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									What does a Pharmacy Technician do?

A Pharmacy Technician fulfills many important duties while assisting in the pharmacy.
They are most easily defined as a second pair of hands for the registered Pharmacist.
They interact with patients both in person and over the telephone and maintain patient
profiles. They also receive and verify electronically submitted prescriptions from health
care providers. The Pharmacy Tech assists the Pharmacist in filling prescriptions by
counting, pouring, weighing, measuring and/or mixing medications as necessary. The
Tech is also responsible for maintaining stock and keeping an accurate inventory of
prescription and/or over the counter medications. Other duties may vary by actual
location of employment and could include things like filling out insurance claim forms
and/or stocking shelves.

How much money can a Pharmacy Technician make?

The opportunities are endless. The national average for a Pharmacy Technician is $9
hourly. Many techs earn 20,000 annually to start, with the possibility for increase
depending on the employer. Retail Pharmacy Techs are paid slightly more than those
who work in institutional pharmacies. A pharmacist can come to rely very heavily on a
tech and this sort of professional relationship could be very beneficial to both parties in
terms of time and money.

Are there lots of jobs available for a Pharmacy Technician?

Again, the possibilities are infinite. You may have noticed the thousands of new retail
pharmacies going up on every corner. You may also have noticed that they are booming.
There are many factors, economic and political, that help the pharmacy remain big
business. Regardless of the cause, the fact is that pharmacy technicians are in huge
demand and the outlook for the next ten years, according to the Department of Labor, is
an increasing demand.

Do I need to be good at math?

Well…sort of, but don’t worry! We will give you a basic refresher to get you started. If
you are completely intimidated by the idea of fractions and decimals or ratio and
proportion you may have a problem. But if you are willing to put in a little effort you
will be perfectly capable of calculating the right ingredients to create a lifesaving
medicine. It really is the most basic of mathematical calculations and it is all very

What if I have never worked in a pharmacy before?
Don’t worry; our course is designed for those with experience as well as those without.
If you have never worked in the field before you will be provided with an internship.
You will use 12 hours of class time to shadow a pharmacy technician currently working
in the field. It will be a valuable observation period as well as an educational experience.

Do I have to be certified to get a job?

While our course is designed to assist you in passing your certification exam the state of
Ohio does not require a certificate to work as a pharmacy technician. However many
employers require certification for this position. The exam is, at the time of this writing,
$120. It consists of 140 multiple choice questions of which only 125 are scored. There is
a national testing center conveniently located in Cleveland. The exam is administered
three times per year. People with any felonies on their record will not be allowed to take
the exam. Also required to take the exam is a high school diploma, GED or the foreign

Do you offer job placement assistance?

We do not specifically offer job placement with this course. Since the position is in such
high demand we feel that with your national certification (provided that you pass the
exam) job hunting should not be traumatic. Our instructor has many years of experience
and many contacts within the field and the University partners with Akron General
Medical Center to offer this course. Both of these sources, combined with employment
resources within the community should make your job search a piece of cake.

Who is your instructor? What are his qualifications?

Roy “Rick” Petty is a very energetic and congenial instructor who enjoys teaching his
trade to his students. He has worked at Akron General Medical Center for 28 years as a
Certified Pharmacy Technician. He received his training from several local universities
as well as a four year tour of duty with the US Navy.

How many credits is your course worth?

Our course is offered as a non-credit course only. If you are pursuing an undergraduate
degree you will not be able to use this class as credits. It is designed more for adults in
the workforce who are looking for a career change or to advance further in the field they
are already working in.

How can I sign up for this course?
You can print a form, fill it out and mail it in. You can call our office at 330-972-7577
and register over the phone. You can come in to our office in the Polsky Building, Room
466 and register. You must pay for the class in full before it begins.

Can I get financial aid for this course?

Unfortunately traditional education loans do not cover non-credit classes. However,
there is a company that offers low interest loans for continuing education courses. The
name of the company is TERI. Their website is www.TERILOANS.org You can visit
their webpage for more information and an application. Other websites that may offer
financial aid for non-credit courses, depending on the student and the course are: GMAC
at www.edloans.gmacbank.com/education_loans; Key Bank at
www.key.com/educate/careerloan; and Wells Fargo Bank at www.plato.org

How can I find out more information about Pharmacy Technician and the national
certification exam?

For more information on the position of Pharmacy Technician please visit www.ashp.org
This website is for The American Society of Health System Pharmacists. For more
information about the exam visit www.ptcb.org This is the website of the Pharmacy
Technician Certification Board.

I can’t attend your current course; will you be offering it again?

To coincide with the administration of the exam we offer this course three times a year.
If you are unable to make it for our current offering you can rest assured that our next
class, and your new career, is probably only a couple of months away.

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