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					                           CAR RENTAL FORM AND AGREEMENT
                                      CV. HIRO

Here under signatured bellow,

Full Name                           :
Passport Number                     :

Local contact phone                 :
Celular Phone Number                :

I referred to above is the tenant's car on the CV. HIRO as a company car rental service provider.
The car rental agreement which has been agreed both parties are as follows:

Kind of vehicle rental          :                                         Total unit =
                                                                          Total unit =
                                                                          Total unit =
Destination of rent             :
ETA                             :       Date,                             At,
Tanggal akhir sewa              :       Date,                             At,
Rental Price                    :       Rp.
Total Invoice                   :       Rp.
Payment metode                  :       Cash/transfer/invoice
Plan dat of payment             :

Later in this agreement I declare agree Terms & Conditions Car Rental imposed by CV.HIRO,
   1. Car rental price includes the driver and motor fuel (gasoline), not including costs beyond
   2. Use of rental car not for the activities that are violating the norms of religion, society and
        law in Indonesia. Then if there is a violation norms are made by the tenant, then the CV.
        HIRO is not involved whatsoever.
   3. Car lease payments made in cash in advance, can be paid via bank transfer or cash before
        the date of execution of rental cars.
   4. Afford an additional fee if the usage exceeds the time listed above in accordance with the
        rates agreed overtime.
   5. During the car rental service, the tenant must allow time for prayer and dinner to the
        driver / drivers.
   6. Hiro rental car fleet Rent Car & Tour Travel Surakarta has the insured or insurance.
        Accidents that cause damage such as abrasions or dents on the rental car caused by driver
        negligence whether intentionally or unintentionally not be the tenants responsibility.
   7. Cancellation of rental car if the buyer is less than 48 hours will be charged for
        cancellation 50% of the rental price of 1 (one) day of the car.
   8. Car rental booking cancellation if done 24 hours earlier, will be charged the cancellation
        of 100% of the rental price of 1 (one) day of the car.

This agreement thus made to serve as a check. Copies made 2 (two) and spiked with a signature
on the stamp Rp.6000,-

Customer,                                                       CV.HIRO

Name & signature                                                Name & signature

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