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                                Tips for Conducting Employee
Phone: (509) 963-1202
Fax: (509) 963-1733             Performance Reviews
E-mail:                                                       5.   Address what’s important to the
                                                                                      employee. Since job satisfaction is the
  This monthly                                                                        most important factor affecting an
  newsletter is                                                                       employee’s attitude (and therefore his or
  intended to provide                                                                 her level of performance and value to the
  down-to-earth ideas                                                                 University), an effective review should delve
  and techniques                                                                      into areas that include issues most
  you can put into                                                                    important to that employee.
  action to improve                                                              6.   Discuss     work/life    balance.       The
  communication,                                                                      performance review is a good opportunity
  enhance performance,                                                                to show your concern for the employee’s
  motivate staff, and                                                                 work/life balance, and to jointly discuss
  influence peers.                                                                    solutions to improve that balance. It’s also
  Your suggestions                                                                    a good time to create a plan for the
  and ideas are                 No organization can function for very long
                                                                                      employee’s career advancement and discuss
  encouraged.                   without a team of productive employees
                                                                                      what future opportunities might exist for
  E-mail your HR                supporting it. It’s important not only that
                                                                                      him or her.
  Quick Tips newsletter         your employees feel appreciated, but also
  submissions to                that they feel they're progressing steadily in
  Michael Horne at:             their careers. To make your performance           reviews as productive and as painless as
                                possible,    follow    these   tried-and-true

    HR UPDATE                   1. Be prepared. First of all, make sure you
                                   are fully prepared before sitting down with
 The contract for CWU’s            the employee. Decide both what you’re
 participation in the              going to say and how you're going to say
 Washington State
 Department of Personnel’s
 E-Learning Network will        2. Lead with the positive. It’s important to     7. Review regularly. Reviews should be done
 expire on June 30th and will      reaffirm the employee’s strengths at the         proactively with the purpose of improving
 not be renewed. Those             beginning of the review.                         employee morale and productivity. When
 employees who are
                                3. Don’t be confrontational. It’s also              you conduct them on a regular basis, you
 currently enrolled will
 continue and have full            important not to criticize the employee in       avoid reviews prompted solely by the need
 support for the duration of       general terms. The goal is to evaluate job       to document an employee’s poor
 their one-year subscription       performance and not the person. A                performance.
 period. HR is currently           performance review that turns into a gripe    The sign of a successful performance review is
 researching other online
                                   session misses the opportunity to raise       an employee who leaves the meeting feeling
 and e-learning vendors that
 will meet CWU employee            employee morale.                              motivated and excited about his or her job. If the
 training and development       4. Make it a two-way conversation. An            employee’s job satisfaction needs are unmet, it’s
 needs and will keep the           effective performance review requires an      less likely they will be motivated to focus on your
 campus community advised          interactive discussion with an open           goals for the University. But if an employee feels
 of any developments.
                                   agenda. Try to formulate questions that       acknowledged, appreciated, and fairly rewarded
 Contact Mike Horne at                                                           for past efforts, he or she will indeed become a
 x2196 for more                    seek the employee’s ideas and input.
                                   Remember, this will help the employee         valuable asset to the future success of the
 information.                                                                    University.
                                   feel you value his or her opinions.
                                       NEWS and UPDATES                                               Recruitment Tips
    July Q & A                              Changes to Training and                          Did you know? As of July 1, 2008 Background
QUESTION: I’m from                            Development Policy                             Checks are required on persons hired for initial
the old school that says                                                                     employment at the university. This includes
                                The President’s Advisory Council has approved several
people are getting paid for                                                                  faculty (both tenure and non-tenure track),
                                changes to the Training and Development Policy. This
doing their work, and all       policy applies to all staff which includes non-represented   exempt, civil service and temporary hourly
they need to know is how        classified and exempt employees, and faculty, when           employees. This is a change from our past
to do their job. Why            applicable. To the extent that the policy addresses terms    practice. Please work with the Recruitment
should I waste time trying      not covered under collective bargaining agreements for       Specialist, Joy Carlson at or
                                represented employees, the terms of the policy prevail.      ext. 1260 if you have questions concerning this
to be a great                   Highlights of the changes include the following:             new CWU Policy.
                                1. Scheduled training:
                                Staff employees shall remain in pay status according to
Establishing good lines of      university procedures, civil service rules, collective
communication is time well      bargaining agreements and FLSA guidelines, when
                                assigned or scheduled by supervisors to attend training.
                                                                                                  JULY TRAINING PROGRAMS
spent. In fact, it can be a
time saver for a supervisor     2. Supervisory Training                                      New Employee Orientation
in the long run. Keeping        Employees, including faculty members, appointed to           July 3rd 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.
people informed builds          supervisor or management positions must successfully         SURC Rm 202
both trust and teamwork.        complete entry-level supervisory/managerial training
It also improves morale,        within six (6) months of the date of appointment to a        Communicating Effectively in the Workplace
can reduce turnover, and        supervisor or manager position unless granted an             July 9th 8:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
                                exception in accordance with the WAC and/or the              SURC Rm 202
increase productivity.
                                university’s training and development plan. The
Effective communication is      Supervisory Enrichment Program provides the training
                                classes that meet this requirement.                          DRS Retirement Planning Seminar
critical for success.                                                                        July 19th 8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Effective communication         3. Mandatory Training
                                                                                             SURC Rms 210 & 215
skills are an important         The following training is required for all employees to
element for the                 attend:                                                      To view the training and development catalog,
development of strong                                                                        and register for classes, please go to:
                                  a. New Employee Orientation (all civil service and
working relationships.               exempt employees) – normally within 30 days of or call
Poor communications                  initial employment                                      (509) 963-1202 for more information.
starve a relationship while
                                  b. Supervisory Enrichment Program – normally
good communications                  within 6 months of moving into a supervisory or
nourish it.                          management position
This is true regardless of
whether you are a
                                  c. Emergency Preparedness – at least biannually
                                                                                              COMING IN AUGUST     2008‐
                                  d. Appropriate Workplace Behavior - annually
member of a committee or                                                                                2009 TRAINING CALENDAR 
a member of a work team.
So improving                         Meet the Staff           
communication skills is
important for success. But      Stephen Sarchet is the HR
                                                                                                       Benefits  Brief  
this doesn’t just happen.       Representative for Business
All employees must work         and Financial Affairs. A native                                        Clearing Retirement
                                of Dayton, Ohio, he grew up in
                                                                                                    Plan for the Unexpected
at developing listening and                                                                            Savings Hurdles
verbal communication            the Fairborn and Springfield
                                                                                                   The good news is you have an
skills.                         areas, and graduated from
                                                                                                   employer-sponsored retirement plan.
                                Tecumseh High School and the                                       Not having access to one is a significant
To receive additional           Clark County Joint Vocational                                      obstacle to retirement security, a
information on training         School. In 1982 he enlisted                                        government study has found.
offered by the HR               he enlisted in the Air Force and was stationed at
Department please call          Whiteman AFB in Knob Noster, Missouri, where                       The bad news is not enough of us save
(509) 963-1202 or refer         he married his wife, Joanie, in 1984. Over the                     sufficiently, according to the November
                                course of his military career, he was stationed in                 2007 report by the U.S. Government
                                Missouri, Germany (where his son was born),                        Accountability Office. As a result, many
                                Montana, and Kansas, and served as a Security                      workers could have far less money than
                                                                                                   they need in retirement. Read more
                                Policeman, a Personnel Specialist, and as a First
                                                                                                   Also see
                                Sergeant. In 2003, Stephen earned his Bachelor's
                                degree in Human Resource Development from
                                Southwestern College and retired from the Air
                                Force. He began working at CWU in December,

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