiratory illness has been inconclusive and
•    Don’t forget to review your training, and Safe Operating         largely experimental until now. Research put forward at the
     Procedures (SOP’s) when you introduce something new or           Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and
     change a process.                                                Chemotherapy (ICAAC) held in California in September suggests
                                                                      N95 masks should be used by “at risk healthcare workers”.
                                                                      Lead author C. Raina MacIntyre, PhD, from the University of New
                 RECALLS                                              South Wales in Sydney, Australia, told conference attendees that
                                                                      the N95 masks were “clearly superior” for use by “at risk
                                                                      healthcare workers” to guard against viral and respiratory infection
Scott’s Air Conditioning Pty. Ltd., – Brivis range of                 when compared to surgical masks. In comparing the two, she
evaporative coolers                                                   went on to say … “You might as well tell healthcare workers to
This item has the potential to blow off the roof in extreme weather   wear nothing". “N95 masks should be the standard of care for
conditions, thus being a potential hazard. It was sold nationally.    healthcare workers who have a high risk for respiratory
                                                                      transmission,” she said.
Men’s Cancer Council – Chester Knit hat                               Evidence follows the first randomised controlled clinical trial
This item of clothing has potential to cause sun exposure to the      comparing surgical masks to fit-tested and nonfit-tested N95
head, as this particular item does not meet current 50+ sun           masks in “at risk healthcare workers”.
protection rating as advised on the label.                            For more information see – Institute of Medicine of national
                                                                      academics 2009
Where do I get more information?
                                                                      Free PDF was downloaded from:
Refer direct to the Recall Web Site for further information on any
of these recalls –

                                      PREVENTION & REVIEW MEDIA UPDATES
The following two links provide information on recent media releases relating to potential hazards at a workplace.
Please make sure you take the time to read these important reminders; they are very clear examples of where prevention is the cure!

                                    HEAT STRESS – SafeWork SA

                                                               FIRE HAZARD – MFS

2.   CSH&WSA Safety Bulletin                                                                                             November 2009
                                                                    SOCIAL SERVICES SECTOR (SSS)
                                                                    Four procedures have now been reviewed and passed being,
                                               TRAINING             Management of Hazardous Substances, Electrical, Asbestos and
                                               PROGRAM              Emergency and Critical Incident Management.
                                                 2010                 Management of Hazardous Substances – Now has a clear
                                                                      guideline on the requirements for non-hazardous substances.
                                                                      Electrical – Now has an instruction on how to test an RCD
                                                                      Asbestos – Now has guidelines on
                                                                      the removal of asbestos less than
                                                                      and greater than 10 square metres,
                                                                      working on asbestos products and
                                                                      exposure to asbestos.
                                               Attached with the
November issue of the Safety Bulletin is the training program for     Emergency and Critical Incident
2010. The training program is diverse and available to all            Management –
employee’s/volunteers at worksites under Health, Education,           The requirements for testing
Social Services and Parishes, unless stipulated otherwise.            emergency lighting and exit signs
                                                                      have been moved from the Electrical Procedure to Emergency
Predominantly the training for 2010 will be conducted at the
                                                                      and Critical Incident Management Procedure. There is now a
Catholic Education Office, Thebarton and hopefully this will
alleviate parking issues which have occurred occasionally in the      guide on how to test the emergency lighting and exit signs and
past.                                                                 how to perform the battery discharge test.

Training opportunity exists for those wishing to upskill in a
                                                                    Procedures under review
particular area, new employees and an employee who has taken
on a role as co-ordinator in occupational health and safety.        The Procedure review Group met on Wednesday, October 14 to
                                                                    review the Remote and Isolated Work, Purchasing and Document
Should you wish to book any training please contact Evelyn
                                                                    Control procedures.
Grantham by phoning (08) 8210 9342 or by email                                             These procedures will be distributed to all members of the SSS
                                                                    prior to the next Forum. Please distribute them to your staff and
In the New Year we wish to have available an online booking
                                                                    bring any comments to the next Forum. For those of you how are
program via CSH&W SA website. We will keep you up-to-date on
                                                                    unable to attend the Forum please email any comments to Peter
this progress.
                                                                    Masters at
                                                                    For those of you, who are able to attend the Forum, don’t forget
                                                                    that we will be having lunch at the 7 Stars Hotel after the meeting.

  POP LICENCE REPORTS                                                               PROCEDURE DEVELOPMENT
  There has been a disappointing return rate for                                    Thanks to Mark Black, Alan Stone and Peter
  the first POP Licence Reports in September                                        Connolly for their great work in developing
  a nd we ask that you enga ge in the ne w                                          sector procedures.
  program and at least give it a shot.                                              Please phone Kim on 0438 870 068 if you feel
  The program has been developed attentive to                                       the urge to help out in this area.
  parish needs in an effort to make OHS&W
  w ork ab le an d le ss o ner ous . (Fo r tho se
  parishes who do not return this report, a
  CSH&W Consultant will make contact to offer                                       PARISH WORKSHOPS
  assistance.)                                        PARISH SECTOR
                                                                                 Port Pirie: 3.30pm Tuesday, November 17
  POP Licence Reports are now overdue but
                                                                                 Adelaide: 5.30pm Monday, December 7
  don’t despair, you can still fax your signed
  sheet into us and improve the POP return statistics ... (and
  most importantly parish safety).
  The new system is easy to implement and if you are unsure                      It's a very sobering
  about what to do or don’t know where to go from here – call                    feeling to be up in space
  us on the POP Hot-Line 8210 9342.
                                                                                 and realise that one's
  Remember, you can also contact your OHS Consultant or                          safety factor was
  one of the PSL’s listed either on the website or inside your                   determined by the lowest
  updated parish sector safety manual.
                                                                                 bidder on a government
  STOP PRESS: Congratulations Adelaide Hills Parish for                           Quote by Alan Shepard
  their early bird ‘POP’ return.                                                       (first man in space)

November 2009                                                                                            CSH&WSA Safety Bulletin 3.
                                                                 Basic First Aid Course
                                                                 There are a few vacancies available
                                                                 for the above course at
                                                                 St Bernadette’s School
                                                                    Provider: Australian Red Cross
                                                                    Date: Friday, January 22, 2010
                                                                    Time: 9am – 5pm
                EDUCATION SECTOR
                                                                 Please contact the school on
                                                                 8276 5394 and leave a message
TECHNICAL COLLEGES                                               for Jenny McCabe.

The Australian Technical
Colleges ownership has
transferred to the Adelaide                                      NEW FIRST AID CODE OF PRACTICE
Archdiocese enabling the
colleges to formally become                            
part of Catholic Education                                       The new code reflects a more contemporary and best – practice
SA.                                                              approach to first aid and better recognises the needs of different
The Australian Technical                                         workplaces, also brings South Australia's requirements more in
College – Northern Adelaide                                      line with those interstate – paving the way to a smoother
will be known as St Patrick’s                                    transition to national uniformity.
Technical College and Jim                                        The new code will have a 12-month transitional period and
Montgomery coordinates                                           during this period the current Code continues to apply.
OH&S, contact details are:
phone 8209 3777 and email:                                       The transition period has been set to give workplaces an
jim.montgomery@atc-                                              opportunity to consider the provisions of the new Code and be in                                       a position to meet its requirements in December 2010.

The      Adelaide      South                                     The above web address will allow you to download a copy from
Technical College will be                                        the SafeWork SA web site.
known as Marcellin Technical
College and Kareena Lyons
coordinates OH&S, contact
details are: phone 8186 9716 and email:     HEALTH SECTOR
Jim and Kareena will be invited to attend OH&S training and      The health sector met at the Star of the Sea Nursing Home in
our OH&S Coordinators meetings also working with us to           September 2009, with representation from all three regional sites.
en sure the sta nda rd o f O H& S is co nsta ntly im p rove d
throughout the licence.                                          Several procedures were tabled. These will be tabled at ELGC at
                                                                 their December meeting for endorsement and be implemented at
                                                                 sites for 2010.
                                                                 Sector level audits for manual handling has now been completed,
TECHNICAL STUDIES FORUM                                          the report for the findings and recommendations will be tabled at
                                                                 the November meeting.
A new forum is being established for all Technical Studies
                                                                 2010 will see an additional sector audit on Occupational Violence.
Teachers and OH&S Coordinators also members from the both
technical Colleges (St Patrick’s and Marcellin) who wish to be   The recent licence level audit conducted on Working at Heights
involved.                                                        included both a regional aged care site and an acute care site as
                                                                 part of the wider licence sample.
The first meeting will be on Tuesday, March 23, 2010 at the
Catholic Education Office, 116 George Street, Thebarton.         The findings of this audit will be available in the coming weeks and
                                                                 the findings fed back into improving the system to manage this
Please contact your OH&S Consultant and advise of your
                                                                 aspect within our licence.
attendance or phone Evelyn Grantham on 8210 9342 or by
email egrantham@csh&                                    The last meeting for 2009 will be held at St Catherine's at Berri on
                                                                 Thursday, November 26, 2009 commencing at 10:30am.

4.   CSH&WSA Safety Bulletin                                                                                        November 2009

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