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									Oracle Database 10g - New Features for
Course Specifications
Course number:     085571
Software:          Oracle Database 10g
Course length:     3.0 day(s)
Certification:     OCP Exam IZ0–040

Course Description
With experience as an Oracle9i administrator, you don't need to start from scratch with Oracle Database
10g. In this course, you will focus on the most important of the new features provided in Oracle
Database 10g.
Course Objective: You will identify the most important new features provided in Oracle Database 10g.
Target Student: Students should be experienced with Oracle databases up to and including Oracle9i,
and/or already be certified with Oracle9i. Students should have knowledge of Oracle database utilities,
architecture, and terminology, as well as SQL.
Prerequisites: Students should have experience with Oracle9i or equivalent database administration
experience. Oracle9i certification is preferred.
Delivery Method: Instructor led, group-paced, classroom-delivery learning model with structured hands-
on activities.

Hardware Requirements
Recommended Hardware Requirements
    •    Pentium 4 2600 MHz processor or more.
    •    1 GB RAM or more.
    •    40 GB or more hard disk.
    •    Two additional 11 GB hard disks.
    •    DVD-ROM or CD-ROM drive.
    •    256 color video adapter.

Platform Requirements
    •    Windows

Software Requirements
    •    Windows XP Professional
    •    Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition

Performance-Based Objectives
Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
    •    install and configure Oracle Database 10g, and identify the processes for upgrading and cloning
         existing databases.
    •    manage Oracle databases using the advisors that make up the advisory framework.
    •    manage storage in Oracle databases by using alerts and new tablespace features.

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                                                Course Outline

    •   use Automatic Storage Management to manage files.
    •   improve data stability by using enhancements to Oracle Flashback and new data backup,
        recovery, and restore features.
    •   optimize applications by using new SQL features and performance enhancements.
    •   tune database performance by identifying and using a variety of new performance-enhancing
    •   manage scheduled jobs using the Scheduler tool.
    •   load and unload data by using the Data Pump tool and other new features.
    •   increase security of Oracle databases using new VPD and auditing features.

Course Content
Lesson 1: Installing, Upgrading, and Cloning Oracle Database 10g
        Topic 1A: Installing Oracle Database 10g
        Topic 1B: Upgrading a Database to Oracle Database 10g
        Topic 1C: Database Cloning
        Topic 1D: Enterprise Manager Enhancements

Lesson 2: Managing Oracle Database 10g with the Advisory Framework
        Topic 2A: The Advisory Framework
        Topic 2B: Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor
        Topic 2C: MTTR Advisor
        Topic 2D: Optimize Redo Logfile Size
        Topic 2E: Manage the Undo Tablespace
        Topic 2F: Reclaim Wasted Space from Tables and Indexes
        Topic 2G: Improve the Performance of SQL Queries Using SQL Tuning Advisor
        Topic 2H: Optimize SQL Statements by Using the SQL Access Advisor

Lesson 3: Managing Storage in Oracle Database 10g
        Topic 3A: Monitor and Manage Server-Generated Alerts
        Topic 3B: Manage Tablespaces

Lesson 4: Automating Storage Management
        Topic 4A: Automatic Storage Management
        Topic 4B: Set Up Initialization Parameters and Start an ASM Instance
        Topic 4C: Administer ASM Disk Groups
        Topic 4D: Migrate Your Database to ASM Using RMAN

Lesson 5: Improving Backup and Recovery with New Enhancements
        Topic 5A: Restoring Data with Oracle Flashback
        Topic 5B: Configure and Manage the Flash Recovery Area
        Topic 5C: Improve Database Backups
        Topic 5D: Improving Restore and Recovery Operations

Lesson 6: Using New SQL Features and Performance Enhancements
        Topic 6A: Managing Optimizer Statistics
        Topic 6B: Improved Support for Strings Using Regular Expressions
        Topic 6C: Write MERGE Statements with the New Conditions and Extensions
        Topic 6D: Use Additional Linguistic Comparison and Sorting Methods in SQL
        Topic 6E: Use Partitioned Outer Join Syntax for Densification
        Topic 6F: Simplify SQL by Using Interrow Calculations

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                                                Course Outline

Lesson 7: Tuning Database Performance
        Topic 7A: Use the Performance Pages of the Database Control
        Topic 7B: Monitor and Maintain the Automatic Workload Repository
        Topic 7C: Diagnose Recent Issues with the Active Session History
        Topic 7D: Automate Shared Memory Management
        Topic 7E: Control Database Resources with Resource Manager Enhancements
        Topic 7F: Improving Performance with Additional Enhancements
        Topic 7G: Diagnose Performance Problems in Multitier Environments

Lesson 8: Managing Scheduled Jobs
        Topic 8A: Simplify Management Tasks by Using the Scheduler
        Topic 8B: Reuse Scheduler Components for Similar Tasks
        Topic 8C: View Information About Job Executions and Job Instances

Lesson 9: Loading and Unloading Data
        Topic 9A: Export and Import Using Data Pump
        Topic 9B: Unload Data into External Tables
        Topic 9C: Transportable Tablespaces and Different Platforms
        Topic 9D: Copy Files Using the Database Server

Lesson 10: Securing Oracle Databases
        Topic 10A: Apply a Column-Level VPD Policy
        Topic 10B: Apply VPD Policy Types
        Topic 10C: Maximize Audit Efficiency Using Fine-Grained Auditing
        Topic 10D: Audit Database Changes with the Uniform Audit Trail

Appendix A: OCP Exam Map

Appendix B: Upgrading a Database to Oracle Database 10g

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