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                                                                                     157 No 12 October 2009
                                                                                        157 No 9 May 2009

        Upcoming Events                         Save the Date:                                 Tiny Temple Program
                                           A TASTE OF THE HUDSON                                for Young Children
Oct 4                                              VALLEY                                     Sunday, October 4th 11:30 a.m. –
Tiny Temple-page 1                              Saturday evening,                                         1:00 p.m.
Lunch Box-page 6                                  November 14th                     “Celebrating Sukkot and Simchat Torah”
                                              ~ at Vassar Temple ~                         with activities and stories –
Oct 5                                        5-course gourmet meal                     and a snack outdoors in the Sukkah
Beginning Hebrew-page 5                    Featuring local foods, wines                For infants, toddlers, pre-schoolers
                                               and entertainment!                                 and their parents
Oct 8                                                                                Open to the community free of charge
Mini-course: What’s up w/ Iran-page 5                                                 regardless of synagogue membership
                                                                                       To RSVP and for more information,
Oct 9                                                                                   call the temple office at 454-2570
Family Shabbat Dinner-page 3                                                         or email sisterhood@vassartemple.org.
Oct 12
Mussar class begins-page 5
                                             Vassar Temple Sisterhood Rummage News
Oct 13                                      Well, by the time you read this it will be October and guess what is
Mini Course– Israel-page 5              coming up next month? The Rummage Sale and it is November 8th! So
                                        start getting those gently used winter clothing items and other useful
Oct 15
                                        items together for the 1st week of November.
Suzanne Vromen-page 1
                                            Please also recognize the great work that all of our volunteers and Vassar
Oct 18                                  Temple staff have done to date. They are:
CROP Walk-page 6                            Linda Babas, Brianna Erlebacher, Melissa Erlebacher, Joyce Gally, Wendy
                                        Giangrasso, Anne Harmuth, Emily Himelstein, Perla Kaufman, Ann Lerman & her
Oct 20 and 27                           mom, Jean Psyhojos, Marilyn Lampell, Matt Lampell, Muriel Lampell, Elaine
Jewish Mysticism class-page 5           Lipschutz, Lois Mendel-Taylor, Susan Needelman, Kiley Quackenbush, Joan
                                        Reifler, Judy Rosenfeld, Charlene Rosenthal, Lisa Rubenstein, Brian Silverman,
Nov 8                                   Dave Wolf, Fern Wolf, Sharon Zant, Sandi Rugar & George Rugar and crew.
Rummage Sale-page 1                         We couldn’t accomplish the great sales twice a year without them. See you all
                                        in November!
Nov 14                                      Roni Stein & Lisa-Sue Quackenbush VTS Rummage Co-Chairs
A Taste of the Hudson Valley-page 1

                                                 Join us for an Evening with Suzanne Vromen
                                            Vassar Temple Sisterhood, along        powerful tale of the resilience, courage,
                                        with the Dutchess County Temple            and compromises of Jewish children
                                        Sisterhoods, Hadassah, and Jewish          hidden in Belgium during the Holocaust,
    New Temple Office Hours             Women International invite you to an       of the brave nuns who sheltered them and
                                        “Evening with Suzanne Vromen” on           of the women in the resistance who
The temple office is open Monday        Thursday, October 15th at 7:30 p.m. at     risked their lives in bringing these
through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00   Temple Beth-El. This event is free and     children to the convents.
p.m.                                    open to the men and women of the               Light refreshments will be served and
                                        entire community.                          books will be available for purchase. So
                                            Suzanne Vromen, Professor of           that we can lend our support to Dutchess
      Volunteers Needed                 Sociology Emeritus at Bard College, is     County babies in need, we ask everyone
If you are able to assist with office   the author of Hidden Children of the       to bring a small quantity of ready-to-use
work and/or custodial work, please      Holocaust: Belgian Nuns and the            baby formula and disposable diapers.
                                        Daring Rescue of Young Jews from the       For more information, contact
contact Marsha Lowry at 462-1862 or
                                        Nazis. Inspired by personal                sisterhood@vassartemple.org
by email marlowry@optonline.net.
                                        experiences, Suzanne will tell the

                                                                                                    October 2009
                                      Rabbi’s Message: A VERY UNUSUAL BOOK
                   Today’s books are                     Prior to Gutenberg, books had to be                With this brief history of the book in
              marvelous technical                    produced by the slow, labor-intensive              mind, we can appreciate just how unusual
              achievements. Even though              method of hand-written manuscripts, but at         a Torah scroll is. In a synagogue filled
              they may be a few hundred              least the technique of book binding,               with computer screens and many volumes
              pages in length, they are light,       essentially perfected in the early centuries       of conventional printed books (the
              portable, and – with digital           of the Common Era, allowed for the easy            technical term for such bound literature is
printing – easily copied. Indeed, they may           portability of many pages of material.             ‘codex’ or ‘codices’), we insist on
no longer be made with paper, but rather                 Perhaps the very earliest writing was          maintaining a book that is hand-written
down-loaded texts on an electronic screen.           etched into stone or pressed into clay, but        and kept in a scroll, essentially in the
     The publishing improvements of the              ink and paper is quite ancient, and it always      same fashion as when it was first
21st century are just a step ahead of the            had the advantage of providing a medium            committed to writing nearly 3000 years
developments of the last few centuries.              for considerable more literary information         ago!
19th century lithography allowed for                 than could be transmitted on stone or clay.            At the same time, it is ink on paper –
relatively easy reprinting of published              But, there were the drawbacks. Paper is            not clay or stone. The text, millennia old,
works, while the steady progress in the              flimsy and can only reliably last a few            could only come to us by a process of
printing press ensured an ever wider                 generations. And, while very lengthy               careful and loving transcription. And it
distribution of literary materials.                  documents could be made portable in the            can only be preserved by our careful and
                                                     form of a scroll, access to specific               loving care. What an unusual and
                                                     information could be unwieldy. It is not           marvelous book, indeed!
                                                     easy to go from the beginning to the middle
                                                     of a long scroll.                                          Rabbi Paul Golomb

                                            President’s Message: VOLUNTEERING
                   It has been wonderful to see         time. How easy is that? Watch for the              computerize and organize our holdings,
                   so many of you in the                dates in the bulletin and weekly email.            making your use of the library easy and
                   building during                                                                         appealing. Ed Garber completed the
                   September. But I wonder                  The Religious School Committee,                Leadership Retreat series. Perla Kaufman
                   how many noticed all the             chaired by Robin Peritz, did a great job           will soon distribute a brand new membership
                   work that was accomplished           completing the Religious School Director           application which, when each of you
                   over the summer, and                 search process, culminating in our good            completes it, will give the leadership a much
  continues this fall, because of the                   fortune to have secured Rabbi Shoshana             better sense of our members' current needs,
  commitment of dedicated temple volunteers.            Hantman. Our Reyut chairs (Diane Sterdt            while informing us of the talents and skills in
  Let me draw your attention to some of it.             and Gayle Margolin) continue to coordinate         our midst. Richard Lowry’s invaluable work
                                                        support for members in need. Social                on the website is self-evident; make sure you
       The House committee brought us a new             Action efforts, coordinated by Marian              check it out regularly (vassartemple.org).
  front walkway as well as a creatively                 Schwartz, were steady through the summer           While Richard is busy with that, Marsha
  designed ramp [thank you, Howard                      with collection of food for Can Jam and            Lowry is helping to keep our fine staff
  Himelstein and David Lampell] which                   funds for several worthwhile                       supported and our temple primed for rental
  improve the temple’s safety and accessibility         causes. Marianne Abrams' work on the               use by those celebrating an event. And
  for members and guests. Under the guidance            bulletin, with support from husband and            finally, summer or not, the temple officers
  of Lou Lewis, much of the groundwork has              Board secretary Bob, as well as editor Doi         and trustees met monthly and corresponded
  been laid for the unbelievable Torah                  Cohen, resulted in our having a product            sometimes more than once daily [I think
  Restoration Project (TRP) which will make             which we can be proud of and at a cost that        some may want to take away my email
  2009-10, or 5770, the “Year of the Torah” at          is nearly half of previous years'. The Ritual      capabilities] – all for the sake of making
  Vassar Temple. Having offered to help get a           Committee's efforts, spearheaded by our            Vassar Temple the place where you want to
  cultural component of our Adult Education             new chair, Ron Rosen, brought us                   belong. These were just some of the
  programming off the ground, Benjamin                  wonderful lay led summer services and also         highlights. Now please consider how you
  Krevolin developed and circulated a                   focused on ensuring everyone the                   might want to get involved; additional
  questionnaire to better determine what your           opportunity to embrace the Days of Awe in          volunteers are always welcome!
  interests are. Have you taken a few minutes           a meaningful, spiritual way. The work of
  to respond? Emily Himelstein, in addition to          our clergy and staff (Rabbi Golomb; Elisa                       Sandra Mamis
  working on the TRP, has set up a year’s               Dugatkin; Joe Bertolozzi; Sandi and George
  worth of dates at Pizzeria Uno so we can              Rugar) had the same goal in view.
  have a night off from cooking, gather with                                                                     Go to Amazon.com
  friends, and raise a few dollars all at the same         Our new Library Committee Chair, Art                   via Our Website
                                                        Groten, is working feverishly to                Before you go to Amazon.com to make a
                                                                                                        purchase, go to our temple website,
                                                                                                        www.vassartemple.org, and click on Three
                                                                                                        Easy Ways to Help Vassar Temple in the
                                                                                                        upper right corner of the front page. Then
                                                                                                        click the link to Amazon. Every purchase
                                                                                                        you make after accessing Amazon this way
                                                                                                        will result in a contribution to the temple, at
                                                                                                        no additional cost to you!
 October 2009                                                             2
  .                                                                        Our Temple Observances
                   Shabbat Worship Services                                            Scriptural Readings
Friday, October 2 Erev Sukkot                                            October 2 & 3 Sukkot
 7:30 p.m.     Shabbat Service with Rabbi Golomb and Elisa               October 9 & 10 Sh’mini Atzeret
               Dugatkin, Cantorial Soloist                               October 16 & 17 B’reisheet
               Torah Presentation for our 2010 Bar/Bat Mitzvah
                                                                            Genesis 5:1-6:8
                                                                            Haftarah: Isaiah 42:5-43:10
Saturday, October 3 Sukkot
 9:00 a.m.     Torah Study
                                                                         October 23 & 24 Noah
10:00 a.m.     New Paths Service                                            Genesis 11:1-11:31
Friday, October 9 Simchat Torah Celebration                                 Haftarah: Isaish 54:1-55:5
 7:30 p.m.     Shabbat Service and consecration with Rabbi               October 30 & 31 Lekh L’kha
               Golomb and Elisa Dugatkin, Cantorial Soloist,                Genesis 16:1-17:27
               including unfurling of Torah scroll around the               Haftarah: Isaiah 40:27-41:15
               sanctuary                                                 November 6 & 7 Vayera
Saturday, October 10 Shemini Atzeret/Simchat Torah                          Genesis 21:1-22:24
 9:00 a.m. Torah Service                                                    Haftarah: II Kings 4:1-36
10:00 a.m. Yizkor Service
Friday, October 16                                                                  Family Shabbat Dinner
 7:30 p.m.     Shabbat Service                                           The Vassar Temple Sisterhood invites you to a Family
Saturday, October 17
                                                                         Shabbat dinner on Friday, October 9th at 6:1 5 p.m. as
 9:00 a.m. Torah Study
                                                                         we celebrate the end of Sukkot with a fall Harvest
10:00 a.m. New Paths Service
                                                                         Dinner: butternut squash soup, roasted vegetables,
Friday, October 23
 7:30 p.m.     Shabbat Torah Service with Rabbi Golomb and               vegetarian stew/chili, baked ziti, mozzarella sticks and
           Elisa Dugatkin, Cantorial Soloist                             challah. The cost for the dinner is $6 per adult, $4 for
Saturday, October 24                                                     children ages 3-12 (under 3 are free), or $18 per
 9:00 a.m. Torah Study                                                   household. Let us do the cooking, then stay and enjoy
Friday, October 30                                                       the Simchat Torah/Consecration Service where you can
 7:30 p.m.     Shabbat Service                                           help hold the Torah as it is unfurled around the
Saturday, October 31                                                     sanctuary. Kindly RSVP to Melissa Erlebacher by
 9:00 a.m. Torah Study                                                   Tuesday, October 6th at sisterhood@vassartemple.org
10:00 a.m. Torah Service for everyone                                    or call the temple office at 454-2570.
Friday, November 6
 7:30 p.m.     Shabbat Service with Elisa Dugatkin, Cantorial
               Soloist                                                                 Sanctuary Available for
Saturday, November 7                                                                     Personal Meditation
 10:00 a.m. New Paths Service                                            At Vassar Temple, we recognize that the worship needs
                                                                         of our congregants may vary with their circumstances at
                                                                         a particular time. Our regularly-scheduled services
                                                                         provide rich, meaningful opportunities to worship
       Celebrate Shabbat on Saturday, October 31st                       together. Our sanctuary is also available for
         On the last weekend of        of helping to prepare lunch in    private prayer and meditation any time during regular
October, Religious School will be      the kitchen, including learning   Temple hours (Monday through Friday, 9:00 to
held on Saturday instead of            how to make knishes.              3:00). Come over, and feel welcome at Vassar Temple
Sunday and the whole                       Children in grades K-3 are    whether your need of the moment is for community
congregation is invited to attend a    welcome at the 10:00 service      worship or personal prayer.
Shabbat morning Torah service at       and the luncheon before their
10:00 a.m. as well as the Kiddush      regular classes begin at 11:30.
luncheon to follow.                    After lunch several activities
    The day will begin at 9:00         will be offered for people of
a.m. with Torah study for adults       various ages and interests. See                 New Paths Service
in the East Chapel and regular         the Mid-month Reminder and           Saturdays, October 3rd and 17th at 10:00 a.m.
Religious School classes for           our website                        Contemporary and traditional readings, an intimate
grades 4-7 in the classrooms.          (www.vassartemple.org) for         setting, and time to think about and discuss the
Parents will also have the option      more details.                      readings all make this a special, spiritual Shabbat
                                                                          experience. The service may be lay-led or Rabbi-led in
               Torah Service Friday Evening,                              our sunlit East Chapel, and a brief informal Kiddush
                       October 23rd                                       follows. Please join us. For more information contact
      The Torah will be taken out and the story of Noah read during       Marian Schwartz, socialaction@vassartemple.org or
      Shabbat Noach on Friday evening, October 23rd at 7:30.              Rabbi Golomb at 454-2570 or
      Come with your family!
                                                                 3                                          October 2009
 Our Temple Family
                    Mazal Tov                                                          Refuah Shelemah
    To Eric & Barbara Gillman, in honor of the                        ….to our Temple members, Ruth Kapner, Howard Kapner,
birth of their daughter, Sophie Jane on August 26th.               Jenny Krevolin and Samuel Rein who were recently

                  Movie Night – October 24th
                 Treat yourself to a night out on Saturday,
             October 24th, 7:00 to 9:00 p.m., at the Down-                        We Need Your Help!
             stairs Cinema at Vassar Temple. We will be                  We are, once again, asking that you be the eyes and
screening “Late Marriage” which was voted “Best Film” at             ears in the lives of our congregational family. New federal patient
the 2001 Awards of the Israeli Film Academy. The evening             privacy regulations have limited the information that hospitals
is free (donations are accepted) and includes snacks and the         make available to clergy and volunteers.
opportunity to share your thoughts after the movie.                  We are encouraging you to contact the Temple office when a
                                                                     congregant is admitted to a hospital and wishes to have Rabbi visit
     The film focuses on a 31-year-old Georgian-Israeli grad
                                                                     during the hospital stay. Our goal is to meet the needs of all our
student whose family is attempting to arrange a suitable
                                                                     congregants and we can only do this with your help.
marriage for him while he is secretly dating a divorcée with
a child. The ensuing crisis forces him to choose between his
family traditions and his love. This highly praised movie is                          Hot Dog Social Thank-Yous
in Georgian and Hebrew with subtitles in English. For                     Where do we begin? Thank you seems too little to say for
more information or to RSVP, please contact Marilyn Lam-             the hard work and wonderful help that made the September 13th
pell 473-0032 or mmcgaulley@att.net.                                 Hot Dog Social such a great success!
                                                                          “What did they do?” you might ask. “What didn’t they do?”
                                                                     is really the question. Let us begin with kudos to our chef Tom
                   Pulpit Flowers                                    Brundage, sous-chefs Esther Reisman, Brian Silverman and
October 2       Vassar Temple Sisterhood                             Nadine Zaritsky, and super shleppers before and during the so-
October 9       Donated by Mary Solomon in                           cial, Laura and Emily Brundage, Barbara Payne, Rachel Erle-
                memory of her parents.                               bacher, Michael Horowitz, Krissy and Olga Ibanez, Chuck and
October 16      In memory of Harold Posner from Joan &               Perla Kaufman, Pramila Krumholtz, Gayle Margolin, Robin
                David Posner.                                        Peritz, Shaari Roland, George Rugar, Diane Sterdt, and our So-
October 23      In memory of Toolie Turk from Gloria                                                               (Continued on page 6)
October 30      Vassar Temple Sisterhood                                                SAVE THE DATE:
Anyone who wishes to honor the memory of a loved one or
                                                                                       Sunday, November 15th
to commemorate a special occasion can do so by sponsoring
the Sanctuary flowers with a donation to the Shrub Fund.                                    3:00 – 4:00 pm
Just call Sandi Rugar at 454-2570. The donation to the                                 A Jewish Museum docent
Shrub Fund is $55.                                                                     will be at Vassar Temple!

                                                                                 The Fall Sisterhood Dinner
                                                                           has been postponed until November 12th.
                Who’s this Baby?                                           Look for details in the November bulletin
                                                                          and check your mailbox for your invitation.
       A game of logic and observation                                    All women of the congregation are welcome!
    Coming soon (with food) to a social hall
                  near you!
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 Note: All Board and Committee Meetings, except Executive Sessions, are open to all Temple members. Community
 Hebrew School of Dutchess County is the Hebrew Education Division of Vassar Temple.

October 2009                                                   4
                                                                                             Temple News

  Course on Jewish Meditation                   Fall Mini-Course: Navigating                       Mussar Can Transform
        and Mysticism                                  the Middle East                                  Your Life
     Beginning this month, Linda Cantor of          Learn more about this important but             Mussar is a Jewish spiritual practice
Vassar Temple and Ed Rosenberg of               complex area of the world by attending         based on a modern understanding of
Temple Beth-El will facilitate a five (5)-      some or all of these three informative         ancient texts. Its purpose is to help
week course on Meditation and Mysticism         sessions at 7:30 p.m.                          people learn to control their every-day
in the Jewish Tradition. Classes will be        Tuesday, September 29                          reactions and overcome the obstacles that
held at Vassar Temple on Tuesday evenings       Understanding Sunni, Shia, and other           keep them from wholeness and holiness.
from 7:30 to 9:00 on October 20th and 27th      movements in Islam.                            The practice is suitable for everyone who
and November 3rd, 10th and 17th.                    Thursday, October 8th – What’s Up          wants to grow spiritually, regardless of
     “Using meditative practices, music and     with Iran? Cutting through the myths           age or level of Jewish knowledge.
the wisdom teachings of our tradition,”         and shibboleths surrounding a                       Vassar Temple member Sam
Linda says, “we will work together to           contradictory and complex nation and           Finnerman has been actively studying and
deepen our connection to God, grow in           society. Presenter: Martin Charwat,            practicing Mussar for four years and has
compassion, and relieve stress in our lives.”   President of the World Affairs Council         been trained by the Mussar Institute as a
Both beginners and seasoned meditators          of the Mid-Hudson Valley.                      guide and facilitator. He teaches
will feel comfortable in these classes;             Tuesday, October 13th – A Search           Introduction to Mussar based on the
knowledge of Jewish mysticism is not            for Clarity: Cutting through the myths         approach of the 19th–century Lithuanian
required. Meditation will be an integral part   and shibboleths surrounding the other          Rabbi Yisrael Salanter who drew on
of each session and Kabbalah will be one of     contradictory and complex nation and           Mussar texts and practices dating back to
the topics discussed.                           society in the Middle East: Israel.            the writings of Saadia Gaon in the 10th
     Pre-registration is required by calling    Presenter: Rabbi Paul Golomb, former           century.
Sandi Rugar in the temple office at 454-        Director of the Association of Reform               “This was a wonderful course
2570.                                           Zionists of Canada                             that helped me to think about how I want
                                                    Call the temple office at 454-2570 or      to live my life, both Jewishly and in the
                                                email office@vassartemple.org to let us        secular world,” said one of the students
                                                know that you plan to join us.                 who studied Mussar with Sam Finnerman
                                                                                               last winter. “Focusing on a different
                                                                                               character trait each week, [he] guided
                                                                                               us through practical exercises, readings,
                                                                                               meditation and discussion. I really
                  Beads from Your Old Necklaces Needed                                         enjoyed having a ‘safe space’ where we
    A jewelry-making workshop will be                                                          could share with each other the ways in
                                                 You can help by bringing beaded neck-         which the various teachings played out
held at temple on Sundays, Novem-                        laces, bracelets and other items to
ber 22nd and December 6th for the                                                              in our daily lives.” Another former
                                                         the temple by November 10th and       student added, “I would recommend [the
benefit of the women at the Grace                        placing them in the specially
Smith House shelter and temporary                                                              course] to those who are looking for a
                                                         marked box in the East Chapel.        more in-depth view into themselves
housing. Our Religious School                            They will be taken apart so the
students will be turning the beads                                                             through the lens of our religion.”
                                                         beads can be reused at the jew-            Sam Finnerman will be teaching
from your unused necklaces into                          elry-making workshops. Thanks
jewelry to brighten the holiday season for                                                     Introduction to Mussar again for ten
                                                 in advance for helping us turn the clutter    Monday evenings from 7:30 to 9:00,
courageous women going through difficult         from your drawers and jewelry boxes
times.                                                                                         beginning on October 12th (Columbus
                                                 into affirming gifts.                         Day) and ending on December 14th.
                                                                                               There will be a charge of $15 for
      Hebrew for Beginners on                       Tzedakah Box Collection                    To register for the course, contact the
         Monday Evenings                             Your generous donations during the        Vassar Temple office at (845) 454-2570
 Do you want to be able to follow the            past two months helped purchase school        or office @vassartemple.org
 Hebrew in the prayerbook? Perhaps even          supplies, backpacks and dictionaries for           For more information, go to
 read from the Torah? Celebrate your Bar/        the young clients at the Child Abuse          www.mussarinstitute.org.
 Bat Mitzvah as an adult? If you were            Prevention Center.
 afraid that learning Hebrew would be too            This month the collection will
 difficult for you, leave your concerns          provide Hanukkah gelt and gifts for the
 behind: Debbie Golomb is a most                 Nechmad family in Israel. We                  effects of this tragedy. Holiday times,
 supportive teacher who will have you            committed to provide this courageous          which should be joyous family events,
 reading Hebrew painlessly with the              family with moral support as well as          can be especially difficult for these
 encouragement of your classmates. She           material assistance since they were           parents and their remaining three
 will start a new course at 7:30 p.m. on         victims of a terrorist attack at a family     children. If you prefer, you may donate
 Monday, October 5th if at least five people     Bar Mitzvah, in which they lost two of        by check made out to Vassar Temple
 sign up by calling the temple office at 454     their five children. The family still         with “survivor Program” in the memo
 -2570 or emailing                               suffers from the physical and emotional       portion. Thank you.
 office@vassartemple.org.                                                                      Vassar Temple Social Action Committee

                                                                    5                                           October 2009
                                                                   Temple News-Social Action
                                                Vassar Temple Social Action
    Make room in your fall line-up for           from you at 462-4828 or                        office at 454-2570 or socialaction@vassar
mitzvot! Meet new friends and have fun!          CanJam123@aol.com.                             temple.org.
Pick the project that’s best for you.                We volunteer at HILLCREST                       The AUDREY MORGENSTERN
    We provide, cook and serve lunch at          OVERNIGHT SHELTER the fourth                   KNITTING GROUP is a friendly
LUNCH BOX at the Family Partnership              Thursday of the month (including               interdenominational group that meets
Center at 29 North Hamilton Street the first     Thanksgiving). Volunteers make and/or          Thursday afternoons at the JCC to knit and
Sunday of each month, the next opportunity       serve a sandwich or casserole dinner at the    crochet items for those in need (beginners
being October 4th. If you can provide food       shelter. For further information about         cheerfully taught). To learn more, call
beforehand, schlep supplies from Temple to       helping, please call Judy Harkavy at 471-      Elaine Bard at 454-5908. GET OUT
Lunch Box, or come to help at noon that day,     4973.                                          THE VOTE 2009. Pick up voter
please contact Dave Wolf at 229-8038 or              TALKING BOOKS is an opportunity            registration material at the Temple. If you
davewolf@optonline.net. This is a great          to record a favorite children’s book onto      need a ride to the polls, or can offer one,
way for youths to earn community service         audio tape or CD. Then we will present         let us know!
credit!                                          the book and recording to Vassar Hospital           To find out more about Vassar Temple
    CAN JAM is our program which makes it        for the entertainment of their young           Social Action, visit our Temple’s website
so easy for you to drop off non-perishable       hospitalized patients who are recovering       (www.vassartemple.org). Select: Who
foods for those in need in our Can Jam box at    from illness or injury, or receiving           We Are – Committees – Social Action.
the Temple at any time. Once a month a           chemotherapy. Books in Español are also        And if you have new ideas for us, we
volunteer packs the food and delivers it to a    needed! Record at home at your                 would love to know all about them!
local food pantry. You can arrange to do this    convenience and we will provide you with
at your convenience. If you would like to        guidelines and any recording equipment                  Marian Schwartz,
sign up to deliver the food once this year,      you may need. Just contact the temple             socialaction@vassartemple.org
Nancy and Adam Samson would love to hear
                                                                                                      Who’s that Baby? It’s Rabbi Golomb

                  Interfaith CROP Walk for Hunger 2009                                         (Continued from page 4)
                                                                                               cial Action volunteers Marian and Ralph
                           Sunday, October 18th                                                Schwartz and David and Nancy Samson.
                                                                                               Sandra Mamis made superb mobiles for
      The 34th annual Dutchess County            AIDS/HIV and their families, and has
                                                                                               Rosh Hashanah with our Tiny Temple
  Interfaith CROPWalk Against Hunger             pitched in when meals were needed at
  will be held on Sunday, October 18th from      area homeless shelters. The remainder              Last but not least we thank our Men’s
  11:00 to 4:00 beginning and ending at the      of funds raised goes to combat hunger         Club brigade composed of Bob Abrams,
  JCC in Poughkeepsie. This is a                 throughout the USA, globally, and in          Seth Erlebacher, Rabbi Golomb, Joel Kel-
  major fundraiser for Dutchess                            the form of disaster relief.        son, and Chuck Stein who cleared our front
  Outreach, and Vassar Temple will                         Sponsors have the option of         lawn in the blink of the eye – what a team!
  once again uphold its record as a                        designating a specific agency to    Let us not forget future Sisterhood and
  major participant. This means we                         receive their donation if they      Men’s club members Mariel & Samuel
  need YOU to walk or to sponsor a                         wish to do so.                      Kelson who lent a hand with big smiles.
  walker (our Rabbi, a Youth Group                             Materials for those who              We thank Vassar Temple Sisterhood &
  member, a friend)! You can walk                          would like to walk, and sign-up     Men’s Club for their sponsorship. All do-
  part or all of the route which is                        sheets for those who would like     nations were used to buy scrip (gift cards
  under six miles and is safe and                          to sponsor Rabbi Golomb when        for local markets) to be distributed by Jew-
  suitable for families and those who                      he walks, are available at the      ish Family Service to families in need,
  prefer a slower pace. There are                          Temple. If you have any             thereby brightening their High Holy Days a
  three designated checkpoints in                          questions, if you prefer to have    little.
  house of worship along the way                           the materials mailed to you, or
  where restrooms and water are                            if you can provide baked goods
  available for walkers. Walk as                           for the bake sale to be held that
  individuals or with other Temple                         day, or if you would like to
                                                           help at the registration table at    Lunch Box Help
  members. 25% of funds raised are
  returned to our community. The primary         the JCC that day, just contact the temple         Needed
  local recipient, Dutchess Outreach, not        office at 454-2570 or                         If you can donate (two)
  only operates the major area food pantry       socialaction@vassar temple.org.               packages of hot dogs or a
  and the Lunch Box feeding site, but also                                                     dozen pieces of fruit (bananas are a
  provides nutritious snacks for children and                                                  favorite) and/or help carry, prepare and
  teens who attend after school programs at                                                    serve food at the Family Partnership
  the Partnership Center, does home                                                            Center on Sunday, October 4th, contact
  delivery of meals for those debilitated by                                                   Dave Wolf at 229-8038 or
                                                                                               davewolf@optonline.net. Your help
                                                                                               will be appreciated by our hungry
   October 2009                                                     6
    Contributions and Yahrzeits                                                                 .
                                                   Irving Revitz              Marty & Lynn Revitz         the Arnold Award
SUSTAINING FUND                                    Carl Hoppermann            The Rosenthal Family                    Ralph & Marian Schwartz
IN MEMORY OF                                       Kyle Hoppermann
Mae Berger           Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Jacobson   Marjorie Gluck
Nettie Jacobs                       Irma Jacobs                                                       ANDREA RABIN SCHOLARSHIP
                                                                 Jane, Jonathan & Steven Dworkin
Sara G. Rice                                            Adrian, Tamara, Mariel & Julieta Gruszko      FUND
Rose Markowitz             Doris & Bob Feitelson   Eugene N. Turk                 Stella & Jed Turk   IN MEMORY OF
Sheila Mardon Sukert       Kathy & Kent Mardon     James Lowry            Marsha & Richard Lowry      Aaron Rabin            Dr. Martin Rabin
Nathan Bernstein                                   Edith Roizen
Howard Abrams                                      James Mrazek
               Bob & Marianne Abrams & Family                                                         TREES IN ISRAEL
                                                   Marion Lieberman
Phyllis Bell          Dr. Harry & Sandra Mamis              Joan, Jon, Jenny & Jeffrey Ollendorf      IN MEMORY OF
William Miller                     Miller Family   Jack L. Cohn                   Laurie S. Cohn      Kathy Anolick              Liz Freedman
                                 Wolfson Family                                                       Theodore A. Winter
                                                   IN HONOR OF                                                        Jim & MaryAnn Robinowitz
                                                   Muriel Lampell receiving

October 2                     October 9                   October 16                     October 23                  October 30
Joseph Albenda                Mary Stolack                Joseph J. Cohen                Morris Fertig               Jacob Haber
Susan Alpers                  Jeanne Loth Rubin           Milton Entner                  Dr. Lawrence Gould          Lawrence Slate
Selma Sobel Lipson            Gertrude C. Clarfeld        Marion Miller                  Max Eli Kosstrin            Mark Zatzkis
Hymy Worona                   Bessie Rabin                Norman Kramer                  Arthur Fink                 Mary Ann Hahn
Joy Sumner                    Minnie Israel               Jean W. Dampf                  Carl Nicholson              Lenore Schiffman
Dr. Ely Rosenthal             Aleeyah Sansola             Gertrude Hines Groten          Leo Klausner                Annie Erdreich
Robert Sachs                  Ira Greenberg               Jean Strauss                   Sophia S. Wolfson           Bessie Rothauser
Sadie Gross                   Arthur Peritz               Harold Posner                  Murray Gutnick              Friedel Lichtenberg
Helen Shapiro                 Fritz Sterdt                Charles Finnerman              Susan Salit Lowe            Abraham Zack
Fannie Levy                   Bonnie Gordon               Evelyn Locke                   Henry Cantor                Benjamin Michel
Robin Rayfield                Hilda Kovacs                Albert Plotkin                 Sidney Goldberg             Adele Lerman Warshaw
Jessie Barker                 Aaron Parish                Ida Goldberg                   Samuel Scope                Benjamin Genshaft
Alfred J. Bogad               Bernat Ackerman             Morris Bronfeld                Murray Sigalow              Roslyn Worona
Michael Oremus                Margaret Ciminello          Dr. Barry G. Jordan            Ethel Solomon               Max Richter
Howard Cohen, MD              Lucilla Albinder            Dr. William J. Lazarus         Charlotte Konick            Louis Heidelberger
Elizabeth Troeger             Joseph Sparks               Lisa Lemberger                 George Tofel                Edward J. Kovacs
Irving J. Wurtzel             Harry Plotkin               Thomas Weisman                 Rose Maisel                 Samuel W. Gellert
                              Lena Sherman Weisman        Haim Ribbi                     Joshua Russell Karp         George Marcus
                                                                                         Monroe Robbins              Esther Mardon Bernstein
                                                                                         Claryce Jordan              Henry Newman
                                                                                         Herman Katz                 Herbert Schenberg
                       Memorial Board Plaques                                            Sidney Locke                Arthur Berlin
    Honor the memory of your loved ones with a plaque on the                             Bernard Himelstein          Ida S. Miller
    Memorial Board in the sanctuary. For information, call Sandi at                      Mollie Daniels              Amor Levy
    the Temple office at 454-2570.                                                       Sandy Cohen
                                                                                         J. Ralph Stein
                                                                                         Lillian Greenman

                                                   Book Club to Discuss “Infidel”
        Vassar Temple Sisterhood’s Book Club will discuss “Infidel,” a memoir by Ayaan Hirsi Ali, on Wednesday evening, October 21st at
    7:30 in the Community Room of Collegeview Tower, 141 Fulton Avenue, Poughkeepsie.
        Called “a clearly written and fascinating account of exceptional courage,” this is the story of a Somalian woman who was educated
    by strict Muslim teachers but eventually turned against Islam because of its treatment of women. After moving to Holland and being
    elected to the Dutch Parliament, she warned that radical Islam is often incompatible with democracy and even with modernity, views
    which brought her death threats. Ultimately a celebration of Hirsi Ali’s triumph over adversity, the book is available in paperback and
    through the local library system.
        Gloria Turk will lead the discussion and Ruth Kapner will provide light refreshments. To RSVP or get more information, contact
    Doi Cohen at 462-6193 or dcohen1230@optonline.net.

                                                                         7                                             October 2009
                   Vassar Temple Bulletin                                                                                        Non-Profit Org.
   140 Hooker Avenue / Poughkeepsie, N.Y. 12601 845-454-2570                                                                      U.S. Postage
                     www.vassartemple.org                                                                                             Paid
                                                                                                                                 Permit No. 11
 Rabbi:                            Paul Golomb
 Rabbi Emeritus:                   Stephen A. Arnold
 Religious School Director:        Rabbi Shoshanna Hantman
 Cantorial Soloist:                Elisa Dugatkin
 Choir Director & Organist:        Joseph Bertolozzi
                                                                                                                                 DATED MAIL
 President:                        Sandra Mamis
                                                                                                                                PLEASE RUSH
 1st Vice President:               Seth Erlebacher
 2nd Vice President:               Ed Garber
 Secretary:                        Robert Abrams
 Treasurer:                        Brian Silverman
 Sisterhood President:             Melissa Erlebacher
 Men’s Club President:             Robert Abrams
 Youth Group President:            Adam Samson
 Immediate Past President:         Steve Turk

                                       October 2009 Calendar of Events
     Sun                    Mon                    Tue                   Wed                    Thu                       Fri                  Sat
                                                                                                               1                      2                     3
                                                                                           NOVEMBER                 EREV SUKKOT           SUKKOT
                                                                                           Bulletin Articles        CAN JAM Weekend       9am Torah Study
                                                                                           Deadline                 7:30pm Shabbat        10am New Paths
                                                                                           10am SEP                 Service
                                                                                                                    Torah Presentation

                    4                   5                       6                      7                       8                     9                    10
9am-1:30pm RS K-7       7:30pm Basic         10am SEP                6:30-8:30pm RS 8-     FLYERS Deadline          6:15pm Shabbat        SIMCHAT TORAH
11:30am Tiny Tem-       Hebrew               12pm Talmud             10 Pizza              10am SEP                 Dinner                9am Torah Study
ple                                                                  7pm Board Meeting     7:30pm What’s Up         7:30pm Shabbat        10am Yizkor
11:30 Little Voices                                                                        With Iran?               Service/
12pm Lunch Box                                                                                                      Consecration

               11                       12                      13                   14                    15                        16                     17
9am-1:30pm RS K-7       COLUMBUS DAY         10am SEP                6:30-8:30pm RS 8-     10am SEP                 7:30pm Shabbat        9am Torah Study
11:30am Little          7:30pm Mussar        12pm Talmud             10                    7:30pm Vromen            Service               10am New Paths
Voices                                       7:30pm A Search                               lecture @ Temple
                                             for Clarity-Israel                            Beth-El

               18                       19                   20                      21                     22                       23                     24
9am-1:30pm RS K-7       7:30pm Basic         10am SEP                6:30-8:30pm RS 8-     10am SEP                 7:30pm Shabbat        9am Torah Study
11:30am Little          Hebrew               12pm Talmud             10                    Pizzeria Uno - POK       Service               7pm Movie Night
Voices                  7:30pm Mussar        7:15pm Ritual Meet-     7:30pm VTS Book
11:00-4:00                                   ing                     Club
CROP Walk for                                7:30pm Meditation
Hunger                                       & Mysticism

               25                       26                   27                      28                        29                    30                   31
9am-1:30pm RS K-7       7:30pm Basic         10am SEP                6:30-8:30pm RS 8-     10am SEP                 7:30pm Shabbat        9am Torah Study
11:30am Little          Hebrew               12pm Talmud             10                                             Service               10am Torah Service
Voices                  7:30pm Mussar        7:30pm Meditation                                                                            w/Kiddush
Take down Sukkah                             &                                                                                            Luncheon

October 2009                                                              8

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