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									The Brown Bulletin
August 31, 2009
Classroom Happenings
Emailing Newsletter – In order to save paper, I will be emailing the Brown Bulletin each Monday to all parents with access to email. If you did NOT receive this by email (and you should have), please email me at I will add you to the distribution list. Homework and Agendas – In third grade, all homework assignments were posted in the weekly newsletter. In 4th grade, students are expected to write down their assignments each day in their agenda. This is as big change! Each morning, students will arrive in the classroom, hang up their backpacks, turn in their math homework, and then copy their assignments into their agenda. Please check your child’s agenda each day to be aware of his or her homework. If you need clarification on any assignment, you can check my classroom website for homework information – I have a page dedicated to the homework assignments. Students will have math and reading homework each night! Agendas – Please send in $2 for your child’s agenda. MAP Testing – All Greenville County students participate in MAP (Measure of Academic Progress) testing in the fall and spring. This test gives teachers diagnostic feedback on your child’s strengths and weaknesses as a reader and mathematician. This test also enables us to see growth over a period of time – even from year to year. Our students will take the MAP Math test on Tuesday, September 1st from 10:45 – 11:45. We will take the MAP Reading test on Tuesday, September 8th from 10:45 – 11:45. If at all possible, do not schedule doctor’s appointments during this time. I will be able to discuss the results of the MAP testing with you during our first parent conferences in October. Reading and Writing Histories – To better understand ourselves as readers and writers, I’m asking each child to collect artifacts from their reading and writing histories. An information sheet came home today (Monday) that explains everything about the project. Some possible artifacts might be…the first book your child ever read, a sample of their first attempts at writing, the first story your child ever wrote, a favorite book from 1st or 2nd grade, a book that you read to your child over and over and over again. If you are unable to collect any artifacts, just have your child write about the artifacts on the Family Interview page. The artifacts and Family Interview sheet are both due on Friday, September 4th. PTA Volunteer Coffee WHAT: PTA Volunteer Coffee WHERE: Stone Cafeteria WHEN: 8:30 a.m., Thursday, September 3 Come enjoy coffee, juice, and baked goods as you learn more about volunteer opportunities at Stone Academy. Grandparents and younger children are welcome to attend as well!

Learning for the Week
Reading – We will learn how to fill out our reading logs, reflect on times we’ve loved reading and hated reading, determine criteria for good places and times to read, and reflect on our reading and writing histories. Writing – This week we will begin using our writer’s notebooks to collect stories, memories, lists, questions, and wonderings. These seed ideas will later be developed into more formal pieces of writing. For the next two weeks, we will learn to live like writers – constantly observing the world for ideas. We have so many stories inside of us – I can’t wait to see what our kids will write! Math – We will begin our study of place value this week. Social Studies – This week we will learn about the early Native American cultural groups that lived in North America: Southeast, Eastern Woodlands, and Great Plains. Science – We had a great time exploring science process skills last week. This week we will begin investigating magnetism and electricity (it’s a really fun unit – I think our kids are going to love it!). Contact me at or by phone at 355-8433

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