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									N OVEMB ER 22, 2009                                                    V OLUME XIV— I SSUE 47

                    Why Not Send Lazarus?                                  SCHEDULE OF SERVICES
                                                                           BIBLE CLASS                9:30 AM
                                                                           MORNING W ORSHIP   8:00 & 10:30 AM
  The church is in transition… let there be no doubt. There is an effort   EVENING WORSHIP            6:00 PM

to make Christianity “user-friendly.” We are developing an atmosphere                     TUESDAY
                                                                           LADIES BIBLE CLASS               9:30 AM
of non-confrontive, serve at your “own comfort level”, focusing on “my
needs.”                                                                    BIBLE CLASS                       7:00 PM

  There are some very basic concepts which we must understand and                      THURSDAY
                                                                           COMMUNITY BIBLE CLASS            10:00 AM
act upon. For instance – Is the gospel message intended to be God-
centered or man-centered? Must the gospel be packaged and marketed           W HERE          TO FIND US
                                                                                 7300 CROWNRIDGE DRIVE
to make it acceptable to our society? Is the ultimate test of legitimacy        THE WOODLANDS , TX 77382
“whatever draws the biggest crowd?”                                        PHONE/VOICEMAIL:            936-273-0010
                                                                           METRO LINE:                 936-321-8919
  The gospel is to be “adorned” or made attractive by Christians who       FAX:                        936-273-0012
serve… who live and teach what Jesus did.                                  EMAIL:                           INFORMA-

                                                                           ON THE WEB:     WWW.WOODLANDOAKS.ORG
  The dialogue (Luke 16:27-31) between Abraham and the rich man in
                                                                                JOIN OUR E-PRAYER MINISTRY
torment is an illustration of contrasting philosophies in the church to-                FOR DETAILS VISIT

day:                                                                          WWW.WOODLANDOAKS.ORG/PRAYER

                                                                                     BULLETIN SUBMISSIONS DUE
  The rich man thought that if something “unusual or novel” would                   BY 12 NOON EACH THURSDAY.
happen to his five brothers (like Lazarus resurrecting and appearing to
them), they would believe.                                                         PLEASE
                                                                                  PUT YOUR
  Abraham’s response reflects the abiding principle that novel ideas
and new approaches are not the answer to the challenge of reaching               COMPLETED
the lost. God’s word – the pure seed – must be planted in the heart,          ATTENDANCE CARD
and that alone can produce God’s harvest.                                           IN THE
                                                                              COLLECTION PLATE
   We may be able to attract crowds (Jesus did with the loaves and
fishes), but the gospel must be preached and everyone will not be
pleased when it is.                                                                      Please join us for
                                                                                            a service at
  Sometimes we get “means” mixed up with “ends.” Meeting physical                          SILVERADO
“needs” will not save a soul. The preaching and teaching of the gospel
will. Let’s not be sidetracked from the mission.
                                                            -Ken Stegall                  today at 2 PM.
 LADIES’ CLASS will not meet this                                The Church office will be
 Tuesday, November 24, because of                                closed Thursday and Friday
 Thanksgiving. Please join us as                      of this week. The bulletin will be
 we resume our regular schedule                       printed Wednesday, so any items for
 next Tuesday, December 1st.                          the bulletin must be in the office no
                                                      later than noon Tuesday.

We rejoice with ALEX LAWLESS and                                     SYMPATHY
her family in ALEX’s decision to put                         Janet Ince lost her
the Lord on in baptism. ALEX was                      father, HARVEY MOORE,
                                                      last Sunday morning after
baptized Sunday morning, Novem-                       his long battle with cancer .
ber 15th, by her grandfather, Ros-                           Margaret Cottrell
coe Lawless. Be sure to welcome                       lost her uncle, W.T. Weeks,
ALEX to the family.                                   Thursday, November 12.
                                                             Please remember
                                                      both of these families in their losses. Our
     CLEAN DRAWERS AND WARM SOCKS                     thoughts and prayers are with them.
Thank you for donating over 200 men’s underwear
and over 100 pairs of socks to help the homeless at
the Impact mission. These will supply our needs for
a couple of months or more.

         ADULT BIBLE CLASSES                                   COLLEGE STUDENT
          WINTER QUARTER                                        CARE PACKAGES
Our new Adult Bible Classes for the Winter Quarter
will begin December 1st and conclude February 28,
                                                      Care packages will be assembled this
2010.                                                 afternoon. We are accepting snacks,
                                                      goodies, and any items
   SUBJECT          TEACHER          LOCATION
                                                      that will help the stu-
Family—A         Nathan Ingram     Auditorium
Shadow of Things
                                                      dents through finals.
to Come                                               We will also accept
A Study of Ro-    Ken Stegall      1st Floor Annex
                                                      cash donations (See
mans (20s & 30s                                       Sharon Freeman). We
i.e. TNT)                                             have 39 college stu-
       Wednesday nights, Sonny Taylor will teach      dents. If you can help
on “That’s Why We Sing.”                              put the packages to-
       We will continue to have congregational        gether, please join us
singing the first Wednesday evening of each month.    here at the building this afternoon at
Sonny Taylor will coordinate.
                                                      4:00 PM.
                 Bob Burright is in                          ORNAMENT EXCHANGE
                 Uganda to be present at                     Lindy Ingram will host the
                 the ceremonies for the                      annual Ladies Ornament
                 new graduating class at                     Exchange at her home on
                 the school of preaching                     Thursday, December 3 starting
                                                             at 6:30 p.m. Please bring fin-
                 and to follow up on the
                                             ger foods. Soups and drinks will be provided.
continuing work there. He took the           Please bring a $10 (limit) ornament for the
suits for the graduates. Please keep him     gift exchange.
and Lorraine in your prayers as he trav-
els and helps oversee that work. Bob
will return home Wednesday.

Wednesday night we will have a devotional    If you would like to have complimentary copies
service. All ages will meet in the audito-   of Ken’s 5-lesson series entitled “Four Views of
rium for a time of worship and thanksgiv-         Cross”,
                                             The Cross there is a sign-up list on
                                             the counter in the foyer. These les-
                                             sons would be a great gift and an ex-
                                             cellent way to share the good news
                                             with a family member or friend.

                                                     BABYSITTERS STILL NEEDED
          NEW MEMBERS 2009                                   Our nursery is still in serious need
                                                             of nursery helpers for both ser-
           HOLIDAY DESSERTS                                  vices for the foreseeable future.
                                                             Please consider signing up. The
          Please come enjoy some sweets                      signup sheet is on the nursery
            Meet other new members                           room door.

                 Share some fun
                 2PM—4PM                           YOUR ATTENDANCE CARDS
                                              AND PUT THEM IN THE COLLECTION
                                              We record attendance with the cards, and
                                              we miss you when you aren’t here, so we
                                             want to be able to check and be sure every-
                                                       thing is okay with you
 Today:                                                                                   ELDERS
                                                                           SAM BRADLEY                 GARY ERWIN
 8:00 AM                Morning Worship Assembly                           MARK FREEMAN          BUTCH MERRIMAN
 9:30 AM                Bible Class (Offered for all age groups. See one             ELTON STUBBLEFIELD

                        of the greeters for more details.)                                    DEACONS
                                                                           ADMIN                             TODD STEPHENS
                Adult Classes
                                                                           FELLOWSHIP                              TIM RIGGS
                Auditorium               “Angels                           SHARING MINISTRY               GARY TANNAHILL
                Elton Stubblefield                                                                          RICK MEDFORD

                1st Floor Church Annex         “A Study of Romans          BUILDING & GROUNDS                     KEN PURVIS
                                                                           EDUCATION                              BOB WELCH
                Ken Stegall
                                                                           FINANCIAL                            JEFF FLEMING
 10:30 AM       Morning Worship Assembly
                                                                           HOSPITAL VISITATION            JOHN CHARLESTON
 2:00 PM        Silverado Service (see bulletin front for more informa     MEMBER INVOLVEMENT                     HAL EGGER
                tion)                                                      OUTREACH & MISSIONS               GLENN ADDISON
 6:00 PM        Evening Assembly                                                                               PAUL GIDDEN
                                                                           SPECIAL MINISTRIES                   DAN GRAY
                                                                                                           NATHAN INGRAM
                                                                           YOUTH                                RANDY BATES
                        Sunday, November 15, 2009
                                                                           WORSHIP                              BILL MALONE
             Sunday 8:00 am Worship                         186
             Bible Class                                    171
                                                                           PULPIT                    KEN STEGALL
             Sunday 10:30 am Worship                        223            YOUTH & FAMILY          CORY WADDELL
             PM Worship                                     163                             OFFICE STAFF
             Contribution                            $13,637.80            SECRETARY                            JENNET GRAY
                                                                                                               MARTY JUSTICE
                  Wednesday, November 18, 2009
             Bible Class                                   143                    BIBLE CLASS COORDINATORS
                                                                           CRADLE ROLL                 JEAN ERWIN
                                                                           PRE-SCHOOL               JOANIE ROBERTS
                                                                           ELEMENTARY                  BOB WELCH
                                                                           YOUTH                    CORY WADDELL
                           THOSE CHOSEN TO SERVE                           ADULT                      CLEO TARVER

                                                                                   SUPPORTED MISSION WORKS
November 18, 2009 (This Week) 8:00 Service              10:30 Service           UGANDA SCHOOL OF EVANGELISM

Hosts                            Nelda Baldacchino     Karen Hopper                         STEVE AUSTIN
                                                                                     TEXAS GULF COAST BIBLE INSTITUTE
Song Leader                      Sonny Taylor          Sonny Taylor                       RALPH WILLIAMS
Lord’s Table Leader              Brent Foster          David Jones
                                                                                            RON CLAYTON
          Coordinator            Jimmy Atkinson        Bob McDougal                               INDIA

Closing Remarks                  Gary Erwin            Gary Erwin                    OLIVE BRANCH MINISTRIES
                                                                                           CONGO, AFRICA
                                                                                            MARIO CALLE
Site Safety & Security           Larry Abston          Robert McDougal                      PERU ORPHANAGE

                                                                                           PAT SCHEAFFER
November 22, 2009 (Next Week)                                                            ADVENTURES IN MISSIONS
Hosts                            Nelda Baldacchino     Karen Hopper                BENIN SCHOOL OF PREACHING
Song Leader                      Sonny Taylor          Sonny Taylor                           WEST AFRICA

Lord’s Table Leader              Brent Foster          David Jones                 EASTERN EUROPEAN MISSIONS

            Coordinator          Jimmy Atkinson        Bob McDougal                     ELPHAS NDAWONDE
                                                                                              SOUTH AFRICA
Closing Remarks                  Gary Erwin            Gary Erwin                         MISSION PRINTING
Nursery                                                                                     ARLINGTON, TEXAS

Site Safety & Security           Larry Abston          Robert McDougal

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