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									Schahram Akbarian, MD, PhD Associate Professor of Psychiatry Director-Brudnick Neuropsychiatric Research Institute
•Internationally recognized on the molecular pathology of schizophrenia & other neurodevelopmental disorders •NIH funded since 2000, studying epigenetic mechanisms in the pathophysiology of depression, psychosis & Rett syndrome •1997 NIMH Outstanding Resident Award •2008 NARSAD Staglin Family Schizophrenia Research Award •Mentored more than 10 instructors & assistant professors, post-doc fellows & graduate students

Dario Altieri, MD Professor of Cancer Biology Chair-Department of Cancer Biology
•Internationally recognized for work on cell death regulation and survival in human diseases, including cancer & acute vascular injury •Led development and preclinical characterization of apoptosis modifiers now in clinical trials •NIH funded since 1989; MERIT award from Heart, Lung and Blood Institutes •Mentored more than 25 pre- and post-doc fellows

Donna Ambrosino, MD Professor of Pediatrics Director-Massachusetts Biologic Laboratories
•Internationally recognized clinical investigator •Work includes characterization of immune compromised immune response, healthy children vaccine responses, and more recently, monoclonal antibody therapeutics •NIH and DOD funded •Mentored more than 30 individuals, including medical students, post-doc and clinical fellows & young faculty conducting clinical trials

Victor Ambros, PhD 2008 Lasker Prize for Basic Medical Research Silverman Chair in Natural Sciences Professor of Molecular Medicine
•Developmental geneticist using the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans to study genetic regulatory mechanisms that control animal development •Major focus on microRNAs function in gene regulatory networks •NIH funded for more than 20 years •2008 Gairdner International Award; Benjamin Franklin Medal in Life Sciences •National Academy of Sciences Member •Mentored more than 20 students & post-docs

Elliot Androphy, MD Professor and Vice Chair of Medicine Director-Medical Scientist Program
•Internationally recognized expert on the molecular biology of human papillomaviruses, studying novel drug-like compounds to inhibit a key viral protein & can be used to treat HPV induced malignancies •NCI funded to develop drug for cervical cancer •Also internationally known expert in the pathogenesis of spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) •NIH funded through NICHD & the Chemical Genomics Center NIMH Roadmap grant •Mentored more than 30 post-doc fellows, graduate & medical students

Neil Aronin, MD Professor of Medicine and Cell Biology Chief-Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism
•Internationally recognized expert on the pathogenesis of Huntington’s disease •Directs the Neuroendocrinology Laboratory •Basic research focuses on gene silencing for autosomal dominant, neurodegenerative disease •Clinical research examines human growth hormone in patients with hypopituitarism & genetics of familial & sporadic pheochromocytoma •NIH or NSF funded since 1979 •Mentors MD/PhD & PhD students & sponsors post-doc fellows for NIH & HHMI

Leslie Berg, PhD Professor of Pathology Chair-Immunology & Virology Program
•Internationally recognized expert on lymphocyte signaling, investigating the functions of key tyrosine kinases required for T cell activation & the generation of a productive immune response to infections •NIH funded to study signaling proteins in mouse models of immunity •Chair of the Board of Scientific Counselors for the National Institute on Aging •Mentored over 30 graduate students & post-docs

Silvia Corvera, MD Professor of Molecular Medicine
•The Corvera lab studies the cellular & molecular basis of energy metabolism •NIH funded studies elucidate factors controlling angiogenesis in human adipose tissue •Bariatric surgery studies are performed in tight coordination & collaboration with surgeons & endocrinologists & closely involve residents, mentored in the basic aspects of the research •Mentored more than 10 students & post-doc fellows in the past 5 years

Michael Czech, PhD Professor of Molecular Medicine Founding Chair-Program in Molecular Medicine
•Recognized for major contributions to diabetes research and adipocyte biology •NIH MERIT award; 2000 Banting Medal of the American Diabetes Association •Czech laboratory focuses on the underlying mechanisms of insulin signaling & the molecular basis of insulin resistance in obesity & type 2 diabetes •NIH funded for more than 25 years •Mentored dozens of graduate students & postdoc fellows

Roger Davis, MA MPhil, PhD, FRS Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator H. Arthur Smith Chair & Professor of Molecular Medicine
•Internationally recognized expert in signal transduction mechanisms related to the stress response •NIH-funded •Research on cancer, diabetes, inflammation, & stroke has helped identify new molecular targets •Elected to The Royal Society (London) in 2002 •Editor-in-Chief, Molecular & Cellular Biology •Mentored many trainees; now successful faculty at other Medical Schools

Kate Fitzgerald, PhD Associate Professor of Medicine
•Internationally recognized expert on innate immunity and host defense with a particular focus in pattern recognition receptors (Toll-Like Receptors, RIG-Like Receptors, NOD-Like Receptors) and their associated signaling pathways •Recipient of several Young Investigator awards •NIH funded since 2004 •Actively involved in the Immunology & Virology Program •Mentored post-doc fellows, graduate & medical Students

Terence Flotte, MD Dean, Provost, Executive Deputy Chancellor Professor of Pediatrics
•Internationally recognized as a pioneer in human gene therapy, currently investigating its use for pediatric genetic diseases, mainly Cystic Fibrosis •First to use adeno-associated virus (AAV) to deliver corrective genes to targeted sites in the body, including the damaged airways of adults with CF, paving the way for new viral vectors for CF gene therapy, currently undergoing pre-clinical testing & soon to be tested in patients •Mentored more than 20 individuals

Patricia Franklin, MD MBA MPH Associate Professor of Orthopedics & Physical Rehabilitation Director-Musculoskeletal Clinical & Outcomes Research
•Expert in clinical and outcome data analysis •NIAMS-funded research on intervention to Enhance TKR patient adherence during rehab • RWJF-funded eHealth research includes a multi-site trial testing the efficacy of emails on diet & physical activity change & development of web-based outcome prediction tools •Supervises orthopedic clinical research of residents (MD) & pre- & post-doc trainees

Robert Goldberg, PhD Professor of Medicine and Epidemiology Director-Master of Science in Clinical Investigation
•Internationally recognized for research in cardiovascular epidemiology & preventive cardiology •NIH funded for 25 years; current MERIT awardee •Recent NIH funding for two large scale epidemiologic studies, one to understand care seeking in patients with acute heart failure, the other studying venous thromboembolic disease •Senior Epidemiologist for the GRACE (Global Registry of Acute Coronary Events) •Mentored more than 50 post-doc fellows, medical & graduate students

Douglas Golenbock, MD Professor of Medicine, Molecular Genetics & Microbiology Chief-Division of Infectious Diseases
•Internationally recognized expert on the innate immune system, particularly in the recognition & response to microbial products •Recent work includes collaboration with Brazilian investigators on patient studies in the pathoGenesis of P. falciparum malaria •NIH funded since 1987; currently an NIH MERIT awardee from NIGMS •Mentored more than 40 post-doc fellows, graduate & medical students, & ID fellows

Ellen Gravallese, MD Professor of Medicine & Cell Biology Chief-Division of Rheumatology
•Internationally recognized expert on pathogenesis of rheumatoid arthritis (RA), with recent emphasis on the destruction of joint bone & cartilage •Lab uses animal models of RA & patient tissue samples to understand pathogenic mechanisms of disease & identify novel treatment pathways •Harvard Medical School Scholars in Medicine Award •NIH and Arthritis Foundation funded •Mentored 14 post-doc fellows, graduate & medical students, & rheumatology fellows

Michael Green, MD, PhD Professor of Molecular Medicine Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator Director-Program in Gene Function & Expression
•Internationally recognized expert in eukaryotic gene regulation & its role in human cancers •Uses molecular biology, molecular genetics, biochemical & RNA interference technology to perform genome-wide screens to identify new genes & pathways & address questions in cancer molecular biology •NIH funded since 1984 •Mentored more than 90 post-doc fellows, graduate & MD/PhD students

Jerry Gurwitz, MD Dr. John Meyers Professor in Primary Care Medicine Executive Director- Meyers Primary Care Institute Chief-Division of Geriatric Medicine
•Recognized for expertise in optimal drug therapy in the elderly & improving medication safety •Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality funded; NHLB-funded HMO Cardiovascular Research Network •William B. Abrams Award in Geriatric Clinical Pharmacology; George F. Archambault Award; •John M. Eisenberg Patient Safety and Quality Award •Mentored over 25 trainees

JeanMarie Houghton, MD, PhD 2006 Cancer Biology Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists & Engineers Associate Professor of Medicine
•Internationally recognized expert on the pathogenesis of helicobacter induced gastric cancer •Investigating both in vitro cell culture and mouse models •NIH funded since 1996;current NIH Presidential Scholar •Mentored more than 10 post-doc fellows, Graduate & medical students, & gastroenterology fellows

Shalesh Kaushal, MD, PhD Associate Professor of Ophthalmology Chair-Department of Ophthalmology
•Expert in vitreoretinal disorders & first in the world to use complement inhibitor molecules to treat patients for wet age-related macular degeneration •Current research uses gene therapy to treat a congenital blindness known as Leber Congenital Amaurosis •Basic research targets the biochemical basis of retinal & macular degeneration, including small molecule drug discovery & the molecular & cellular fate of misfolded proteins associated with retinal degeneration

John Keaney, MD Professor of Medicine & Physiology Chief-Division of Cardiovascular Medicine
•Internationally recognized expert on vascular & endothelial cell biology •Research involves biochemical, cellular, animal & human manifestations of vascular disease •NIH funded since 1995, including Multidisciplinary Training in Cardiovascular Research grant •Mentored over 25 post-doc fellows, graduate & medical students, & cardiology fellows

Katherine Luzuriaga, MD Professor of Pediatrics & Molecular Medicine Director-Clinical Research Scholars (K12) Program
•Internationally recognized for Informing understanding of viral & host factors influencing the establishment of persistent viral infections (HIV, CMV, and EBV) in infants & children •First to characterize the ability of young infants to generate virus-specific CD8 T cell responses & to demonstrate the efficacy of early antiretroviral treatment in HIV-infected infants •NIH funded; NIH Mid-Career Award to mentor graduate students, post-doc fellows, & junior faculty in patient-oriented research

Craig Mello, PhD 2006 Nobel Prize in Medicine or Physiology Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator Blais University Chair in Molecular Medicine Director-RNAi Therapeutics Institute
•Internationally recognized as co-discoverer of RNAi, a process & state-of-the-art method by which scientists “knock-out” or silence the expression of specific genes to identify the gene’s function •Mentored more than 40 post-doc fellows & graduate students

Liisa Selin, MD, PhD Associate Professor of Pathology
•Internationally recognized authority in the field of viral immunology •Research studies the role of T cell responses to viral infections, initially identifying & focusing on the phenomenon of heterologous immunity •Demonstrated that activation of influenza specific memory CD8 T cells during Epstein Barr infection can lead to infectious mononucleosis •NIH funded •Mentored 18 trainees, including current Marie Curie International Fellow

John L. Sullivan, MD Vice Provost for Research Director-UMass Center for Clinical & Translational Science Professor of Pediatrics & Molecular Medicine
•Internationally recognized for pioneering use of nevirapine to reduce HIV maternal-to-fetal transmission in sub-Saharan Africa •Ongoing research focuses on immunopathogenic consequences of HIV infection & pathogenesis of herpes virus infection •NIH funded more than 25 years •Mentored 6 graduate students & 12 post-doc fellows

Gyongyi Szabo, MD, PhD Professor of Medicine Associate Director-Medical Scientist Program Director-Clinical/Translational Research Pathway for Medical Students
•Internationally recognized authority on the role of innate immunity in liver disease •NIH funded since 1990 •Research includes animal models & patients with hepatitis C infection, alcoholic & non-alcoholic liver disease •PI on the HALT-C multi-center NIDDK-supported clinical trial •Mentored 18 post-doc fellows

Carole Upshur, EdD Professor of Family Medicine & Community Health Associate Dean-Clinical & Population Health Research
•Nationally known researcher on the integration of primary care & mental health services, organization & management of behavioral health care for children, & treating chronic pain in primary care •Funded through AHRQ, NIMH, Robert Wood Johnson & Annie E. Casey Foundations, & Health Foundation of Central Massachusetts •Mentored over 30 doctoral students

Zhiping Weng, PhD Professor of Biochemistry & Molecular Pharmacology Director-Program in Bioinformatics & Integrative Biology
•Known for contributions in two areas— transcriptional regulation & protein-protein interaction •PI on National Human Genome Research Institute grant to computationally predict & experimentally test transcriptional factor binding sites in the human genome (part of the International Consortium called Encyclopedia of DNA Elements (ENCODE) •Mentored more than 30 trainees

Phillip Zamore, PhD Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator Gretchen Stone Cook Professor of Biomedical Sciences Professor of Biochemistry & Molecular Pharmacology
•International leader in the study of RNAi & other RNA silencing pathways •NIH funded; High Q Foundation grant to develop therapies for Huntington’s disease •Pew Scholar in Biomedical Sciences; W.M. Keck Foundation Young Scholar in Medical Research; Schering Plough Award •Mentored more than 25 trainees, including medical and graduate students, PhD/MDs, & post-doc fellows

Douglas Ziedonis, MD, MPH Professor of Psychiatry Chair-Psychiatry
•International expert on co-occurring mental illness & addiction, in particular tobacco dependence & including developing innovative programs, research training, & policy •NIH funded through NIMH, NIDA, & CSAT •Senior Fellow, SAMHSA’s Co-Occurring Disorders Center for Excellence •Norman H. Edelman Clinical Sciences Mentoring Award •Developed “Training the Mentor” programs

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