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					                                 THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY
                                   Introductory Organic Chemistry

                                             Syllabus - Summer 2009
                                               Dr. David R. Klein
                                               May 26th – June 26th
                                                  M-F, 9-11AM

Required Texts:
Carey, Organic Chemistry, 7th edition, McGraw-             Office Hours:
Hill.                                                      BY APPOINTMENT ONLY
Klein, Organic Chemistry I as a Second Language,           Remsen 231. MTW 8-9AM. In addition, TAs will
Second Edition, Wiley, 2007.                               have office hours at a time TBA

Recommended Texts:                                         Tutoring:
Klein, Organic Chemistry II as a Second Language,          The Office of Academic Advising has a list of
Wiley, 2005.                                               tutors that can help with course material.

Lectures:                                                  Contact Info
Class attendance is essential. The lectures will           My Email: (preferred method)
elaborate on textbook material and will focus on           Office Phone: 410-516-0162
techniques and methods not covered in the
textbook. Exams will cover these techniques, and           Practice Problems:
you will therefore be at a significant disadvantage if     You should do ALL problems in both required
you do not attend the lectures.                            books. These assignments will not be collected or
Class will not meet every day of the week; some            graded. I expect you to work on these problems and
days are designated as “study days”. The schedule          master them, as many of them could reappear on the
of lectures (and corresponding topics) appears on          exams.
the backside of this page.
                                                           Academic Honesty (as defined by the University)

Exams                                                      “The strength of the university depends on
There will be two midterm exams, on June 8th,              academic and personal integrity. In this course, you
and June 17th. Absences (for valid reasons) on             must be honest and truthful. Ethical violations
exam days must be brought to my attention at least         include cheating on exams, plagiarism, reuse of
three days before the exam. There are NO “make-            assignments, improper use of the Internet and
up” exams; all missed exams count for zero unless          electronic devices, unauthorized collaboration,
prior arrangement has been made.                           alteration of graded assignments, forgery and
The final exam will be on June 26th at 9AM, and            falsification, lying, facilitating academic dishonesty,
cannot be given at any other time.                         and unfair competition.”
                                                           Report any violations you witness to the instructor.
                                                           You may consult the associate dean of students
Grading:                                                   and/or the chairman of the Ethics Board beforehand.
Two midterm exams (100 points each)        200             See the guide on "Academic Ethics for
One comprehensive final exam               200             Undergraduates" and the Ethics Board web site
TOTAL POINTS POSSIBLE:                    400              ( for more information.
    Re-grading of midterm exams must be
    requested on the day of exam distribution.
                                                   Schedule of Topics
                                                             Summer 2009

            M                             T                          W                           Th                          F
                                                            Molecular Drawings,
                                  Introduction,                                           Acids and Bases,
           X                    Orbitals and Bonds
                                                           Molecular Geometry,
                                                           Intro to Nomenclature           Conformations                     X
                                                            Intro to Ionic Rxns,
   Conformations,                                                                          Substitution and          Substitution and
                                 Stereoisomerism              Substitution and
   Stereoisomerism                                                                           Elimination               Elimination

      EXAM 1
Carey: Chapters 1-3, 5, 7, 8    Addition to Alkenes         Addition to Alkenes          Addition to Alkynes              Alcohols
 OSL I: Chapters 1-10

                                                                EXAM 2                       Aromaticity,
 Ethers and Epoxides                     X                 Carey: Ch. 4, 6, 9, 15, 16   Electrophilic Aromatic               X
                                                            OSL I: Chapters 8-11             Substitution

                                                                                                                   FINAL EXAM
Electrophilic Aromatic         Electrophilic Aromatic      Nucleophilic Aromatic
     Substitution                   Substitution                Substitution                     X               Carey: 1-9, 11-12, 15-16, 23
                                                                                                                   OSL I: All Chapters
                                                                                                                  (OSL II: Chapters 3,4)

                           EXAM 1                  Carey    OSL I                                  EXAM 2         Carey   OSL I
          Orbitals, Bonds and Molecular Drawings    1, 2     1, 2                             Addition to Alkenes   6      11
          Molecular Geometry                         1        4                               Addition to Alkynes   9       -
          Acids and Bases                            1        3                               Alcohols             4,15      -
          Nomenclature                               2        5                               Ethers and Epoxides   16       -
          Conformations                              3        6
          Stereoisomerism                            7        7                                FINAL EXAM        Carey    OSL II
          Intro to Reactions                         -        8                               Aromaticity         11        -
          Substitution Rxns                          8        9                               EAS                 12        3
          Elimination Rxns                           5        10                              NAS                 23        4