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					WESTMINSTER CITY COUNCIL STATEMENT OF DECISION Motorcycle Charging Scheme – Six Month Review and Recommendations for Change Notice is hereby given that Councillor Danny Chalkley, Cabinet Member for City Management, has made the following executive decisions on the above mentioned subject for the reasons set out below. Summary of Decision: 1. That the motorcycle charging scheme be made permanent and that, subject to the results of further statutory public consultation, permanent traffic orders be made for that purpose, including such orders as are required to give effect to the following recommendations, the authority to make such orders or to make further traffic orders or issue notices of variation as may be required being given to the Director of Transportation. 2. That, subject to being modified pursuant to decision 6 below, the existing experimental traffic orders continue in force until either the proposed permanent orders come into effect or it is decided not to proceed with the proposed permanent orders. 3. That in due course a report be submitted to the Cabinet Member with details of the results of the further statutory consultation and of any objections to the proposed permanent orders, and that such objections and consultation responses be considered by the Cabinet Member before deciding whether or not to make the orders as proposed. 4. That the provision of off-street motorcycle parking be increased by an extra 500 spaces, and should take up of these spaces then merit it, a commitment be made to look into increasing on-street provision wherever feasible. 5. That all off-street motorcycle parking bays become free of charge. 6. That the charges for on-street motorcycle parking be reduced by one-third and that the charges be as set out in paragraph 7.12 of the report. 7. That where a residents’ permit is issued for use on a motorcycle, the permit holder becomes eligible for a free yearly motorcycle permit. 8. That development of cash, cheque pre-payment, ‘carnet’ and/or other payment schemes be considered for future implementation. 9. That where appropriate, the City Council continues to install security devices and that the programme of implementation be stepped up.

10. That the City Council continues with a ‘first PCN cancellation’ policy upon challenge for PCNs incurred by motorcyclists in motorcycle bays. 11. That the authority to institute a refund or expiry extension policy in relation to the unexpired portions of quarterly and yearly season tickets to reflect the proposed reduction in charges be delegated to the Assistant Director of Parking in consultation with the Cabinet Member for City Management and that any such policy only apply to season tickets purchased from April 1st 2009. 12. That city wide motorcycle only residents’ permits be issued by the Council at a 50% discount i.e. currently £50. Reasons for Decision: The charging scheme for motorcycle parking, designed to be revenue neutral, was introduced in August 2008 under experimental traffic orders. Due to the ever increasing pressure on Westminster’s finite kerbside space, the scheme introduced a small charge for motorcycle parking. The decision to do so was made in order to reflect motorcyclists’ increasing use of and demand for these limited resources. Although not a main consideration upon implementation, environmental issues have since also become more pertinent. The experimental nature of the Orders meant that formal objections could be made and that the scheme would be reviewed prior to any decision being made to either scrap it or to make it permanent with or without amendment. A summary of formal objections and a review of the scheme were accordingly presented to the City Council’s Built Environment Policy and Scrutiny Committee on 31 st March 2009 which then submitted its recommendations. These have been taken into account in the preparation of the report. The scheme has raised significantly more revenue than was originally forecast and has proved to be unpopular with some sections of the motorcycling fraternity. However, the ever increasing demand from motorcyclists for kerbside space remains and coupled with environmental issues, the fundamental recommendation upon balance is that the scheme be made permanent but with modifications. In response to the scheme’s unexpected levels of revenue, it is recommended that all on-street charges for motorcycle bays be reduced and that provision of parking spaces for motorcycles in off-street car parks be increased and become free of charge. This addresses the objections of those motorcyclists who feel they should not have to pay to park as well as those that feel socially excluded because they are unable to use the Pay by Phone payment system. As regards the latter it is recommended that a cash and cheque pre-payment facility be developed. This report also recommends that the provision of security devices continue on-street where appropriate. In recommending that motorcyclists who are residents’ permit holders be given free yearly motorcycle parking permits, the City Council recognises that the scheme should give extra benefits to its resident motorcyclists.

In terms of fairness and proportionality, the report also recommends that a first PCN cancellation upon challenge policy be continued. Whilst the recommendations will not satisfy those motorcyclists completely opposed to the concept of charging in principle, they are in line with Parking Services’ charter of being firm, fair and excellent. Additional comment made by Cabinet Member: Recommendations approved subject to the provision of city wide motorcycle only residents’ permit at a 50% discount (i.e. currently £50). The reason for this is that it is in line with the recommendations of the Built Environment Policy and Scrutiny Committee made on 31 March 2009. (N.B: This has been reflected in the above summary of decision at 12)

Peter Large Head of Legal Services Westminster City Hall 64 Victoria Street, LONDON, SW1E 6QP Publication Date: 20 May 2009 Implementation Date: 20 May 2009 Decision Ref: No. CMfE&T/31/2009