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									 Meeting Mondays, 7:15 AM - Marriott Hotel, 1400 Parkview Ave - Manhattan Beach
                                                Officers and Directors 2009-10
                                                Jan Rhees, Madame President
Roger Cox                                  President-Elect                            Tom Jeffry                                            Director
Lindy Murrell                                    Secretary                            Richard Ham                                           Director
Matt Peck                                       Treasurer                             Richard Ackerman                                      Director
Roger Civalleri                             Past President                            Donn Ennis                                            Director
Dave Hornbecker                                  Historian                            Steve Stepanek                                        Director

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              Governor District 5280                                                    President Rotary International
                Susanne Sundberg                                                                  John Kenny
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                                       Serving Manhattan Beach Since 1950

    “Conservative, n. A statesman who is enamored
    of existing evils, as distinguished from the liberal,
        who wishes to replace them with others.”

                                                                                                            — Ambrose Bierce
Rotes Quotes                 Vol.60, No.16      November 23, 2009

       November 23 — Craft Talks. Tim James will give his
Craft Talk - and his fearless leader Mike Sullivan, owner of 9
dealerships and the famous "LA Car Guy" comes to talk about selling
automobiles; lots and lots of them. Rumor has it there will be large
car buying discounts for Rotarians in attendance.

       November 30 th — Sister City Program. George Barks
comes to talk about how MB Rotarians helped Manhattan Beach Sister
City and carried our hurricane relief money to the Santa Rosalia Rotary
Club for clean up and re-build efforts. Steve Stepanek gives an
update to give a final report on the Santa Rosalia matching grant
(partner with Santa Maria) for a rehabilitation center.

                             Save The Date
December 12— Holiday Party. See Roger Cox for details.
March 18-22— 2010 District 5280 Ecuador Trip. District 5280
trip to Ecuador. See Donn Ennis.
May 13-16— 2010 District 5280 Conference. District 5280 District
Conference in La Quinta. See Roger Cox.
June 20-23— 2010 RI Annual Convention. RI Convention in
Montreal. See Wade Austin.
                      Rotary is Service Above Self

                         Ready for Take-Off
It was Monday, November 16, 2009, the day designated for
the long and eagerly awaited visit of our Rotary Pilot, District
Governor Suzanne Sundberg, who was greeted by another
banner Kent Caldwell production: fitted out in Rat Pack hats
and canes, the club’s Frank Sinatra chorus (including PDG Ingo
Werk) swayed, spun and sang their way through “The Lady Is
A Champ,” modestly closing with the lines, “She says our club
is the best in the land, That’s why the Lady is a Champ.”…..Tim
James started out with John Lennon’s observation, “Life is
what happens while you’re making other plans.”….Guests
included District First Gentleman Dennis Sundberg, ADG Sam
Pinazar, a Kiwi pilot (who gave up his hat to one of our three
stewardesses, Lisa Hemmat—who was joined by Deb Arnold
and Giusy Buonfantino), and, best of all, our beloved former
Bulletin writer, Megan Cotugno…Ian Jackson bemoaned the
fate of USC football, but noted Mira Costa’s football and girls
volleyball teams are both in the playoffs.

                  Charitable Giving Abounds
Salvation Army Board Member Rich Montgomery, together
with our Meals on Wheels director James Caprell, presented
a club contribution to the Salvation Army to assist them in
adding 23 Manhattan Beach residents to their meals routes
( t h e R e d o n d o o ff i c e h a s n o w s e r v e d o v e r 1 m i l l i o n
meals)….Dick Ackerman received our club’s certificate as
a silver sponsor of CERT (Community Emergency Response
Team)….. Bob Franko and Beach Business Bank have
Christmas-gifted $1000 to the club foundation….Past
President Roger Civalleri reported that our club was
second in the district in 2008-9 per capita annual RI
Foundation contributions, averaging 590 per member—the
club total would, for example, pay for 100,000 polio
vaccines…..Donn Ennis gave $2000 of club funds to the
District Governor to End Polio Now.
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                           Tim James
                     Chief Information Officer

              14900 Hindry Avenue Hawthorne, CA 90250
                  (310) 531-9495 Fax (419)781-6644

                                                                 Proud to be the Bank of
                                                                 The Manhattan Beach Rotary.
(866) 862-3878
  Ron Sokol, Attorney
   (310) 546 8124
                  Rotary is Service Above Self

           District Governor Suzanne Sundberg
Finally we heard what we came for: District Governor Suzanne
Sundberg. She of course started out acknowledging our awesome
club, especially noting District Membership Chair Larry Johnson
and the mind-boggling $1 million contributions (each) to RI of
Bill Bloomfield and his mom, Westwood club member Peggy
Bloomfield (the latest RI Magazine has a two-page spread on these
two amazing people)….The District Governor briefly outlined her
district “flight plan,” from wheelchairs in Ecuador to gang violence
right here at home (contact PDG Vicki Radel of the Redondo
club if you want to pitch in). She told us that only India, Nigeria,
Pakistan, and Afghanistan remain as polio countries, but it can
spin out of control in an instant, so End Polio Now has never been
more urgent. She asked that we be dark the week of January 15
and instead attend the visit at the Omni Hotel downtown that week
of the RI President himself, Scotsman John Kenny.

       District Governor Nominee Brad Robinson
District Governor Executive Aide and District Governor Nominee
Brad Robinson took on the unenviable task of discussing Rotary
finances in a recession. RI matching grants were cut off 8 months
early this year because the money ran out, a not unprecedented
but rare event in RI history. Matches this year are 15% of last
year. Brad acknowledged that the financial meltdown did its share
of damage to the RI Foundation. PDG Ingo Werk brought the
encouraging words that the Foundation’s losses have lately
decreased from 237 to 160 million. The most encouraging words
came from Bill Bloomfield, a considerable stakeholder in RI’s
losses, assuring us that “the RI Board is doing a great job,” and
that the situational loss of matching grants was caused by a number
of unavoidable factors—general financial losses, decreasing new
funding, and past funding commitments. If Bill is confident, who
are we to wonder if RI is doing OK? The lesson of the day from
Bill and the District Governor was pretty much the same: Rotary
is thriving, and how fortunate we are to be in their company.
                       Rotary is Service Above Self

                              Happy Dollars
Roger Cox celebrated the New Zealand All-Whites (their famous rugby
team is the All-Blacks; no gray areas in New Zealand) soccer team’s
victory over “sporting juggernaut Bahrain” to gain entry into the World
Cup tournament next year (yes, the American team is already in the 32-
team field)….Giusy Buonfantino showed off her Korean Rotary club
flags….Bill Bloomfield’s son Wyatt is a new dad, making Bill twice a
granddad in the past 6 months….Lindy Murrell’s mom is well, but
Orris Cowgill’s mom, sadly, is not…..Rod Uyeda’s goalie son shut
out the Anaheim Junior Ducks and led his Junior Kings to a 2-0
win….John Van den Akker showed off Dick Chase’s textbook on
Operations Management….Lee Walker cackled over Stanford-USC.
                                                             Yours in Rotary,
                                                                 Jim Hallett

              Rotary Make-Up Clubs - 12:15pm
                    Rotarians Participate at Weekly Meetings!

Hermosa Beach            PV Sunset        Redondo Bch           Westchester
2521 Valley Drive        Red Onion 7:00pm Blue Water Grill   5855 W. Century
                         736 Silver Spur   655 N. Harbor Dr. LAX Marriott
Tuesday                  Tuesday           Wednesday         Wednesday

LA Int’l Airport         El Segundo        Lawndale             Palos Verdes
Raddison Hotel           Hacienda Hotel   Hacienda Hotel        Palos Verdes
6255 W. Century          525 N. Sepulveda 525 N. Sepulveda      Country Club
Thursday                 Thursday          Thursday             Friday

                      Meals on Wheels Schedule
                    Rotarians serving their community!
          Monday                              Wednesday
Nov 23 Lisa Hemmat                          Nov 25 Rick Farrell
Nov 30 David Hornbecker                     Dec 02 John Hugunin
Dec 07 John Osten                           Dec 09 Ian Jackson
Dec 14 Tom Jeffry                           Dec 16 Larry Johnson
          Birthdays                          Anniversaries
Nov 29 Lincoln Stone                      Nov 30 Joel & Gina Ruben
Dec 02 Dave Harris                        Nov 30 Kathleen & Michael Adams
Dec 15 Charlie Steinmetz                  Dec 02 Orris & Patricia Cowgill
Dec 17 Barbara Matles                     Dec 21 Lindy Murrell & Roger Morrell
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Manhattan Beach Rotary - 100 Active Members Strong!
 The 2009/10 Rotary year is another growth year. You can see by scanning the classifications below
                          what areas are open. Let’s think and then act.
John Acker – Financial Planner                         Don Jung – CPA Business Manager
Dr. Richard Ackerman – Aerospace Management            Bill Keenan – Interim CFOs
Kathleen Adams – Financial Advisor                     Anne Konie – Interior Designer
Paul Allman – Personnel Training †                     Brad Koppel – International Trade
Deborah Arnold – Business Software Consultant          Aliyah Levin – Executive Speech Mentor
Tim James Auringer – Automotive Dealer                 Dr. Steve Lombardo – Orthopedic Surgeon
Wade Austin, Jr. – Photography                         David Long – Executive/Recruiter
Harris Bass – Business and Tax Law                     Kathy McElroy – Physical Therapist
Bill Bloomfield – Commercial/Laundry                   Barbara Matles – Travel Agent
David Boochever – Consultant/Computer †                Randy Meadors – Architect
Jim Bowser – Insurance (ret.)                          Richard Montgomery – Real Estate Appraisal
Geoff Bremer – CPA                                     Dennis Morehead – Property Mgt †
Jan Buike – Social Worker                              Steve Murillo – Mortgage Broker †
Giusy Buonfantino – International Marketing            Lindy Murrell – Communications
Kent Caldwell – Insurance †                            Wayne Nelson – Marketing
Tom Callahan – Music Business Executive                Dr. John Nylund – Dermatology †
James Caprell – Artist                                 John Osten – Commercial Publishing
Richard Chase – College Professor                      Dr. Ray Padilla – Dentist
Roger Civalleri – Business Broker †                    Matthew Peck – Accounting
Nancy Coonis – School Administrator                    Dave Peters – R.E. Invest/Develop/Mediation
Orris Cowgill – Wine Retailer                          Jan Rhees – Residential Real Estate
Roger Cox – Business Consultant                        John Rhind – Accounting †
Steve De Baets – Truck Refrigeration                   Dennis Ridge – Printing
Arturo Di Pietro – Int’l Bus Consultant                Dr. Deborah Robertson – Veterinarian
Mike Doell – Moving & Storage †                        Roger Rombro – Attorney - Family Law
Geoff Dolan – City Management                          Russ Rothner – Business Consultant
Patrick Donahue – Advertising                          Joel Ruben – Attorney - Real Est. & Bus. Lit.
Donn Ennis – Oil Refinery Engineer †                   Daniel Saks – Insurance
Patrick Fard – Martial Arts Training                   Russ Samuels – Fitness & Personal Training
Monica Farrell – Non-profit Development                Dr. Paul Sanchez – Dentist
Richard Farrell – Video Production (ret.)              Bill Sauber – Auto Club Services (ret.)
Vinny Fazzino – Builder/Engineer                       Dr. Les Silverman – Optometrist
Scott Ferguson – Fire Chief                            Ronald Sokol – Attorney
Robert Franko – Banking                                Darrell Sperber – Automotive Dealer
Katie Gleason – College Development                    Charlie Steinmetz – Investor - Real Estate
Nelson Gray – Honorary Member †                        Steve Stepanek – Aerospace Engineer
Robert Guilford – Business Consultant                  Bob Stephenson – Accountant Corporate †
Mimi Haines – Toy Manufacturing                        Lincoln Stone – Business & Immigration Law
Megan Hall – Caterer                                   Marc Teitelbaum – Honorary Member †
Jim Hallett – Criminal & Family Attorney †             Kathleen Terry – Management Consultant
Richard Ham – Aerospace Engineer                       Robin Thormodsgaard – Sales/Management
Jay Harkenrider – Real Estate Residential †            Herb Trachtenberg – Aerospace Engineer †
Dave Harris – Business Insurance †                     Dr. Chris Ullman – Chiropractic †
Wendell Harter – Peace Advocate                        Rod Uyeda – Law Enforcement
Lisa Hemmat - Restauranteur                            John Van den Akker – Property Mgt/Invsts †
Dave Hornbecker – Office Supplies †                    June Vantrimpont – Window Treatment Mfg.
John Hugunin – Community College Professor             Russ Varon – Jeweler
Jim Hunter – Laundry Services †                        Lee Walker – Insurance - Casualty
Ian Jackson – Mortgage Banker †                        Duke Winser – Honorary Member †
Tom Jeffry – Attorney - Health Care                    Larry Wolf – Real Estate Broker/Owner
Lawrence Johnson – Investment Banker †                 Alexander Yoffe – Attorney
                                                                     † Active Past Presidents
                         Serving Manhattan Beach Since 1950

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