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     PARISH OFFICE: 732-269-2208
OFFICE HOURS:                                                  PARISH MINISTRIES & COMMITTEES
Mon-Thurs: 9am-4pm, Fri. 9am-3pm                            Adoration of Blessed Sacrament in Chapel –
        PARISH STAFF                                        Mon-Fri 7am-7pm, Sat. & Sun. 7am-12:30pm, ext. 313
Pastor: Fr. Kevin Keelen, ext. 104                          Altar Rosary Society: ext. 100
Associate Pastor: Fr. Alberto Tamayo, ext. 116              Annulment Advocates: ext. 100
Deacons: M. Smigelski, G. Swanson, G. Rasmussen             Baptism Prep Team, ext. 128
Retired Clergy Assistants:                                  Barnabas Active Gardeners-BAGs ext.100
Msgr. J. Wehrlen, Msgr. J. Flusk, Msgr. R. Gonzalez         Barnabas Active Teens-BATs: ext. 127
                                                            Bereavement Support Group: ext. 314
Latino Ministry: (habla espanol)                            Business Network for Parishioners: ext. 100
Carrie Barillas ext. 131                                    Caregivers of Ocean County: ext. 100
Coordinator of Faith Formation:                             Children’s Liturgy Committee: ext. 100
Mary Britanak, ext. 128                                     Comfort Ministry: ext. 104
Youth Minister:                                             Counseling Center: ext. 117
Dan Waddington, ext. 127                                    Eucharistic Ministers, Lectors, Altar Servers & Ushers:
Director of Liturgical Music:                               ext. 100, scheduling ext. 106
Stephanie Faille, ext. 105                                  Finance Committee- ext. 104
Parish Business & Office Manager:                           ‘Go Green’ Committee- ext. 104
Barbara Dudek, ext. 102                                     Golden Age- Parish Seniors: ext. 100
Maintenance Supervisor:                                     Habitat for Humanity- Ocean County- Coming Soon!
Joey Tun, ext. 100                                          Holy Name Society: ext. 100
Sacristan: Ed Mahon, ext. 100                               Hospitality Committee/Greeters: ext. 100
Secretaries:                                                Interfaith Hospitality Network: ext. 311
Main Office: Gail Battisti, ext. 100                        Knights of Columbus: ext. 100
Religious Ed: Michelle Feery, ext. 129                      Liturgy Committee: ext. 104
Confirmation: Stephanie DeCrescenzo ext. 126                Music Ministry: ext. 105
                                                            Nursing Home/Hospital Visitors: ext. 100
Ministry Scheduling Coordinator:                            Parents for Catholic Education- PCE ext. 100
Pat Torcicollo, ext. 106                                    Parish Council- ext. 104
                                                            Pastoral Counseling Center: ext. 117
       THE SACRAMENTS AT ST. BARNABAS                       Jerry Bowden, ext. 328, Dan Waddington, ext. 117
BAPTISM: Sundays 1:30pm & 1st Sunday at Mass.               Prayer Groups: ext. 100
Contact Parish for arrangements & sponsor certificates.     Prayer Hotline: ext. 310
MARRIAGE: Couples must be registered in parish 6            Parish Nursing: ext. 115, Hours: Thurs. 9am-12noon
months before booking & adhere to wedding policies on       Pre- Cana Team- ext. 100
website or through Office. 1 year prep period required.     Pro Life Committee – ext. 306
ANOINTING OF THE SICK: Please call emergency                RCIA- Adults wishing to become Catholic, First
line ext. 333, or Parish Office, to schedule appointment.   Eucharist, or Confirmation, please call ext. 116
There is no need to wait- No longer “Last Rites.”           Religious Education: Rucki Hall, ext. 129
RECONCILIATION/CONFESSIONS:                                         Office Hours: Mon.- Thurs. 10am-3pm
Saturdays 3:15-3:45 or by appointment                               Summer Hours: Mon-Thurs 9am to 12 Noon
CONFIRMATION: ext. 128, Adults- RCIA, ext. 116              Scripture Study: ext. 332
HOLY ORDERS/VOCATIONS:                                      Separated & Divorced Support: ext. 309
Considering a vocation to priesthood or the deaconate?      Social Action: ext. 308-furniture/clothing
Fr. Al - Diocesan Vocation Director, ext. 116               donations/requests
EUCHARIST for Homebound: If someone would like              Spanish Speaking Ministries (hablan espanol)- ext. 131
to have Holy Communion at home please call ext. 100.        St. Vincent de Paul / Food Pantry: ext. 134
       MASS SCHEDULE:                                       Stewardship Committee- ext. 104
       Daily: Mon. –Fri. -8am                               Welcome Committee: ext. 100
       SAT.: 4pm, 6:30 espanol (Spanish)                    Young Adults- ext. 116
       SUN.: 8am, 10am, 12pm, 5pm                           GIFT & THRIFT SHOP ext. 124
                                                            Hours: Sat- 3:30- 6:30pm, Sun- 8:30am -1:30pm
Please visit our website: stbarnabasbayville.com
                                                            Mon- 9am -1pm, & Wed- 8:30am -4pm
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DECEMBER 13, 2009                                 SUNDAY, DECEMEBR 20, 2009
THIRD SUNDAY OF ADVENT                            Fourth Sunday of Advent
                                                      8:00am     George Esposito
                                                                 req: Amy Esposito
                                                                 Jean Zammit
                                                                 req: Eileen, Chris and Danielle

                                                     10:00am     Catherine Winnie
                                                                 req: Family
                                                                 John Kopac
MONDAY, DECEMEBR 14, 2009                                        req: Wife, Bertha
St. John of the Cross

   8:00am   Sharon Groshon O’Leary                   12:00pm     Drew and Marie Alonzo
            req: Family                                          req: Family
            Yvonne Riley                                         Deceased Members of the Crowe and
            req: Family                                          Gibbons Familes
                                                                 req: Family
                                                      5:00pm     Ivan Kosich
   8:00am   Tom Lynch                                            req: Domenika Kosich
            req: Charlie and Arlene Wilson                       Dominique Eadiccio
            Lawrence William Windward                            req: Parents
            req: Robert, Nancy, Robert, Jr. and
            George Murdock
                                                        The St. Barnabas Parish Stewardship
WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 16, 2009                                          Prayer:
   8:00am   David and Margaret Linehan                                Generous God,
            req: Quinn Family
            Lillian Blender                        We give thanks to you for the gifts you have given
            req: John Gesualdi and Family           us, our lives, families, friends, time, talent, and
                                                  material possessions. All that we have comes from
THURSDAY, DECEMBER 17, 2009                        you. Help us to remember this and rejoice in your
   8:00am   Carl Lewandowski                                             goodness.
            req: Dorothy and Albert Anderson         Walk with us, Lord. Help us on our spiritual
            Linda Gaffney Clay                       journey, so that we may constantly renew our
            req: McNie Family
                                                      relationship with you as a community in our
FRIDAY, DECEMBER 18, 2009                                  believing, belonging and becoming.
                                                  Give us the strength and courage to become better
   8:00am   Dominique Eadicco                     followers and disciples of Jesus, who lives and
            req: Family                           reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God
            Pauline Dillon (1st Anniv)
            req: Pat and Gordon Rhinesmith
                                                  forever and ever. Amen.

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 19, 2009                                MISSION STATEMENT
                                                           ST. BARNABAS PARISH
   4:00pm   Debbie Colatrella                         BELIEVING, BELONGING, BECOMING
            req: Colatrella and Uhl Families
            Bill Stibler
            req: Wife, Bea                        We are a diverse, active community, rooted in the
                                                   love of Christ. We recognize who we are and all
   6:30pm   For Our Parishioners                            that we have comes from God.
                                                  In gratitude we respond in prayer, service, and
                                                  sharing of our time, talent, and treasure.
                                                  Through the sacraments, we are committed to
                                                  evangelization,    learning,    teaching,    and
                                                  proclaiming God’s Word to His people.
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           FROM THE PASTOR’S DESK                         ADVENT STEWARDSHIP: Many people find
           December 13, 2009                              themselves struggling from our present economy.
           Third Sunday of Advent                         Such times have forced us all to re-evaluate our
           Dear Parish Family,                            priorities. More than ever, we need to take time to
                                                          pray.     With the season of Advent here and
            Today we light the third pink candle of       Christmas fast approaching, I sincerely hope that
            our Advent wreaths as a sign of               this time of year provides opportunity for spiritual
rejoicing, for the Lord is near. Christmas fast           reflection for you and your family. The whole
approaches. Of course we know this from almost            meaning of Advent is the fact that our God came to
every second of every minute of the day in the            save us from all that can take us from His love and
world of advertisement. But the liturgical meaning        grace. Christ’s coming also compels us to reach out
is somewhat different than just a reminder that           to those in need. I know you receive many requests
Christmas is close at hand. Advent was always             from charities this time of year, but please
traditionally a season of penitence, like Lent, and       remember that St. Barnabas is also a charity. When
this third Sunday was a time to step back from the        you give to our parish, you not only help in our
spirit of penitence and remember it is also about         mission to bring the message of Christ to our area,
rejoicing. In our Gospel today, with the sense that       but you assist in providing a tremendous amount of
the Lord is drawing near due to his preaching, it         services for our parishioners and beyond. We
seems that everyone is asking John the Baptist,           directly help those in need in our area. You also
“What should we do?” This same question may               assist in our efforts to catechize our children, offer
pop into our minds as we realize the feast is close       programs, hospitality, heat our facilities, pay utility
and we have not finished shopping, decorating,            bills, compensate our employees, upgrade our
sending out cards, baking, etc. Again, in a spiritual     equipment, and much more! More than anything,
sense, we can ask ourselves the question: What            our world needs prayer! Each of our lives can be
should we do? In answer, I love the words of Henri        enhanced by quality time spent with our God and
Nouwen, one of my favorite spiritual writers: “The        one another in worship. Come let us adore Him!
small child of Bethlehem, the unknown young man
of Nazareth, the rejected preacher, the naked man
on the cross, he asks for my full attention. The work                  PHONE TROUBLES
of our salvation takes place in the midst of a world
that continues to shout, scream, and overwhelm us         If you have recently called the Parish and left a
with its claims and promises. But the promise is          message and no one has returned your call,
hidden in the shoot that sprouts from the stump, a        please call again. We have been having
shoot that hardly anyone notices.” When Jesus first       phone difficulties this past week and are in the
came into the world, hardly anyone noticed. Is it         process of resolving the problem.            We
any different today, even with all the glitter, lights,   apologize for any inconvenience.
rushing, buzzing, and glamour of the ‘holidays?’ I
don’t mean to sound like the Grinch or Scrooge, but
I can’t help but to reiterate the voice and message of
John the Baptist, who still speaks great wisdom for
our times: “Prepare the way of the Lord…Whoever           BREAD, WINE AND FLOWER DONATION:
                                                          For the weekend of December 19/20, 2009 in
has two coats should share with the person who has
                                                          memory of our dear sister, Gloria at the
none. And whoever has food should do likewise.”
                                                          request of Felice, Violet and Sal.
Let us all put time for prayer and the needs of others
first on our list of ‘what we should do.’

       Sincerely Yours in Christ our Lord,
       Fr. Kevin
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                                                     Please pray for the following who are serving our
                                                     country overseas. May they come home safely
                                                     and soon:

                                                     PFC Nicole Addonizio
                                                     A1C Andrew C. Augustine
                                                     1 Lt. Gerard Galindo
   ADVENT RECONCILIATION SERVICES                    Army Sgt. 1 Class Richard Heisler
                                                     Army PFC Edward M. Caufield
Our annual Advent Reconciliation Service will        PFC Caroline Thiel
                                                     Army Staff Sgt. John Kraemer
be held on Wednesday, December 16th at               Major Bradley Fisher
7:00pm. There will be extra priests to help          Army PVT. Harry Gordon
hear confessions. All are welcome, bring a           Army Dylan Gildner
friend.                                              BMSA Michael Mello
                                                     Army Spc. John F. Nogalo, III
                                                     Army Spc. James Hrehowsik
The area Churches will also have reconciliation      Capt. Brendan J. McCriskin, M.D. US. Army
services on the following days:                      Army Staff Sgt. Jeffrey Kendrick
                                                     Marine PFC Kevin P. Gibson, Jr.
Tuesday, December 15th – St. Joseph’s in             Army Staff Sgt. Michael Gautier, Jr.
Toms River 7pm                                       S.R. Philip J. Hausvater
                                                     Marine Staff Sgt. Anthony Lovering
Friday, December 18th – St. Justin’s in Toms         Lt. Carlo J. Ocampo
River at 7pm                                         Army SPC. Sal Ottaviano
Monday, December 21st – St. Maximilian Kolbe         Marine Lance Cpl. Christopher Monahan
in Toms River at 12 Noon                             Marine LCPL Steven Wedding
Monday, December 21st - St. Pius X in Forked         Lance Cpl. John A. Roth, Jr., USMC
                                                     Army Major Jennifer Chapman
River at 7pm                                         Army Major Joseph Chapman
Tuesday, December 22nd – St. Luke’s in Toms          S. Sgt. Shane Paczkowski
River 7pm                                            Army Lt. Jeffrey Suarez
                                                     USAF St. Sgt. Michael LaFranca
                                                     Army Corp. Christopher Andrews
                                                     Gunnery Sgt. Carrie A. Lynch
                 BABY DIARY                          CTT Seaman Michael Gaffney
                  WEEK 38                            Army CPL. Robert Ashton
                                                     NJ National Guard Sgt. David J. Chambliss
                                                     Staff Sgt. Mark LaBombard
Each day I grow a little more. I am about 21         Army Pvt. Michael David Kozak
inches long and 7 pounds – ready to come out         Sgt. Scott A. Clausen
and greet the world.                                 Army PFC Kenneth Tisch
                                                     Capt. Brian Groshon
                                                     Pvt. 1st Class Justin Ayers
..give praise to the God of the universe, who
has done great things everywhere, who brings
us up from the time we are born… Sirach
50:22                                                WORDS TO LIVE BY: Wal-Mart is not the only
                                                     savings place.

The Gift and Thrift Store is open after Mass on                STATIONS OF THE CROSS
Saturday and Sunday and on Monday from 9am to
1pm and Wednesday 8:30am to 4:00pm. The store        Our next First Friday Stations of the Cross with
has Opatek, the Christmas wafer on sale for $1.25.   our Deacon’s Wives will be on Friday, January
Opatek is also available at the Parish Office. The   8th at 7:00pm in the Chapel. Come and pray
Store has many unique Christmas gifts. Why not       with us.
stop by and browse.
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                                                        Bonnie Abalmont, Irene Alaburda, Bea Alvarez,
Your generosity keeps our food pantry full. Our         Colleen Barrett, Fatima Blewitt, Rose Blewitt,
alphabet system seems to be working. We continue        Margey Bonavitacola, Ed and Peg Bowne, Larry
to ask your help as our food requests have begun to     Breaks, Jacob Buccos, Mario Calabrese, Tony
increase.                                               Calvitti, Karen Cherochak, Rose Citivano, Frances
                                                        Clayton, Pat Coletta, Theresa Collevechio, Anne
If your last name begins with these letters we          Comarata, Lee Cooke, Michael Coppolino, Stephen
ask that you please donate the following items:         Costello, Anna Crawford, Lynne Davey, Louis
                                                        DeSantis, Matthew DeViggi, Matthew DeVita,
A-D   Desserts: brownies, jello pudding, etc.           Christine Divine, Lisa Draizen,      Joseph Fedor,
E-I   Laundry Detergent
J-M   Crackers or Jelly
                                                        Stacey Fetyko, Thomas and Valerie Filan and
N-R    Shampoo or Body Wash                             Family, Msgr. Joseph Flusk, Mazie Fucsko, Steven
S-U   Crackers or Soup                                  Guarascio, Betty Guild, Kelsey Heaney, William
V-Z   Soup or Tuna Fish                                 Hogan, Frances Hurley, Gloria Imperiale, Marie
                                                        Inman, Carole Jansen, Mae Jordan,             Betty
Whatever donation you can give is always greatly        Kaminski, Patricia Keelen, John and Patricia Kelly,
appreciated. Thank you for your continued support.      Eileen Kerwick, Nancy Kolody, Tom Kurpiel,
                                                        Sister Pat Lally, Colleen LeBert, Tony Longeri,
        ST. VINCENT de PAUL SOCIETY                     Colin Maher, Stephani Mallon, Susan and Thomas
                                                        May,      Margaret McClellan, Judy McCormick,
Thanks to the support and assistance from our           Linda Murphy, Dawn Niebish, Maud Nobriga, Fr. J.
parishioners, the St. Vincent de Paul Society has
been able to help many people in need.
                                                        Palacheck, Gen Palasti, Joseph Polesovsky, Clyde
                                                        Potter, Gary Roman, Lucrezia Sansevere, Kamrin
From October 2008 thru September 2009 the SVdP          Seeman, Thomas Seeman, Sydney Schmeling, Rita
Society helped 1,938 people.                            Siletti, Steven Smith, Bill Spigelmyer, John Taylor,
                                                        Charlotte Thomas, Beverly Valentine, Cheryl Van
We distributed $44,439 in financial assistance to       Noren, Dan Waddington, Sr., Lois Weiss, Tom
help people in need with rents, utilities, mortgages,   Williams, Savannah Winnie, Toni Wojton, Joseph
shelter, medicine and other expenses.                   Yannich, Bea Zenda, August Zenzius, Fr. Jozo
We distributed $81,320 worth of food to 2,535

We also provided Easter baskets and school supply
packages to children that were worth $2,500.                     QUESTIONS FO THE WEEK

St. Vincent de Paul Society’s volunteers spent over     Adults: Paul tells us that anxiety robs us of
7,041 hours in service and drove 10,750 miles           God’s peace, and when we feel anxious to
reaching out to those in need. If we had to pay for     pray. This week, what are you praying for, and
the labor of our volunteers, it would have cost         can you pray thankfully trusting God to bring
$112,656.                                               you His peace?
Our total charitable contribution to our community      Children: The first reading tells us that God
through the SVdP Society for this fiscal year was       celebrates over His people, we give Him joy!
                                                        How do you feel hearing that?
Whether you donated money, donated food, or
donated your time, TOGETHER we have helped
people in our community. Thank you for your
support, assistance and prayers.
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                                                             DECEMBER 19/20, 2009
The holiday season is a difficult time of the
year for anyone who has lost a child. On
Monday, December 14th, there will be a Mass       1st Reading: Micah 5:1-4a
at 7:00pm in the Chapel here at St. Barnabas      2nd Reading: Hebrews 10:5-10
Parish to commemorate “National Loss of A         Gospel: Luke 1:39-45
Child Day”. The members of “Whispers” invite
those who have lost a child to join them in a
special time for remembering, healing and
prayer. Family members and friends are also
welcome. If you have any questions, please            2009 STEWARDSHIP OF TREASURES
call Rosemarie Spedaliere at 732-269-6595 or
732-267-0665.                                     Households Registered.............................6,303
                                                  Families Using Envelopes.........................1,857
                                                  Total Collection for November 28/29 .. $16,981*
                                                  Total Envelopes Used..................................886
VOCATION VIEWS: “What ought we to do?”
the crowds ask John, and he sends them to         *Budgeted amount needed to pay expenses for
fulfill their calling.     Doing the ordinary     our parish, our home, such as electric, gas,
extraordinarily well is a step toward welcoming   phone, taxes, staff salaries, medical benefits,
Jesus. (Luke 3:10-18)                             diocesan assessments, supplies for offices,
                                                  CCD, Mass, maintenance, etc. = approx.
                                                  $17,000 per week.

                                                  Many thanks for your continued generosity to
                                                  YOUR Church, St. Barnabas, Our Parish, Our

                                                   PROJECT JOY AND THE NURSING HOME
Justine Sweeney                 Gemma Alvino
                                                  Today is the last day to return the gifts for the
                                                  Nursing Homes and for the children for Project
                                                  Joy. Our Youth Ministry will be sorting the gifts
                                                  starting at 3:00pm in Father Brennan Hall.
Our Parish Nurses will offer blood pressure
                                                  Please remember to wrap the gifts for the
screening on Sunday, December 20th from 8:30am
                                                  Nursing Home but not for Project Joy. Thank
to 1:30pm in the Meeting Room of the Spiritual
                                                  you for your continued generosity to those less
Center. All are welcome.

                                                             ROSARY ALTAR SOCIETY
              SAVE THE DATE
                                                  The next meeting of the Rosary Altar Society
Saturday, February 13th, St. Barnabas will        will be on Monday, January 4th at 1:00pm for a
sponsor a Married Couples Retreat. More           “Mystery Gift Auction”. All ladies of the Parish
information to follow.                            are welcome and encouraged to join us.
                                                     ST. BARNABAS RESPECT LIFE MINISTRY
+ Page 8

The St. Barnabas respect Life Ministry is asking               The following is the Mass schedule for Christmas
you to SAVE THE DATE: RIGHT TO LIFE MARCH                      Eve, Christmas Day, Holy Family Sunday and New
in Washington D.C. on Friday, January 22nd.                    Year’s Eve and Day:
Please reserve your spot on the bus now by calling
the Respect Life Ministry ext. 306. There is no                Christmas Eve: 4:00pm – Children’s Mass in
charge for this trip only a goodwill offering. We              Church
request that you join us in peaceful prayer as we              4:00pm Mass in Father Brennan Hall
march on our nation’s capital in support for LIFE!             6:30pm Bi-lingual Mass in Church
You will find this a most rewarding day … we                   Midnight Mass in Church
promise! Sign ups to join the March will take place
on Saturday and Sunday, January 2nd and 3rd in the             Christmas Day: 8:00am; 10:00am and 12 Noon in
Vestibule of the Church after Masses.                          Church. No 5:00pm Mass on Christmas Day.

The St. Barnabas Respect Life Ministry now has a               December 26th and 27th is the Feast of the Holy
website.        Please     feel   free    to   visit           Family.   We will have a regular schedule of
www.respectlifeministry.com for information on our             Masses: 4pm and 6:30pm on Saturday; 8:00am,
ministry’s events as well as support information as            10:00am, 12 Noon and 5:00pm.
it pertains to Life issues from the moment of
conception until natural death.          For more              New Year’s Eve Mass is 5:00pm and New Year’s
information, you can also call the ministry’s                  Day Mass is at 9:00am.
extension 306. Have a Blessed Christmas Season
and A Healthy and Happy New Year from the St.
Barnabas Respect Life Ministry!

  MONSIGNOR DONOVAN HIGH SCHOOL                                To make a donation in memory of a loved one,
        CHRISTMAS CONCERT                                      for our Christmas decorations, please PRINT
                                                               the information below and return to the Parish
The Monsignor Donovan High School Choirs                       Office by December 22nd.
and Bands will present their annual Christmas
Concert on Wednesday, December 16th                                         DONATION: $25.00
beginning at 7:00pm in the Gepp Gymnasium
of the high school. All are welcome.                           YOUR
                                                               IN MEMORY OF
Next Sunday, December 20 after the 5:00pm                      (DECEASED):_________________________
Mass, we will have a Christmas Concert and
then light our Parish Christmas Tree.                          _____________________________________
Following the concert and the tree lighting we
will have a Parish Christmas Party in Father                         OR
Brennan Hall. All are welcome. Bring a friend.
                                                                FOR THE INTENTIONS OF
               HOLIDAY CASH BUNDLE                             (LIVING):_____________________________
Monsignor Donovan High School PTA is selling 600
50/50 tickets at a cost of $25. each. If all 600 tickets are
sold, the winner will receive $7,500! Drawing takes
place on December 17th and the winner does not need to
be present. Please call Cindy in the MDHS Main Office
at 732-349-8801 ext. 2401 to purchase a ticket.                AMOUNT ENCLOSED:__________________


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