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									                                                                                               THY WORD: Thy Word is sponsored this week by Gerald & Irene Arends in memory of George &
St. Joseph Church                                                                              Leona Arends. If you would like to be a sponsor of Thy Word Broadcast, please put your donation in an
405 E. Thorpe Ave.
Ada, Minnesota 56510
                                                     First Sunday of                           envelope marked “Thy Word” and place it in the collection basket. You may sponsor Thy Word in
                                                                                               memory of loved ones or in honor of loved ones or special events. Cost to be a sponsor is $33.00. “Thy
                                                                                               Word” is broadcast each Saturday at 7:00am & Sunday at 11:00am on #106.5FM.
Parish website:
Parish Office:
                                                         Advent                                Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament Thursdays:
                                                                                               St. Williams ~ 10:00am– 1:00pm
                                                                                               St. Joseph’s ~ 7:00am– 9:00am, 6:00pm– 12:00am
                                                                                                                                              Holy Family ~ 4:00pm– 7:00pm

Fr. Joseph DeCrans, Pastor                                  November 29, 2009
Cell Phone                        218-689-6502                                                 Pray the Rosary: Thursday mornings at Bridges Care Community at 9:30am with the residents.
                                                          ~ Joe & Agnes Chmelar
                                                                                               Choir Practices: Sunday, December 13th and Sunday, December 20th at 8:30am. Keepers will practice
Terry Steen                                                                                    on Sunday, December 6th at 8:30am.
Telephone                             784-4131                                                                           RCIA Inquiry: If you are interested in learning more about the Catholic Faith or are thinking about
                                                                                               joining the Catholic Church please join us on Tuesday, December 1st at 7:00pm here at St. Joseph’s. If
Bonnie Lee                                                                                     you would like more information or have questions you can contact Laurie Hertel or Bonnie Lee.
Telephone                             456-2400
holy                                                                            Table & Chair Fundraiser: St. Joseph’s is looking to replace the tables and chairs in the social hall with
                                                                                               more lightweight and durable tables and for all the chairs to match. The cost of the tables are $85.00 and
Diocesan Victim Assistance Coordinator                                                         chairs $20.00 each. If you make a donation for the purchase of a new table or new chairs if you would like
Louann McGlynn       (confidential) 218-281-7895                                               you will be able to take one of the old. We will keep some of the old tables and chairs for loaning out. If                                                                         you are interested in donating please contact the parish office.
                                                   MINISTRIES ~ Sunday,   December 6th
Sunday Mass Times:                              1st Reading: Terry Steen                       KC’s Meeting: The KC’s will meet on Thursday, December 3rd at St. William’s Twin Valley with supper
St. Joseph, Ada                   Sunday 9:45am 2nd Reading: Cathy Kolness                     at 7:00pm and the business meeting to follow at 8:00pm.
St. William, Twin Valley         Sunday 8:00am Commentator: Carol Gwin
Holy Family, Halstad            Sunday 11:30am Ministers of Holy Communion: Kim Moen,          Third Annual “Christmas Gift of Music” Saturday, December 5th at 2:00pm at Grace Lutheran Church
                                                Mark & Natalie Weber, Daryl Chisholm,          featuring the Petry Family. Refreshments will be served following.
Weekday Mass Schedule Nov. 30– Dec. 5           Roger Stene, Katie Wagner, Laurie Hertel
Tuesday, December 1st (SJ) Bridges     11:00am Servers: Janelle Kappes, Alex Lambert           Flower Memorials: If you would like to make a donation for Christmas flowers, it can be put in an
~ Ann Verdouw                                                                                  envelope inscribed flowers and placed in the collection basket. Print on the envelope the name of the loved
                                                Gifts: Tori Petrik family                      one(s) that the donation is given in memory of, along with the name of the donor.
Wednesday, December 2nd (HF) HLV        4:30pm Ushers: Mick Thompson, Paul Nirschl,
~ Joe & Genevieve Kurpius                               Ollen Church, Mike Kolness             BIRTHDAYS - November 29th: Kathy Church, December 1st: Shawn Crompton, Kelly Jimenez,
                                                Organist: Nicole Cantor: Keepers of the Word   December 2nd: Phyllis Nitschke, December 3rd: Irene Arends, Darin Ramey, Staci Wills, Kassidi Hennen,
Thursday, December 3rd (SW)TVLC        11:00am
~ Ione Andring                                                                                 December 4th: Pam Larson

Friday, December 4th (SJ)              10:00am
                                                    Please pray for God’s blessings upon                                            ST JOSEPH STEWARDSHIP
~ Maxine Roesch                                           these families this week:              Monthly Contributions:                                November 22nd Weekly Contribution
                                                         Veronica Brommenschenkel,               October Totals: $8,477.64                             Adult: $1522.00 (38 envelopes)
Sunday, December 6th (SJ)               9:45am                                                   Monthly Average needed for Budget: $9,300.84          Children: $33.50 (20 envelopes)
~ John Cannon                                            Jim, Kim & Lauren Krogstad                                        Difference: -823.20         Plate: $81.00
Sacrament of Reconciliation:                                                                     Building Fund                                         Total = $1636.50
                                                           Shannon, Karla, Alexis                AMAS Fund Loan: $16,192.03                            Average needed for budget: $2325.21
Saturdays at 11:00am
                                                              & Luke Jalbert                     November 22nd Weekly Contribution: $20.00             Campaign for Human Development: $226.43
or by arrangement with Fr. Joe

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