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       Volume 21 – No. 11                                  Box 130
       November 26, 2009                                   Bawlf, Alberta, T0B 0J0                   www.brsd.ab.ca/bawlf

                                                                     to meet with our school admin team on a monthly basis to be
 Upcoming Events:                                                    kept abreast of our progress and provide feedback.
 Nov 26, 27, 28 – High School Volleyball Provincials in
                             Rocky Mountain House                    Speaking of our one school project, on Tuesday, the Bawlf
 Dec 2 – Panago Pizza                                                Grade 1, 2 and 3 classes travelled to the Rosalind Campus for
 Dec 2 – Christmas Concert @ 7:00 p.m.                               a Numeracy & Literacy Day. Lead by the Central Alberta
 Dec 6 – High School Students’ Union – Turkey Supper                                                                         teach
                                                                     Regional Consortium Math Consultant, students and teachers
                                   @ Rosalind Hall                   participated in a variety of Math activities focused on the new
 Dec 14 – Subway Day                                                 Math Curriculum. Students also had a chance to write letters
 Dec 16 – Container Recycling Pick Up @ noon                         to Santa, participate in joint Phys Ed activities, create
 Dec 18 – Last Day of Classes                                        collaborative stories on the computer using a website called
 Dec 21 – Christmas Break Begins                                              ird
                                                                     Story Bird and other exciting computer activities with Mr.
 Jan 4 – Classes Resume                                                                           casts.
                                                                     Watson, like creating pod-casts. Thank you to Mrs. Stuber,
                                                                     Mrs. Borman, Mrs. Plantz and Mrs. Johnson for planning this
                                                                     great educational activity for our students!
Notes from the Principal – by Mrs. D. White
                                                                     Christmas Concert Format Change - It’s hard to believe
Congratulations to our high school volleyball teams who              it’s concert season already! The annual Bawlf School
were victorious in Zone competition this past weekend and            Christmas Concert is next Wednesday beginning at 7:00 p.m.  p
are off to Rocky Mountain House to represent our school at           Our students and Mr. Humphries have spent a significant
Provincials! The players and coaches have demonstrated an            amount of time preparing for this event and their efforts merit
enormous amount of commitment, responsi       responsibility and          pportive
                                                                     a supportive audience. The program is scheduled to take
persistence in obtaining this goal and are a great example of        approximately one hour and we ask that everyone make a
“Achieving Excellence”. We are very proud of our teams’              commitment to stay and enjoy the entire evening of
accomplishment and wish them all the best. On behalf of the          entertainment.
Community of Bawlf, our students and Bawlf School
Administration, I would like to take this opportunity to thank       School News –
Mr. Whittleton (coach of the senior boys), Mrs. Holm (
                                            ),             (senior                       Annual High School Turkey Supper
girls coach), Mr. Steeves (junior high boys coach) and Nikki                             will be held on Sunday, December 6th at
Boden (coach of the junior high girls) for their hour of
                                           )             hours                           the Rosalind Hall from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00
dedication and commitment to our student athletes and our                                                      6
                                                                                         p.m. Adults $10.00, 6-12 $6.00 and five
school’s athletic program. Too quickly criticized and too                                and under free. Please come out and enjoy
infrequently thanked, these individuals play a key role in                  ood
                                                                     great food and support our Students’ Union. We will be
helping our students recognize their full potential.             I   having a silent auction so if you would like to donate items
encourage all players and their parents to be sure to extend         please call the school. Parents of high school students please
their thanks to our coaches for their efforts.                       be watching for the information sheets about what to bring
One School – Two Campus Update – Last week Mr.                       and what shifts you work.
Whittleton, Ms. Koleba and I met with BRSD Superintendent
                                                                     A silent auction will be held to raise funds to have Mr. Alvin
Dr. Payne and Assistant Superintendent Mr. Jarrett to discuss
                                                                     Law, a highly recommended inspirational speaker, to visit our
our one school – two campus project. Both Superintendents
                                                                     schools. Mr. Law was born with no arms, however, he has
were very open to hearing about how the project is proceeding
                                                                     not allowed that to become a disability. He plays the piano,
and were pleased with the progress made thus far. We walked
                                                                     drives a car, and does not allow the word “disability” to get in
away from the meeting with the feeling that Central Office
                                                                     his way. He has spoken at many events across North America
has heard the scope of the work that needs to be done with
                                                                     and it would be a great opportunity for our Bawlf School
this project and are willing to assist us in that endeavour. To
                                                                     (Bawlf and Rosalind Campus students) to experience his
that end, Dr. Payne and Mr. Jarrett have made a commitment
Items will be available to bid on, with bidders encouraged to     Registered Apprenticeship Program Scholarship -
bid prior to their meals, and also when they are leaving.         Awarded annually to registered apprentices who graduate
Bidding will end at 6:15 and successful bidders will be           from high school and intend to continue their apprenticeship
contacted by phone if they are unable to stay. Items will be      program. Selection is based on employer and teacher
available for pick up at the school as well. Please come out      recommendations. -Kyle Kvemshagen, Cory Yuha
and support the Bawlf Students’ Union as they hope to invite
this inspirational speaker.                                       More award winners will be recognized in upcoming
   Yearbook Photo Contest-We are looking for a
unique, creative picture for the cover of our 2010                Athletic News –
yearbook. We want pictures representing our rural
community. There will be a $25 prize for the                         Junior High Girls Volleyball News –
winning photo, plus credit will be given to the                                                     by Nikki Boden
photographer in the yearbook. Pictures must be high
                                                                  Wow, what a great finish to our volleyball season! We had
quality, digital images for enlargement purposes.
                                                                  our Divisional Tournament at OLMP on November 17. We
There should be no people in the photograph. Entries
                                                                  started off against New Norway for our first round robin
from the public are welcome and you are welcome to
                                                                  game. The girls took it to three sets and we came out
submit more than one entry. The deadline for entries
                                                                  successful. Next, we were up against Rosalind. In the first set
is extended to Dec 10, 2009. Please email your entries to
                                                                  the girls were a little quiet and lack of talk got the best of
                                                                  them. Rosalind defeated us and we placed second in our pool.
                                                                  We took on OLMP in the cross over game and although the
           Bawlf Music Notes - Reminder that attendance,
                                                                  girls played very well and gave it their all, we came up a little
           dress and participation at the Christmas Concert is
                                                                  short. Dana, Kara and I were very glad to finish our season off
           worth at least 10% of each student's term grade.
                                                                  on a high note. The girls played very well and I was so proud
The concert takes place Wednesday, December 2nd starting at
                                                                  with their efforts. I would like to thank the staff members who
7 p.m. Students are expected to meet in their homerooms at
                                                                  supervised the junior high girls practices. I would also like to
designated times wearing appropriate concert dress. Junior
                                                                  thank the parents, teachers and my mom for helping out with
and senior high students must wear white top and black
                                                                  our home tournament and always helping to support me with
bottoms and be here by 6:20 p.m. Elementary students are
                                                                  the team. Great job, girls! It was a fun and overall successful
expected to dress semi-formal - please avoid ripped jeans if
possible. They are asked to meet in their homerooms by 6:40
p.m. Family and friends are invited to attend free of charge.        Junior High Boys Volleyball News –
For all high school students a letter has been sent home with                     by Jake Vermeer and Kory Keohane
important information regarding our Disney trip. Please ask       As all good things must come to an end so has our volleyball
your child for this letter.                                       season ended. We put in a great effort and ended up winning
   Congratulations to the following 2008-2009 senior high         the Ryley tournament and coming in second in the Hay Lakes
students who were recognized for their achievements on            tournament. We saw a lot of improvement in the grade seven
October 16th at our Achievement Night:                            and eight players and we wish them good luck next year. We
                                                                  would like to thank Mr. Steeves for a great year of volleyball
Fine Arts & Off Campus Awards                                     and for putting up with us.

Intermediate Band Award – Josef Pasychnyk                           Senior High Volleyball News – Check out the senior
High School Band Award – Joshua Forre                             high provincial volleyball action at this webpage
Dale Bratrud Memorial Scholarship-Awarded to a Grade
12 student that exhibits desire and commitment to music, the      Community News:
band and the school in an exceptional manner                      Rosalind Agricultural Society presents “I’ll get My Man” a three
                              - Kelly Williams.                   act farce by Phillip King at the Rosalind Hall on January 29th and
                                                                  January 30th - $30.00, reserved seating only. Tickets at the Candler
Emerging Artist Scholarship-Given to a student in Art 10,         Gallery and Rosalind Post Office. Play only, January 28th and 31st –
20 or 30 who displays exceptional skill and talent in the area    $15.00, tickets at the door only.
of design and creativity. This student exhibits an appreciation
for art and is willing to express their skills in school-wide
projects.                  – Megan Strilchuk                                     “You will never "find" time for anything. If
                                                                                 you want time, you must make it.”
Gladstone Ladies’ Club- Green Certificate scholarship
                                                                                               Charles Bruxton
Awarded to the student who has demonstrated a high level of
commitment to successful completion of the program.
                           – Matty Reber

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