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Logistic Operations
Management                                                                                                                         I N T E R N AT I O N A L
Course description
                                                                                                                                      O P E R AT I O N S
                                                            Università degli Studi               Universidad Politécnica
The first part contains some introduction about
the international logistics and its development,                  di Udine                            de Valencia
including briefly description on the major logistics
functions. The arrangement of the material is
mentioned too.
The second part is focused on the logistics
network planning and location decision. It also
includes the international logistics strategic
alliance. The global integrated logistics, logistics
outsourcing, logistics providers as well as logistics
alliance are contained.                                     South China University                    Xi’an Jiaotong
The third part firstly represents the fundamentals              of Technology                           University
of transportation. Next, the transportation                                                                                      International Operations Management
network design is described. And then, vehicle
routing problem is studied. Finally, there is a case
The forth part focuses on the management of
warehouse. Such as fundamentals of warehousing,
w a r e h o u se op e r a ti o n s a nd w a r e ho u s e                   Southwest Jiaotong University
management decision are all included.
The fifth part deals with the fundamentals of
inventory, economic lot size models with constant
demands, and economic lot size models with
varying demands, inventory policy and                                                                                            Course description
contemporary approaches to managing inventory.                                                                                   The course's aim is to understand
The sixth part is dedicated to the overview of                                                                                   the link between supply chain
logistics customer services. And then, the                                                                                       structures and logistical
developing and controlling logistics customer                                                                                    capabilities in a firm in this global
services are mentioned. Finally, the logistics
custom er    s atisf act ion and  relations hip             Asia Link Progra m                                                   market environment. Specifically
management are described.                                                                                                        the course will help students bring
                                                            For further information, please contact the staff of the Asia-Link
                                                                                                                                 the latest logistics management
The final part focuses on            the   information                                                                           practices adopted by world class
                                                            by e-mail:
techniques         and      the
                                                            or by fax:: +32-2-298 4863.                                          manufacturers in Europe and
m a n ag em e nt in fo r m at io n
systems in logistics.                                                                                                            China.
                                                            This programme is implemented by IOM Project Consortium.
                                                            The views expressed in this publication do not necessarily
                                                            reflect the views of the European Commission.
                                                                                                        Chapter 5 Inventory Decision                6 hs.
                                                                                                        • Fundamentals of Inventory
                                                                                                        • Economic Lot Size Models with Constant
Detailed description                             Chapter 1 Introduction                         2 hs.
                                                 • What is supply chain                                 • Economic Lot Size Models with Varying
                                                 • What is International Logistics                        Demands
The aim of this module is giving a general       • The arrangement of this module                       • Inventory Policy
introduction to the business logistics, and                                                             • Contemporary Approaches to Managing
logistic issues, particularly logistics supply                                                            Inventory
                                                 Chapter 2 Logistics Network Planning           6 hs.
chain management, transportation, inventory,
warehousing and so on.                           • Logistics Network Planning
                                                                                                        Chapter 6 Logistics Customer                3 hs.
                                                 • Location Decision
                                                                                                        • Overview of logistics customer services
                                                 • International Logistics Strategic Alliance
                                                                                                        • Developing and Controlling logistics
                                                                                                          Customer Services
                                                 Chapter 3 Transportation & Delivery            6 hs.
                                                                                                        • Logistics Customer Satisfaction and
                                                 Decision                                                 Relationship Management
                                                 • Fundamentals of transportation
                                                 • Transportation network design                        Chapter 7 IT Applications in Logistics      4 hs.

                                                 • Vehicle routing problem
                                                 • Case study                                           • Information technique in logistics
                                                                                                        • Management information systems in
                                                 Chapter 4 Warehouse Management                 6 hs.

                                                 • Fundamentals of Warehousing
                                                                                                        Case Studies                                8 hs.
                                                 • Warehouse operations
                                                 • Warehouse Management Decision

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