Library Performance Appraisal by peisty474


									                                               Library Performance Appraisal
                           May be used for all classifications including CUE-represented employees.

Employee Name                Department             Division

Payroll Title                Date Hired             Length of time in present job

Period covered by this evaluation: from        to

Supervisor’s Name                   Supervisor’s Title                      Length of time supervised employee

                                           Check One:                                         U   I    S    M SU
Job Responsiblities                        Comments and Objectives
For Period of Evaluation

KEY:                                  I = Improvement Needed                   M=More than Satisfactory
U = Unsatisfactory                    S = Satisfactory                         SU= Superior

Overall Evaluation:


    Unsatisfactory             Improvement Needed                    Satisfactory

    More than Satisfactory                Superior

Goals for Next Appraisal Period/Future Plans and Actions:

Development Plan:

Attendance Statement:

Signature of Immediate Supervisor                        Employee’s Signature

____________________________ Date_________               ___________________________Date__________

                                                         Your signature indicates neither agreement nor
Department Head Signature                                disagreement with the evaluation, but it does
                                                         indicate that you have read the evaluation, and it has
                                                         been discussed with you. If you wish, you may
____________________________ Date _________              comment in the space below.

Employee Comments:


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