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									                            Albritton PTSO                     Editor-in-Chief Lori Mikos

                               BULLDOG BULLETIN
 Volume II Issue III                                                                             November 4, 2009

                                CHOCOLATE SALES HUGE SUCCESS!!!
Nov 11 No School                   We would like to thank those Albritton students and family members who
Nov 13 Parent /Teacher
                                helped make this year’s fundraiser a great success. The Team race has been very
                                close. Teams Liberty and Eagles have been leading the entire time sometimes
                                within a few cases of each other. All of these students deserve special thanks
          No School             for working so hard selling chocolate bars.
Nov 18 Awards ceremony
                                The final results are:
          9:00 7th grade
          10:00 8th grade           THE WINNING TEAM IS LIBERTY – selling 153 Cases and
          1:30pm 9th grade                     winning the ice cream sundae party.
Nov 18 PTSO meeting
          10:30 am in Media
                                       Eagles sold 140 cases
                                       Thunderbolts sold 113 cases
Nov 25 - 27 No School
                                       Patriots sold 86 cases
Happy Thanksgiving!!!
                                       Freshmen sold 70 cases

                                The top sellers are :

                                       1st place- Jacob Eaton sold 22 cases          $300 cash card.

                                       2nd place– Amber Sautter sold 19 cases        $200 cash card.

                                       3rd place– Briana McKevitt sold 13 cases      $100 cash card.

                                The dress down date for those who sold ONE WHOLE CASE is November 10
                                A letter and name tag will be sent home to winning students.


President: Michele O’Neil

V.P.: Andrea Tebbe
                                                     Chocolate Fundraiser Notice
Treasurer: Melinda DiLorenzo

Secretary: Michelle Long
                                      The Albritton Fall Fundraiser ended on October 23. The
                                 PTSO is in the process of collecting money and chocolate that is owed
Newsletter: Lori Mikos
                                 from all students. We need money and chocolate turned in as soon
                                 as possible.
PAGE 2                                                                                                BU LLD OG BU LLET I N


BRRRRR …….with the weather getting colder, don’t forget to
purchase your bulldog sweatshirt ($10.00) or long sleeve shirt
($9.00) from the PTSO during lunch at the school store.

 From The Nurse……
 Vision screening was done on 7th grade students on October 27th. Vision referral letters for students who did not pass
 the screening will be mailed the first week in November. If you receive a referral letter, please schedule an eye exam
 for your child as soon as possible. It is very important for a student’s academic success to have the best vision possible.
 Appointments can be scheduled at your primary clinic or there are many Optometry clinics in town that accept Tri-
 care patients. Tricare covers one annual eye exam per dependent by a Tricare Provider. Please take the referral letter
 with you to the exam so the doctor can complete the bottom portion. This information needs to be returned to the
 school nurse so it can be documented in your child’s School Health Record.

 Reminder…..we are in cold and flu season. Please do not send your child to school if he/she has flu symptoms. If your
 child has fever, he/she must not return to school until he/she is fever-free for 24 hours without fever-
 reducing medications. Good hand washing is the best way to prevent the spread of germs.

 Difference between Cold and Swine Flu

 Symptom                  Cold                        Swine Flu

 Fever                    Rare                        Usually present - 100º or higher for 3-4 days

 Coughing                 Hacking, productive         Non-productive

 Aches                    Slight body aches           Severe body aches

 Stuffy nose              Commonly present            Not commonly present

 Chills                   Uncommon                    60% of people experience chills

 Tiredness                Fairly mild                 Moderate to severe

 Sneezing                 Commonly present            Not common

 Sudden symptoms          Develop over few days Rapid onset – 3-6 hours

 Headache                 Uncommon                    Very common

 Sore throat              Commonly present             Not commonly present

 Chest discomfort         Mild to moderate             Often severe
                                                           BU LLD OG BU LLET I N                                       PAGE 3

                  2009-2010 School Counseling Needs Assessment
The following topics are the top three #1 choices by grade level selected by students, staff, and parents.


7th Grade:                                                                                 8th Grade:

1. Study Skills                                                                      1. Study Skills

2. 6 Year Graduation Academic Plan                                                    2. 6 Year Graduation Academic Plan

3. Sexual Harassment                                                                  3. Suicide/Depression Training

                                                         9th Grade:

                                           1.   6 Year Graduation Academic Plan

                                                       2. Study Skills

                                                3. Suicide/Depression Training

What are some other ways the school counselors can help you? These are the topics/areas that students submitted on the
needs assessment.

Personal and social skills (good behavior/not to be rude to people)

Friendship issues/Relationships/Getting along                            School Support Services is hosting a Youth
                                                                         Transition Workshop. If your family is moving
                                                                         after December 10, your child can attend the
Problems outside of school                                               workshop. Students just need to fill out a short
                                                                         questionnaire by November 15, 2009. Students
Improvement in school                                                    can obtain the questionnaires from Mrs. Gath-
Guidance regarding extracurricular activities                            ings, School Counselor.

School issues

Decision making                                                                     Youth Transition Workshop
Drama problems                                                                       Date: December 10, 2009
Abuse                                                                                     Time: 2:40 – 3:10
Family issues

Communication with students (if you are feeling bad, counselors can help you)


Drug Awareness

Anger Management

Group counseling (topic: student problems)

Moving and leaving your friends

Provide information regarding high schools, colleges, and careers

Go Green (we did – we did recycle)
BULLDOG BULLETIN                                                                                                         PAGE 4

We appreciate the parents who participated. We did not receive enough feedback to come to any definite conclusions. However, we would
like to share some of the recommendations.

7th grade parents:

•   Keeping parents informed in a timely manner

•   Help others understand that they can stop bullying by just speaking up for someone else

•   Provide a list of clubs, sports, and activities annually

8th grade parents:

•   Keep information coming home that parents need to reinforce

9th grade parents:

•   No comments given

We appreciate the staff members who participated. We did not receive enough feedback to come to any definite conclusions. However, we
would like to share some of the recommendations.

•   What teachers can do about bullying

•   Work one on one or in groups with at-risk students

•   Work with students on obtaining goals and what their plan is

•   Gangs and issues of belonging and the consequences

•   Sexual Harassment Training

Study Skills and Organization

As a result of the School Counseling Needs Assessment conducted at the beginning of this school year, the booklet “How To Get Good
Grades” was purchased and will be incorporated into our Language Arts classes.

The following excerpts are Tips for Parents from this booklet:

•   Show interest.

•   Discuss classes and set goals.                             •   Don’t nag about school or grades. Your child will tune you out.
                                                               •   Don’t allow your child to miss school unless he/she is truly ill.
•   Listen.                                                    You will send a message that school isn’t important.
•   Be available to help.                                      •   Don’t criticize a teacher in front of your child. Your child will
                                                               only lose respect for that teacher.
•   Encourage school involvement.
                                                               •    Don’t make your child’s failures (or successes) your own. Your
•   Monitor your child’s activities and jobs.                  child may see getting poor grades as a way to rebel.
                                                               •   Don’t have expectations that are unrealistic. If your child knows
•   Be aware of what not to do.                                that your expectations cannot be met, he/she may not even try.
                                                               •   Work with your school.

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