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									                                                                 August 1999

                 Careers & Job
                Concordia University College of Alberta Pathfinder

                                                            Jobs of the Future: A Guide
Researching                   Understanding the Labour      for Youth
Possibilities                 Market: A Handbook for        HF 5382.5 J62 1991 (Ref.)
Canada Student Employment     CA2 A1 AED U55 1993.          Shifting Gears: Thriving in
Guide                         What You Can Do with an       the New Economy
HF 5382.5 C2 C36 1997-        Arts Degree: Opportunities    658.4012 B393 1993
                              for Canadians in a Global     (Circulates)
Canada’ Best Careers
       s                      Economy
Guide                         HF 5382.5 C2 S88 1997         Where the Jobs Are: Career
HF 5382.5 C2 F42 1999         (Ref.)                        Survival for Canadians in the
(Ref.)                                                      New Global Economy
                              What You Can Do with a        HD 5782 C26 1994
Canadian Professional         Science Degree:               (Ref.)
Schools Factsheets            Q 149 C3 R42 1998 (Ref.)
L 905 C36 1996-8 (Ref.)
Do What You Are: Discover     Careers for the               Decisions
the Perfect Career for You
Through the Secrets of
                                                            Canada's Best Careers Guide
Personality Type
                              Alberta Careers Beyond 2000   HF 5382.5 C2 F42 1995
BF 698.9 O3 T54 1995
                              HF 5381 A42 1996 (Ref.)       (Ref.)
                              Alberta Careers Beyond        Canada's Best Employers for
Job Futures: An Annual
                              2000: Industry Sector         Women
Information Technology
                              Profiles                      331.409 71 F828 1994
                              HF 5381 A43 1996 (Ref.)       (Circulates)
National Guide to College
                              Alberta Careers Beyond        Career Monographs and Job
and University Programmes
                              2000: Occupational Profiles   Profiles: Current, Factual
L 905 N38 1996 (Ref.)
                              HF 5381 A44 1996 (Ref.)       Information on Today's
National Occupational
                              The Best Jobs for the 1990s   HF 5382.5 O59 1997 (Ref.)
                              and into the 21st Century
HF 2619 N377 1993 (Ref.)
                              331.702 K91 1993              Environmental Careers: A
                              (Circulates)                  Practical Guide to
Opportunities for Canadians
                                                            Opportunities in the 90s
in a Global Economy
                              Excelerate: Growing in the    363.70023 W281 1992
Q 149 C3 R42 1998 (Ref.)
                              New Economy                   (Circulates)
                              330.971 0647 B393 1995
Standard Occupational
HB 2619 S7 1991 (Ref.)
Financial Post 100 Best        Directory of Overseas           School Finder
Companies to Work for in       Summer Jobs           
Canada                         HD 6271.5 U8 D67 (Ref.)
HF 5549.2 C3 I55 1991                                          Youth Resources Network of
(Ref.)                         What in the World is Going      Canada
                               On? A Guide for Canadians
Occupational Profile           Wishing to Work, Volunteer      -e.shtml   or Study in Other Countries
cinfo/                         LC 1090 C85 1993 (Ref.)         Career Practitioner
                                                               available by
What Color is Your
                               Networking                      appointment:
650.1405 B691 1997
(Circulates)                   Meeting people who work in      Dorothy Ritz 479-9244
                               the profession of interest to   (Fall and Winter Term)
                               you may lead to tips on jobs
Selling                        or actual job offers. Join
                               associations and read the
Yourself                       newsletters they publish.
The Better Book for Getting    Directory of Associations in
Hired: How to Write a Great    Canada (1996 -)
Resume, Sell Yourself in an    HS 17 D57 (Ref.)
Interview, and Get that Job
650.14 D746 1993               Scott's Government Index
(Circulates)                   JL 73. C882 1998 (Ref.)
Careering… : Off the Beaten
Track                          Web Sites
HF 5382 U5 C37 1993
(Circulates)                   CANWORK Net
Gallery of the Best Resumes
HF 5383 N62 1994 (Ref.)        CBAN (Canadian Business
                               Advertising Network)
The Product is You: Job
Search in the 90's
HF 5382.7 P964 1993            Colleges and Universities
(Circulates)                   ple/cdemello/univ-full.html

                               EDINFO: Advanced
Working                        Education and Career
Abroad                         Development
Canadian Guide to Working      info
and Living Overseas
HF 5549.5 E45 H33 1995         Edmonton Freenet
(Ref.)                         http://www.freenet.edmonton
Directory of Jobs and
Careers Abroad                 Harcourt and Associates
HF 5549.5 E45 G37 1977
(Ref.)                         (Recruiters)

                               National Graduate Register

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