The City of calgary organizational structure

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					                                                          The City of Calgary Organizational Structure

                                                                              Mayor & Council
                                                                                                                                                              Business Unit

                                                                                                         City Auditor's Office

                                                                                                             City Clerk's
                                                                               City Manager
                                                                               Owen Tobert


                                                                                                        City Manager’s Office

                                                                      Utilities & Environmental
Planning, Development &              Transportation                                                                     Community Serivces &
                                                                               Protection                                                                         Corporate Services                          Chief Financial Officer
      Assessment                    GM John Hubbell                                                                      Protective Services
                                                                          GM Rob Pritchard                                                                         GM Brad Stevens                                 Eric Sawyer
   GM David Watson                                                                                                      GM Erika Hargesheimer

            Devlopment & Building                                                                          Community &                                       Office Of Land            Corporate Properties
                                                                                    Waste & Recycling                                                                                                           Finance & Supply
                  Approvals             Calgary Transit                                                   Neighbourhood                         Fire       Servicing & Housing
                                                                                        Services                                                                                           & Buildings

                                                                                                                                          Animal & Bylaw
                 Assessment                 Roads                                   Water Resources          Recreation                                    Human Resources               Fleet Services

                                                                                                                                                              Information              Customer Service &
             Land Use Planning &        Transportation                                                                                                        Technology                Communications
                                                                                     Water Services             Parks
                   Policy               Infrastructure

                 Centre City                                                                                                                               Land Information &              Infrastructure
               Implementation           Transportation                              Environmental &                                                            Mapping                        Services
                                           Planning                                Safety Management

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