35% of Millennials (e.g. entering workforce in 2007) expect

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					37.7 million US workers are       35% of Millennials (e.g.         50% of Octogenarians,
 uninsured because not all          entering workforce in         when asked about their
  businesses offer health                                           biggest regret, stated
                                    2007) expect formal           something they did NOT
 benefits or not all workers                                                 do.
                                  office hours rather than
qualify for or can afford their
                                     flexible schedules.
     share of the health
    insurance premium.

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5000 indigenous cultures
                                  90% of US college grads         A 7-year-old Missoula,
 are seeking to protect           in 2010 will actively seek      MT boy sold his rock
  their homelands from              out employers whose           collection to buy food for
      corporate and                corporate responsibility       those who didn’t have
government exploitation,            behavior reflects their       enough. He delivered a
which constitute one-fifth                  own.
                                                                  check for $479.49 to the
 of the land surfaces on
                                                                  Missoula Food Bank,
                                                                  enough for 20 carts full
                                                                  of groceries.

              4                                5                             6

 After the first World Trade                                         Compared to other
    Center attacks, John           By 2010, the role of HR will   developed countries, the
                                      undergo fundamental
 Wallach founded Seeds of                                             US is #1 in prison
                                    changes. All tansactional
   Peace. Since 1993, the         work will be outsourced, and          population, teen
  Seeds of Peace Camp in          the new, "heartbeat" HR will     pregnancies, drug use,
     Otisfield, Maine has          be predominantly focused        child hunger, violence,
    graduated over 3,500            on People Sourcing and           firearms death, and
 teenagers from four global             Corporate Social               hazardous waste
       conflict regions.                 Responsibility.                  production.

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                               Every nine seconds, a
Emily Douglas, as a high                                  In sub-Saharan Africa,
    school senior, has        woman is beaten in the
                                                           42 million children do
  delivered over 70,000            United States.           not have access to
    books and tons of                                         primary school.
 clothing and toys to the
 children of Appalachia.

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                              Scrap steel, a major raw        Seven out of ten
In the 20th Century, over    material for manufacturing   employees view instant
100 million people have      plants has risen by almost
                                                             (Blackberries, cell
                            27 per cent or $75-80 a ton     phones, etc.) as a
been killed in 149 wars.
                              in the US in the last two   convenience and not an
                            months and over 45 per cent          intrusion.
                               in the last 12-months.

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      Several Police                                          The Bill and Melinda
 departments in the US      Since being de-listed as      Gates Foundation has an
have limited firing range   an Endangered Species         endowment of almost $39
practice due to the price   on Mar. 28, 2008, 37 of       Billion to globally enhance
  of copper, which has      the 1,500 Gray Wolves              healthcare, reduce
 risen from $1/pound to     that roam through              extreme poverty, and, in
                            Wyoming, Montana, and              the US, to expand
over $4/pound in only 3
                            Idaho have been killed.       educational opportunities
          years.                                          and access to information
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                              Today there are 250      Total charitable giving
    There is a direct         critically endangered   by Americans in 2005 is
                            bird and animal species   estimated to have been
  relationship between        and equally as many        $260.28 billion, an
music and the opiate-like     critically endangered   increase of 2.7 percent
                             languages with fewer        (when adjusted for
endorphins released by         than 50 speakers.        inflation) over 2004.
       the brain.

          19                           20                      21

 USANA partnered with
Children’s Hunger Fund
   to provide nutritional
supplements to children
in the developing world,
   resulting in a 2000%
  increase in USANA’s
       share value.

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