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					             Graphic Organizer:Persuasive Essay
Introduction/Hook: Circle Type Used: Snapshot, Anecdote, Quote, Dialogue, Question, or a Bold &
Challenging Statement.

Context: (A little background information the reader needs to know)

Two Part Focus: (sample: Nature’s Classroom must not be canceled because it is a fun and educational
experience. Or All 6th graders should go to Nature’s Classroom because they make learning fun, and it will
give you a great opportunity to better know your classmates.)

Supporting Paragraph for 1st part of focus statement:
Supporting Paragraph for 2nd part of focus statement

Counter Argument & Rebuttal: (What is the main reason someone might give for not supporting your
argument/position? What would you RESPECTFULLY say to counter their argument?)
Conclusion: (Remember, this has two parts. It must restate the focus in new words and leave the reader
thinking – the “aha”.)