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Persuasive Essay Writing - DOC - DOC by tyty722


									                  Persuasive Essay Writing
             (…another important sheet with helpful info too important to lose!)

In persuasive writing, writers state a clear position in support of a proposal, support a position
with relevant evidence, follow a simple organizational pattern, and address readers concerns.

Sample Writing Prompt: Write a persuasive essay convincing the state government to either lower
or maintain the drinking age of twenty-one.

What to put in each paragraph:
1. Hook/ attention grabber (anecdote, fact, thought provoking question, a fascinating quote,
and/or a profound statement)
2. Background Information. Define any terms that relate to your topic and provide any
information that will clarify anything your audience needs to know.
3. Thesis: Your opinion statement and your three reasons listed. (Ex. The alcohol age should not be
lowered to age 18 because young people are inexperienced drivers and may drink and drive, it’s a
depressant, and it damages your liver.)

                             Body Paragraph #1, #2, #3
Include a minimum of three body paragraphs; feel free to include more but be thorough with each
paragraph… think quality, not quantity.
1. Topic Sentence. Include a transition and then mention the first reason from your thesis. (Ex.
First of all, people who are under the age of twenty-one have only a few years of practice driving.)
2. Evidence, evidence, and more evidence (all evidence should support the topic sentence).
Include anecdotes, interesting facts, statistics, research, expert opinions, interviews, examples, etc.
Use transitional phrases (for example, in addition, moreover, secondly) to introduce each piece of
3. Counterargument and rebuttal if it appropriately coordinates with this paragraph topic.
4. Concluding Sentence. This is a great place to connect this paragraph’s ideas to the next

          Optional Counterarguments and Rebuttal Paragraph
Introduce counterarguments and rebuttals here if they didn’t fit in with your other body paragraph

1. Re-state your thesis from the introduction in different words.
2. Add a few sentences that tell your reading some concluding thoughts. Include a challenge to
your audience, an anecdote, interesting fact, thought provoking question, a fascinating quote, and/or
a profound statement to leave your reader with a lasting, memorable impression.

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