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UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE AT CHATTANOOGA Pre-Occupational Therapy by zaaaaa4


Pre-Occupational Therapy (0993)                                            CATALOG YEAR:                        2009-2010

NAME                                                                       UTC ID:
UTC EMAIL:                                                                 DATES REVIEWED:
GENERAL EDUCATION                                                MAJOR AND RELATED
                                             Enrolled   Grades                                               Enrolled   Grades
REQUIREMENTS                                                     COURSES
Rhetoric and Composition (6 hrs)                                 ANTH 208 or 152
Two approved courses                                             BIOL    121, 122,
                                                                         191, 208
                                                                 CHEM 121/123
Mathematics (3 hrs)                                              CPSC 110
MATH 131 or a higher level approved                              PHYS 103/183
   Mathematics course                                            PHYT 302 or CLAS 300
                                                                 PHYT 410
Statistics (3 hrs)                                               THSP 109
One approved Statistics course
                                                                 MATH 131 or a higher level approved
                                                                  Mathematics course
Natural Sciences (8 hrs)
BIOL   121                                                       PSY     101, 221,
CHEM 121/123                                                             308

                                                                 PSY     222 or other 3-hr developmental
Humanities and Fine Arts (6 hrs)                                  psychology course
One approved Humanities course and
One approved Fine Arts course                                    One course from SOC 125, 151, 215, 220
                                                                  (SOC 151 recommended)

                                                                 One add’l approved Behavioral/Social
Cultures and Civilizations (9 hrs)                                Science course in addition to general
Two approved WH courses and                                       education requirements
One approved NW Humanities course                                 (POLS or ECON course recommended)

                                                                 Two add’l approved Humanities courses
OR                                                                in addition to Gen. Educ requirements

Three approved World Civilizations courses

                                                                 Admission to the B.S. in Rehabilitation
Behavioral/Social Sciences (6 hrs)                                 Science: Occupational Therapy program
PSY    101                                                         is dependent upon acceptance into
One course selected from                                           the UTHSC Occupational therapy
       SOC 125, 151, 215, 220                                     program.
(SOC 151 recommended)
                                                                 Please refer to your advisor regarding
                                                                   all requirements for formal admission
American History (6 hrs if no H.S. credit)                         to the Occupational Therapy program.

Hours in Progress                                                Electives to complete 120 hours, and all
CUM Earned Hours                                                   general education requirements for the
CUM hrs required for graduation                                    B.S. degree at UTC must be met.
300-400 Level Hours                                              Minimum of 39 hours in 300, 400, and
UTC GPA                                                            professional level courses is required.
CUM GPA                                                          Minimum 2.0 GPA required in all major
Major Hours                                                        required course.
Major GPA                                                        Final 24 of the 92 hours of prerequisite
Minor GPA                                                         course work must be completed at UTC.

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