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									                                          Windows 7
                                          Customer Solution Case Study

                                          Oil Company Supports Mobile Workforce
                                          with Operating System and Server Upgrade

Overview                                  “Using Windows 7 [and Windows Server 2008], we’ll be
Country or Region: Norway
Industry: Oil and gas                     able to better support our strategy as a global
                                          company and more easily share information no matter
Customer Profile
StatoilHydro is a leading crude oil and   where our employees and consultants reside.”
gas supplier and its expanding
                                                            Petter Wersland, Leading Advisor for IT Infrastructure, StatoilHydro
international presence includes 30,000
employees in 40 countries. It had 2008    StatoilHydro, an international energy company based in
revenues of NOK 656 billion (U.S.$102
                                          Stavanger, Norway, wanted to make sure that workers in its
                                          increasingly global operations could fully collaborate with their
Business Situation
StatoilHydro wanted to speed
                                          colleagues. Operating in a fiercely competitive market,
information access at branch offices      StatoilHydro recognizes that delivering the information that
and improve network connectivity for
remote employees. At the same time,
                                          employees need to do their jobs helps give the company an
the company wanted to enhance IT          edge. To address remote access issues that could hinder
                                          employee productivity and collaboration, the oil company is
Solution                                  implementing the Windows® 7 operating system and the
StatoilHydro upgraded its client and
server environments, taking advantage
                                          Windows Server® 2008 R2 operating system, which together
of features available in the Windows      offer features such as BranchCache™ to improve data access at
Server® 2008 R2 operating system
together with the Windows® 7
                                          branch offices and DirectAccess to simplify remote connectivity.
operating system.                         As a result of the upgrade, StatoilHydro will deliver seamless
                                          access to the corporate network for traveling employees,
  Improved remote connectivity            improve information access at branch offices, and enhance IT
  Faster file access at branches
  Enhanced IT security

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Situation                                   private network (VPN) in order to access
StatoilHydro is a diversified energy        collaboration tools. “We wanted all of
company headquartered in Stavanger,         our employees, regardless of location, to
Norway. The company is primarily            be able to seamlessly use our
focused on upstream oil and gas             collaboration tools,” says Wersland.
operations and is one of the largest        “Whether they were sending or receiving
offshore oil and gas companies in the       e-mail, or accessing documents on the
world. Formed by the 2007 merger of         SharePoint site, we wanted them to be
Statoil and the oil and gas division of     able to use all of these services without a
Norsk Hydro, it produces more than 1.7      VPN.”
million barrels of oil-equivalent a day.
With more than 30 years of experience       Management at StatoilHydro also
on the Norwegian continental shelf,         worried about safeguarding data on its
StatoilHydro has ambitions for              Internet-connected computers, especially
international growth, with 30,000           because the company intended to
employees and 10,000 consultants            dramatically expand its number of
working in 40 countries.                    portable computers. “With Windows XP,
                                            the standard user configuration was not
StatoilHydro uses the Windows® XP           easy to implement in our environment,
operating system and the Windows            with so many applications and user
Server® 2003 operating system to            scenarios,” Wersland says.
support its growing business operations,    “Consequently, nearly all users had local
but its increasingly mobile and             administrator rights, which enabled them
geographically dispersed workforce has      to download unauthorized programs.”
driven new requirements for remote
connectivity to the corporate network.      The IT staff also wanted easier ways to
“We have a growing international            apply security updates to Internet-
presence, and not all of our global         connected computers and to generally
locations have a good communications        gain better control over this vital
infrastructure,” says Petter Wersland,      corporate asset.
Leading Advisor for IT Infrastructure at
StatoilHydro. “A couple of our offices in
Africa, for example, have real challenges   Solution
with Internet access.”                      By late 2008, most client computers at
                                            StatoilHydro were due for a hardware
Employees at StatoilHydro frequently        upgrade, which provided a perfect
collaborate, sharing documents with         opportunity to design a new platform
Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server        based on the 64-bit version of the
2007 and the Microsoft Office Outlook®      Windows 7 operating system. In April
2007 messaging and collaboration client.    2009, StatoilHydro joined the early
However, the company’s client and           adopter program for Windows 7 and
server infrastructure was not optimized     deployed it to 100 computers. At the
for a seamless experience for users while   same time, the company decided to
they remotely accessed collaboration        implement the prerelease version of
applications. For instance, many remote     Windows Server 2008 R2, which not only
workers had to first manually connect to    has many features designed specifically
the corporate network using a virtual

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                                 to work with Windows 7, but also           StatoilHydro can eliminate third-party
“The offline file feature        supports 64-bit technology.                encryption software.
has been greatly
                                 The IT staff at StatoilHydro worked with   Because Windows 7 and Windows Server
enhanced in Windows 7            Microsoft Services throughout the          2008 R2 are designed to work better
                                 project. Together, StatoilHydro and        together, StatoilHydro is able to
to reduce wait times.            Microsoft Services used Windows            implement several features that support
Windows 7 detects                Deployment Services for image loading,     greater efficiency for the company’s
                                 enabling them to migrate the Windows       mobile workforce, such as DirectAccess
whether the user has a           XP–based computers to the Windows 7        and BranchCache™.
                                 environment quickly. For its
high-latency                     companywide deployment in 2010, the        With DirectAccess, employees can
communications line and          company will rely on Microsoft System      connect directly to the corporate
                                 Center Configuration Manager 2007 to       network with any Internet connection. IT
automatically uses the           automate deployment for 30 percent of      administrators can also update remote
                                 its computer fleet. As part of its         computers any time they are connected
offline cache to retrieve        scheduled hardware refresh, the            to the Internet. Plus, using the expanded
documents.”                      operating system will be preloaded on      Group Policy settings in Windows 7, the
                                 the remaining 70 percent of its 40,000     IT staff has many more options for
Knut Tungland, Chief Engineer,   computers.                                 managing client-computer elements.
                                                                            “From a security perspective, it’s far
                                 StatoilHydro is taking advantage of        easier to implement the standard user
                                 features in Windows 7 that help enable     configuration in Windows 7, which will
                                 information access and productivity.       enable us to selectively assign
                                 Using the Windows 7 search capability,     administrator rights,” Wersland says.
                                 employees can extend the company’s         “Furthermore, the IT department can use
                                 Microsoft FAST ESP–based enterprise        Internet Protocol version 6 capabilities in
                                 search engine to the client computer.      Windows Server 2008 R2 to update
                                 With Windows 7 offline files, users can    remote computers that are connected via
                                 access files stored on a central server    DirectAccess. These computers can be
                                 when not connected to the corporate        managed as if they were located in the
                                 network. “The offline file feature has     office, simplifying the overall
                                 been greatly enhanced in Windows 7 to      management of business-critical remote
                                 reduce wait times,” says Knut Tungland,    systems.”
                                 Chief Engineer at StatoilHydro. “Windows
                                 7 detects whether the user has a high-     The company is using BranchCache,
                                 latency communications line and            which speeds up file access across wide
                                 automatically uses the offline cache to    area network (WAN) links and reduces
                                 retrieve documents.”                       WAN utilization by caching content in
                                                                            branch locations. The feature locally
                                 For enhanced security, the company is      caches frequently used content on a
                                 implementing BitLocker™ for full-volume    branch office’s network. Subsequently,
                                 drive encryption and BitLocker To Go™ to   users from the same branch are able to
                                 help safeguard information in removable    access the file from the local cache,
                                 storage devices, such as USB thumb         rather than the main corporate network,
                                 drives. Because the BitLocker              helping to speed information access.
                                 technologies are built into Windows 7,

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                                          Also, to support its “green IT” strategy       Wersland says. “With enhanced
“Windows Server 2008                      and reduce energy consumption, the             connectivity and a seamless experience
R2, together with                         company is implementing Hyper-V™               in using corporate collaboration tools in
                                          virtualization technology in Windows           a mobile environment, users are
Windows 7, we will                        Server 2008 R2.                                empowered to make our company more
                                                                                         successful. We are a knowledge
improve network                                                                          company, and human capital is critical to
performance, especially                   Benefits                                       our success.”
                                          By using Windows 7 together with
over slow connections.”                   Windows Server 2008 R2, StatoilHydro is        Improved Information Access at
Petter Wersland, Leading Advisor for IT
                                          able to better support its growing             Branch Offices
Infrastructure, StatoilHydro              business and increasingly mobile               In addition to traveling workers, workers
                                          workforce. The company will improve            based in remote StatoilHydro branches
                                          network connectivity for its remote            will improve their productivity through
                                          workforce, improve information access at       faster access to resources. With
                                          branch offices, and enhance IT security.       BranchCache, employees at remote
                                                                                         offices can access files more quickly than
                                          Improved Remote Connectivity                   before. “In some of our locations where
                                          By using DirectAccess, traveling               sufficient bandwidth is not easily
                                          StatoilHydro employees will have easy          available, being able to access a file
                                          access to the corporate network. “We           locally using BranchCache will save our
                                          can expose our internal services to            workers time,” says Wersland.
                                          mobile users,” says Wersland. “Whether         “Employees gain fuller, quicker access to
                                          they are connected internally or through       a wide range of internal resources, so
                                          the Internet, or roaming from one to the       they can more fully participate in
                                          other, our users will have a seamless          collaborative initiatives with colleagues
                                          experience with DirectAccess.”                 worldwide.”

                                          Furthermore, because of the direct             Also, workers in international locations
                                          connection, as well as enhanced                will benefit from several features that
                                          protocols in Windows Server 2008 R2,           were not available before. “Windows
                                          traveling employees will no longer suffer      Server 2008 R2, together with Windows
                                          from drops in network performance.             7, will improve network performance,
                                          With better connections and more               especially over slow connections,”
                                          flexibility, these employees will become       Wersland says. “And we will really benefit
                                          more productive. Employees’ mobility is        from a 64-bit Windows environment,
                                          no longer limited by their need for a VPN      because some of our core business
                                          connection. With DirectAccess,                 applications related to oil exploration
                                          employees can go where they need in            and production are very computer-
                                          order to do their jobs, yet still be able to   intensive. Using 64-bit versions of these
                                          collaborate with colleagues.                   applications will help our employees do
                                                                                         their jobs more effectively.”
                                          “Using Windows 7 [and Windows Server
                                          2008], we’ll be able to better support our     Enhanced Security
                                          strategy as a global company and more          With DirectAccess, the IT staff also can
                                          easily share information no matter where       document that it has installed the latest
                                          our employees and consultants reside,”         security updates on all 40,000

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For More Information                                  computers, and with BitLocker                Windows 7
For more information about Microsoft                  technologies, it can help protect data       Works the way you want: Windows 7 will
products and services, call the Microsoft             transported on portable computers.           help your organization use information
Sales Information Center at (800) 426-                “With the security improvements in           technology to gain a competitive
9400. In Canada, call the Microsoft                   Windows 7, we’re now able to reduce the      advantage in today’s new world of work.
Canada Information Centre at (877) 568-               risk of having sensitive data exposed to     Your people will be able to be more
2495. Customers in the United States                  unauthorized users, which helps us           productive anywhere. You will be able to
and Canada who are deaf or hard-of-                   protect confidential information,”           support your mobile workforce with
hearing can reach Microsoft text                      Wersland says.                               better access to shared data and
telephone (TTY/TDD) services at (800)                                                              collaboration tools. And your IT staff will
892-5234. Outside the 50 United States                StatoilHydro will also use DirectAccess to   have better tools and technologies to
and Canada, please contact your local                 better manage its client computers and       enhance corporate IT security, data
Microsoft subsidiary. To access                       keep them updated with the latest            protection, and more efficient
information using the World Wide Web,                 security updates wherever they are           deployment and management.
go to:                                                connected. “Also, we can now easily
www.microsoft.com                                     implement standard user privileges,          For more information about Windows 7,
                                                      which will prevent our users from            go to:
For more information about Microsoft                  inadvertently installing malicious           www.microsoft.com/windows/windows-7
Services products and services, call (800)            software,” explains Wersland. “We’ll also
936-3500 or visit the Web site at:                    be able to eliminate the third-party         Windows Server 2008
www.microsoft.com/services                            encryption software we currently use, a      The Windows Server 2008 family helps
                                                      [U.S.]$330,000 annual savings based on       organizations do more with less. Now
For more information about                            our current number of portable               you can run your IT infrastructure more
StatoilHydro products and services, call              computers.”                                  efficiently, build better applications
+47 51 99 00 00 or visit the Web site at:                                                          faster, and deliver the best infrastructure
www.statoilhydro.com                                                                               for enhancing user productivity. And you
                                                                                                   can do all this faster, more securely, and
                                                                                                   at lower cost.

                                                                                                   For more information about Windows
                                                                                                   Server 2008, go to:

                                                       Software and Services                       Technologies
                                                         Windows 7                                 − Hyper-V
                                                         Microsoft Server Product Portfolio
                                                         − Windows Server 2008 R2                  Microsoft Services
                                                         − Microsoft System Center                 − Core Infrastructure Optimization
                                                           Configuration Manager 2007                Service Offerings
                                                         Microsoft Office
                                                         − Microsoft Office Outlook 2007
                                                         − Microsoft Office SharePoint Server

This case study is for informational purposes only.

Document published October 2009
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