Grade Five – Theme 6 Reading-Writing Workshop Genre Persuasive by tyty722


									                                                        Grade Five – Theme 6
                                                      Reading-Writing Workshop
                                                       Genre: Persuasive Essay
    In this Reading-Writing Workshop, you will be writing a 500 – 700 word persuasive essay. You will have time to prewrite,
    draft, revise, proofread, and publish your story. You will be scored on how well you:
        •    State a clear position in support of a proposal.
        •    Support a position with relevant evidence.
        •    Follow a simple organizational pattern.
        •    Address reader concerns by responding to objections they might have.
        •    Start with a fast-paced beginning that gets the reader interested.
        •    Avoid run-on sentences.
        •    End by restating the key goal or purpose of your position.

   Writing the Persuasive Essay:
   A persuasive composition is an essay that uses facts, opinions, and logic to convince its readers to take on a particular point of view
   or act in a particular way. Throughout this theme you’ve been discussing issues that people feel strongly about, such as
   conservation and extinction. You will be asked to identify your own view or perspective on a critical issue and write a clear,
   coherent, and focused essay.

   Choosing a Topic
   Think about something you are strongly for or strongly against. It may help to identify things that are happening around you and
   how they affect your community and/or environment. These topics may relate to health and safety, school, current events, animals,
   or other interesting subjects. Ask yourself questions to help you identify a clear goal or purpose for your essay.

          Steps of the Writing Process                Student Work
                                                      Items with checkbox could be placed in a theme folder.
          Prewriting                                   Opinion Paragraph PB 360
                                                       Making Generalizations PB 348, 350-351
                                                       Answer to an Essay Question PB 395
                                                      Reading-Writing Workshop
                                                      Choosing a Topic
                                                      Organizing and Planning
                                                      Developing a position with relevant evidence
                                                       Graphic Organizer(s)

          Drafting                                       Stating Reasons and Answering Objections
                                                         Using Supporting Facts and Details
          Revising                                       Revising PB 362
                                                         Correcting Run-On Sentences PB 363

          Proofreading                                 Proofreading and Writing PB 364-366
          Publishing                                  Publishing and Evaluating
                                                       Rubric
                                                       Reflection

         Writing Applications (Genres and Their Characteristics)
         2.4 Write persuasive letters or compositions:
                 a. State a clear position in support of a proposal.
                 b. Support a position with relevant evidence.
                 c. Follow a simple organizational pattern.
                 d. Address reader concerns.

GGUSD Teacher Handbook 4-6                                Written/Oral Language 5th Grade p. 23                                   9/06

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